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rising false gods

Who or what do you worship?

Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations

Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nation will expose hidden deceptions of Satan. These end times are Satan’s last hurrah harvesting souls for hell. This is evident all around us for those enlightened to truth. There are clearly strategies employed by Satan devised to deceive the unconscious among us.

Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a cry in the darkness. It is a desperate plea for sinners to seek salvation. Let us not be lulled into complacency for even the elect can fall. For such times require vigilance, prayer, and study to gain wisdom. Human willpower is not sufficient but the armor of Christ is required.

Dismissing God Is worse than a severe power outage plunging us into darkness. Choosing Gods of this world over the one true God could mean eternal darkness with no remedy. Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a wake-up call. Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a post for this time.

Why do Rising False Gods equal Falling Nations? The answer is simple, our Gods have taken the place of the one true God. We serve a jealous God and replacing him with this fleeting world is offensive. This world as we know it is passing away. We can choose to pass with this temporal world into damnation. The other alternative is to pass from this world into the arms of Christ.

Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations – A Great Deception

Satanic Traps of this world include: Worship of celebrities, musicians technology, sports figures, Money and material possessions to name a few. It also includes belonging to a denomination that worships idols.

We once looked up and raised our hands to worship God. Many of us now raise them to worship the sinful and worldly. We once bowed down in prayer, we now look down upon a texting unit. We once prayed to Jesus as set forth by the apostles of old. We have formed man made counterfeit traditions dooming the masses to hell!

Many of us kneel before graven images. We pray to stone representations of beings. Such beings were never meant to be our representatives before God. Those possessing false power have altered the very word of God. This blaspheme is to suit their agenda for power and dominance of their flocks! Woe to the Shepard who deceives Gods precious people!

We practice ill conceived human rituals. Such rituals create a false sense of security. Such rituals also create a disconnect between us and the living God. Who or what do you adore, worship, praise? Who do you raise your hands to in worship? Who or what do you bow down to in adoration and worldly addiction?

Yours Sincerely,


Christianity a-la-carte

Way to Christ is not through a menu of rituals, traditions, and Idle Worship

Christianity A-La-Cart

Christianity A-La-Cart was written to address the farce of religiosity. Man made religions have indoctrinated their followers into believing lies. What do I mean by a “man made” religion? Any religion that alters the word of God is not of God… Period!

Here are just a few of the many bible verses making this clear: Deuteronomy 4:2 – You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it. Proverbs 30:6 Add thou not unto his words lest he reprove thee and thou be found a liar. Psalm 119:60 – The entirety of your word is truth. Proverbs 30:56 – Every word of God is pure; he is a shield to those who put their trust in him. How much more plain and simple can it be?

Any religion instructing followers to read their publication over the bible is not of God. Any religion rationalizing praying before graven images is from the pit of hell! Christianity A-La-Cart is written in truth and backed by the word of God. We know this is very inconvenient to those who have been brainwashed. The truth is there are billions of souls condemned to hell. The truth is they truly believe the lies they have been fed.

Christianity A-La-Cart is Satan’s Great diversion from Truth

There are several factors making it difficult to penetrate Satan’s armor. It is familiar and comfortable to remain in the den of Satan. And some religions are perfectly content keeping their flock from the truth. Traditions and rituals provide a degree of stabilization, comfort, and predictability. The sad truth is that this is false security and unconsciousness.

There is a severe penalty for Shepard’s who lead their sheep astray. Here is one verse of many indicating the importance of Biblical teaching: Mark 9:42 – Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

I pray that “Christianity A-La-Cart” has been helpful to many in these latter days. I ask for Gods guidance always as I write. I pray for truth and wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can provide. I ask for your prayers that my work may please God always.

Yours Sincerely,


Liberals Provoke

Liberals Provoking God and America Will Get Stung…

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive was written to call attention to Liberal provocation. Bees mind their own business until they are threatened. Conservatives are similarly going to work, raising their families and going about life.

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive will expose how Unconscious Liberals seek America’s Destruction. We Conservatives have finally awakened to the fact that Liberals are Godless emissaries of Satan!

Conservatives in America are on the march against forces of Evil. This Evil is personified in the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist party. Some of you may think these statements made about this party are off base. Well that would be a human secular opinion, and not based on fact. Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive stands on truth not human opinion, Period! Open your eyes and ears and see what Liberals  stand for!

Open your eyes to their agenda for America, and open your ears to their rhetoric! We Conservative will not stand by any longer while these clueless misfits destroy America! We will no longer be idle as they dismantle America to suit their agenda! It is high time that we have awakened to this Evil force within our gates! America, we have sent them a clear message in November of 2014. God Bless You for harnessing the Wisdom revealing the true nature of this domestic enemy! Yes, I said “Domestic Enemy!”

Any enemy of God and Country is an enemy of yours and mine. Anyone who kills innocent babies is my enemy. Anyone who forces me to purchase a product or service is my enemy! Anyone who snubs his nose at Almighty God justifying deviant homosexual lifestyle is my enemy! In essence Satan is my enemy and anyone who is on his payroll must be stopped!

Whether all Liberals are conscious or not, the end result will be the same. Conscious intent or not, these idiots will leave America in shambles, a spiritual vacuum, a wasteland! What does God do with a wasteland? He judges and destroys it, that’s what! God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Bare in mind, the Liberals worst enemy is God in our midst! Simply look at their agenda to remove God from every nook and cranny of our society. Liberals are not content with going to hell on their own. Their ultimate mission is to bring entire nations down with them! Satan’s mission on earth is the Liberals mantra can you see the connection? An example; Homosexuals are not content with indulging in their gross sin in private. No, they need to have society homogenized into their debauchery. They desire company in hell!

Anyone who discards the sanctity of marriage between man and woman is my enemy! Remember this; Liberals don’t belong to themselves, their slaves to Satan’s agenda to destroy America!

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive has successfully revealed the audacity of these unconscious nitwits!

The Bible says clearly: Eph 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It is vital that we understand this verse as it relates to Liberals. You see many of them truly believe in their mission to spiritually bankrupt America. It is our responsibility as Christians to see that they are confronted and pushed back at every turn! Take this battle into prayer my friends.


Yours Sincerely,


liberal democrat progressive

Trust Us… its for your own good…

Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe

Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe was written to enlighten and awaken America. It is vital we know just how sinister are the intentions of this evil party. The Democrat, Progressive, Liberal party’s agenda is to re-shape our nation for Satan’s purposes.

This agenda is devious and devised in hell to bring judgement upon our nation. The title of Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe may appear to be satire. However, please bare in mind that the subject matter is dead serious. 

When dealing with evil it is important to remember that evil is clever. Let us not however confuse being clever with having wisdom. Meaning of clever; 1. Mentally bright 2. Superficially skillful or witty, (key word “superficially”) 3. Ingenious or smart, cunning, resourceful.  Meaning of wisdom; 1. Knowledge of what is true or right coupled with good judgement, (key words; knowledge, true, right, good judgement) 2. Scholarly knowledge or learning. 

With that said let us pray for strength, wisdom, and discernment. I pray Lord Jesus that you will enlighten me as I write this post. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe is a writing for our time.   

I pray Lord that you will remove all obstacles from the reader of this post. I fervently pray that Satan be locked away and not able to obstruct clear understanding. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe will expose their evil web. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe will clearly reveal their evil agenda. Let us remember always that we are not dealing with flesh and blood. The Liberal party is merely an unconscious pawn in and end times game.

Liberal Democrat Progressive  Soup Recipe – God Weighs In

The Bible says clearly: “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12

The Poisonous Soup Recipe

First you must fill your pot with the polluted water of this fallen world. Add a generous portion of Liberal Media, and Madison Avenue. The recipe would not be the same without the influential flavor of Hollywood. Add “Liberal” portion of race baiter King Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson for divisive flavors. This is the stock of your soup, without this foundation the Liberals cannot poison society.

Lets add supporting ingredients like religion teaching false doctrine. Add a little altering of the Bible here and there to suit your taste. And of course it wouldn’t be the same without a little idolatry. Kneeling before a statue, worshiping people and things does wonders for poisoning a connection with God. The humanistic organized religion ingredient helps the unconscious to gobble the poisonous soup. False religion masks the recipe’s bitterness. It also helps a great deal to blindly justify the ingredients.

Sprinkle in the abortion of an innocent child here and there. Drop a heaping helping of entitlement programs. Destroy sacred marriage between man and woman, and simultaneously support deviant homosexuality. Add a little Liberal child indoctrination in public schools. 

This soup wouldn’t be the same without free stuff from the working class. Add a little hippie wining and a shredded United States Constitution. Top it off with a burned flag for that extra zip! Give the recipe an edgy flavor with a little rap and heavy metal music. This music is imported straight from the pits of hell, therefore it will add heat to the recipe.

Add a little picketing and influence in Government affairs and voile! You now have an authentic Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup! This recipe is sure to destroy any society and incur the wrath of God. This recipe will also assure a free luxurious trip to hell where the weather is always balmy…  

My dear Conservative Followers, Patriots, and Saints; A nation cannot war against God expecting victory. God was at the helm of America’s ship upon its founding. It is from there that we have become the greatest nation on earth. It is also upon the vacuum of Gods presence that we will be judged.

The Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe is a deadly poisonous recipe. It is a recipe for judgement upon America, it will bring America to its knees!  Pray my friends, pray to God and fight to take our nation back from evil.

God Help Us,


America Polarized

Its Much More Than Conservative Verses Liberal

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal underlying reasons why America is so divided. I will show you these truths as they align with Gods word. Is it possible that a political party can be evil? The answer is yes indeed, and America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal this. This is not to suggest that the other party is perfect and sinless, certainly not.

What I am referring to is a party that is intrinsically evil at its core. I am referring to a political party that is evil in its beliefs. I refer to a political party that has Evil intent in mindset and mission. Its a given, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Many of us feel deep sorrow and disconnection from God when we sin.

We may continue to stumble in our sin. But our desire is to be an over-comer of sin and please God. Our desire is to be at peace with ourselves. Our desire is to one day walk with Christ. Not so is the desire of the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist party. They are mission focused to turn America into a Godless wasteland.

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal truth that leads to Gods word for affirmation. The fact is that if America were not polarized, we would be in serious trouble. This would in effect mean that we would be offering no resistance to Satan.

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil reveals spiritually bankrupt agenda of the Liberal Party. Christians Patriots throughout America have taken a stand against unconscious Liberals. We will not allow evil Liberal politicians to destroy America. There are wars and skirmishes throughout the world at any given time.

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil In Our Midst

There are also wars being waged in our hearts, minds, and souls creating anguish.These are unconscious souls running to and fro doing Satan’s bidding. Know this; some Liberals may not even be conscious they are slaves of Satan! Eph 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Do you believe in good verses evil?  Unless your are totally unconscious, its safe to assume that most of us believe. Simply look at the evening news. You don’t need to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to know something is amiss. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil sums it up accurately. There is a serious escalation of evil in this world.

When we observe that much evil, the good naturally stands out in contrast. It is like light and darkness, we cannot distinguish one without the other. I assume a majority of my readers are Christian but I welcome and appreciate all readers. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil is only interested in Truth from the author of truth so here goes!

Did you know that one can be highly intelligent in this world yet lack Wisdom? Have you ever attempted to talk sense to a Liberal? Were you successful in getting through, or did they respond with, that’s your opinion. Did you ever try to back up anything you said with Gods word? And… frustrating eh? It is said, there will be those in this age who will not accept truth. We are now in an age where this is evident, that is the plight of Liberals!  Yes, there will be those who will have their hearts and minds hardened to truth.

Why do you think  their armor cannot be penetrated? Its because they are lost and numbed to truth. John 12:39-41 for this reason they could not believe, for Isaiah said again, 40 “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they would not see with their eyes, and perceive with their heart, and be converted and I heal them.” 41 These things Isaiah said because he saw his glory, and he spoke of him.

As a moth is drawn to a flame, such is the condition of the Liberal. My friends its not only the politics. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil is God inspired for this moment in time. There is a line in the sand because God wills it. As our Christ hung from a cross he stated; Luke 23:34 Jesus said, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. And they cast lots to divide his garments among themselves.

This is the plight of the Liberal. Since they know not what they do, it’s imperative that we hold them accountable. Since Liberals are clearly an unconscious lot we must pray that God stop them! We must be vigilant because the Liberal is “Satan’s emissary” at this time on planet earth. Do you believe Gods word is the benchmark of truth?

Let me ask you this; What do you believe God thinks about killing a baby? If he were here before us, what would he say? The Liberals have fought passionately to continue this practice. Good.. Or Evil? This alone is enough for me to want nothing to do with that Satanic club.

What would God say about Homosexuality? Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Leviticus 20:13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

Our Liberal President Barrack Hussein Obama catapulted the Homosexual agenda to new heights in America. It is interesting to note that this president has claimed to be a Christian. He also changed his position in favor of homosexuals during an election cycle… interesting.

Liberals posses a vast network consisting of a tangled web of shady and influential characters. This includes but is not limited to; Liberal Main Stream Media, Public school system, where children are brainwashed generation after generation. Public school system is a true Liberal mill pumping out little Liberals by the millions.

Other staunch supporters of Liberalism are Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Music and the Arts. Yes, Liberals have a wide gate of support for their agendas. “The Narrow and Wide Gates” Matthiew 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

We pray you have received some insight reading; America Polarized – Good Verses Evil. Writing is a labor of love for me but much time and expense is expended. We pray that one day people will find it in their hearts to donate generously.

America Polarized - Good Verses Evil seeks truth and wisdom above all else. We trust this goal has been achieved.

Yours Sincerely,



life without god

Gods Presence Is Fullness Of Life

Life Without God

Life Without God is an empty life without purpose or meaning. How far would a ship go without its rudder to guide it? God is our rudder and guide. Jesus Christ died that we not go through this life aimlessly. Life Without God is a life without direction or purpose. Life Without God is a life without hope and it leaves us feeling incomplete.

Remember the anticipation of receiving something desired? How long did it take for the excitement to wear off upon receipt? Objects of desire were never meant to fill us up with lasting satisfaction. And yes, while a person is not an object the same natural law applies. A person or thing were never intended to fill us and sustain us. A person or thing were certainly never meant to fix us from brokenness.

I personally have always been curious about finding the truth. Although one who is  lightened knows I have taken paths leading to nowhere. I have experienced many things in this life, some beneficial to growth, some not so good. People and material things will come and go, and without God the emptiness remains.

Life Without God is a simple unpretentious post because loving God is simple and true. Imagine if Christ never died for us, what are the implications of that? Without this supreme sacrifice would we have been left to our own devices? Without Christ shedding his blood, would grace and mercy even exist?

We all have shoulda coulda’s in our lives. Thank God he loves us enough to let us stumble awhile, knowing we would. To those I may have hurt in my life, I earnestly pray for your forgiveness. And to all those who have punctured my heart with daggers, go in peace.

Yours Sincerely,



If I were satan

Who Gets Your Attention?

If I Were Satan

If I Were Satan exposes the schemes employed by the evil one. If I Were Satan my top priority would be to abolish God from society. If I were Satan mere mention of God would have repercussions. If I were Satan I would create churches with false doctrines. Such churches would lull billions to sleep as they are heading for hell. If I were Satan I would harden the heart of man. I would also remove the guidance of the holy spirit from the consciousness of mankind. If I were Satan I would cause what is right to be wrong and wrong to be right. This would serve my agenda to create confusion and mayhem.

If I Were Satan I would infiltrate marriage with deviant homosexuality 

If I were Satan I would erase common sense from mans consciousness. I would confound and confuse their minds by making simple decisions difficult. If I were Satan I would destroy sacred marriage between man and woman. I would encourage and promote deviant lifestyles and behavior.

If I were Satan I would convince society that homosexuality is normal. I would homogenize Homosexuality into society and create an illusion of normalcy. If I were Satan I would vilify anyone speaking against the Homosexual agenda. If I Were Satan I would enact laws protecting homosexual agenda. I would force everyone to cater to the deviant lifestyle regardless of religious beliefs.

If I Were Satan I would see to it that homosexuals obtain privilege. I would allow marriage between two deviants of the same sex. I would force this agenda throughout society regardless of majority opposition. I would most especially spit in Gods face by promoting Homosexuality against his word. If I Were Satan I would label opposition as out of touch, behind the times and homophobic.

The Liberal Democrat Party would be my emissary for this and all twisted agendas. Homosexuals would receive the same privileges as husband and wife. This will in affect create additional entitlements for the deviant. This tactic will place additional burdens on society finances and the court system. This tactic alone will create havoc and confusion throughout society. 

If I were Satan I would shred the sacred God given sanctity of marriage. I would infiltrate the traditional family unit and destroy its meaning and sacredness. If I were Satan I would make sure homosexuals can adopt priceless children. This deviant tactic will ensure the teaching and indoctrination of the innocent young.

In effect the young and impressionable will grow up believing that homosexuality is normal. If I Were Satan I would be pleased with the demise of Gods family unit. Since my time is short I must infiltrate Gods precious family with homosexuality. 

If I Were Satan the Liberal Democratic Party would be my emissary  

If I were Satan I would infiltrate and influence politics. I would select the unconscious Liberal Democrat Party to carry out my agenda. I will harden the hearts and minds of this party, and truth will allude them. I would make this the party of destruction for everything that is right. 

One agenda under this evil party would be to kill the unborn child. I know how precious children are to Christ this gives me pleasure. If I were Satan I would destroy the U.S. Constitution to suit my agenda. I would seek to render Americans defenseless against all foreign and domestic threat. If I Were Satan I would create a great divide in politics. I would demonize any opposing party that stands for God and truth.

I would see to it that anyone opposing the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive agenda be vilified. If I were Satan my mission would be to destroy America’s moral fabric. I would destroy America’s very soul, and bring Gods judgment upon the land. If I were Satan I would not rest until America is condemned. I would convince the lost and unconscious that God also lovingly created the homosexual.

If I were Satan I would conveniently omit the fact that God condemns this sin. If I were Satan I would create Liberal schools to teach my agenda. This Liberal system would teach the young and impressionable of my ways. Speaking of God in my school would be forbidden. If I Were Satan students would be punished for mere mention of God.

If I were Satan I would ensure that those exposing Gods truth are ridiculed. If I were Satan I would disrupt the family unit. I would create confusion involving the roles of a husband and wife. I would cause division between husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son.

If I were Satan I would spread the spirit of Jezebel throughout the land. I would create a feminine quality to the unconscious man. If I Were Satan I would create masculine quality to that of the unconscious woman. If I were Satan I would support troops representing my cause. Some of my favorite representatives would be the feminist and gay pride movement.  

If I were Satan the kitchen table would become just another piece of furniture. The table would be devoid of family gathering for prayer and family unity. If I were Satan I would create a Liberal soup. This soup would have ingredients such as Madison Avenue. I would also throw in a little Hollywood, Liberal media, music and art from hell.

If I were Satan I would encourage the use of electronic devices. Devices with the potential and capacity to distract an entire unconscious generation. These devices will become an idle of sorts for many. This technological era would compete with God on a world wide scale. If I were Satan I would encourage the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. I will numb and render unconscious the masses. I will imprison mankind within himself. If I Were Satan I would furthermore deter the human race from seeking God.

I will cause humanity to feel worthless before God. I will cause man to feel rejected discouraging them from seeking forgiveness. If I Were Satan I would  discourage man from seeking Gods grace, guidance and healing. If I were Satan I would confound the minds of the secular learned. I would effectively create an environment of confusion and chaos. 

Footnote: The writer of this post does not condone violence to any persons. The references to deviant and homosexual lifestyles does not indicate hate for such people. What this author hates and disdains is sin in himself and others.  Homosexuals remain our brothers and sisters, and we must pray for them. We cannot forget that we are sinners as well needing Gods grace and forgiveness.

We must all get down on our faces before God. We must all pray for our own weaknesses, shortfalls, and sinful nature. We are instructed by God not to judge, and in our flesh we may fall short. I reserve my right to publish concerns that evil life choices have on society. If I were Satan I would create an empty space in the heart of man. I would distract mankind from communing with the one and only God. If I Were Satan I would blind many from obtaining Gods truth and wisdom.

I would create a disconnect, a void that can only be filled by God. I would convince man to seek counterfeit temporary fleeting remedies. I would provide diversions such as New age beliefs and practices. If I Were Satan I would manifest a plethora of distractions to include carnal pleasures. If I Were Satan I would distract man with worldly pursuit of wealth and ambition. 

Mankind would ransom his eternal soul in exchange for this temporal fallen world. If Were Satan I would bankrupt mans God connection. I would doom mankind to an eternal vacant wasteland, forever separated from God. If I were Satan I would utilize Liberal media to overtly and covertly blaspheme God.

Hollywood and Liberal media would be my henchmen to insult the Father. If I Were Satan Hollywood and Liberal media would make a mockery Christ. Hollywood and Liberal media would further ridicule and taunt the Holy Spirit. If I Were Satan I would create lightning fast, fun, stimulating and interesting technology. This technology would initially be portrayed to be a great benefit to mankind. However, this hyper technology will eventually be revealed as a double edge sword.

In the end these innocent technological wonders would become an out of control obsession. In the end we will see the addiction and tether to our tech-y toys. We will awaken to the distraction our creation has caused. A distraction from spending quality time getting to know God and nurturing family unity. In the end it will be clearly evident that we have been snared, bamboozled!  For the world and its trappings will have become our idle and master.

If I Were Satan I would use these technological marvels to lull the weak. I would entrap the masses into a trance-like state promoting my agenda. If I Were Satan I would  lure the unconscious away from God consciousness. If I were Satan I would stop at nothing to lure husbands into sin promoting my agenda to destroy the family.

If I were Satan I would target the Christian man for destruction. Pornography would be my tool of choice to undermine and destroy the family unit. If I Were Satan I would lure the head of the household into my darkness. My ultimate goal would be to undermine and destroy the Christian family through divorce.

If I were Satan I would appoint tyrants at the helm of entire nations. These evil rulers will govern with intent to destroy governmental foundations. These tyrants would promote my agenda to topple the rule of law creating mayhem. My evil emissaries will control with unwavering determination seeking to separate God from the people.

These ruthless tyrants may enter as a lamb, but will rule as a beast to devour. They will appear as a savior to make things right, but blood is on their lips. If I were Satan I would create dictators poised to remove God from the people.

Jesus Have Mercy On Your People, Forgive Us our Sins and prepare us for your return, Amen!

Yours Sincerely,