rising false gods

Who or what do you worship?

Rising False Gods Equals
Falling Nations

   Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations will expose hidden deceptions of Satan. These end times are Satan’s last hurrah, harvesting souls for hell. This is evident all around us for those enlightened to truth. There are clearly strategies employed by Satan devised to deceive the unconscious among us. Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a cry in the darkness. It is a desperate plea for sinners to seek salvation.                           

   Let us not be lulled into complacency for even the elect can and will fall. Such times require vigilance, prayer, and study to gain wisdom. Human willpower is not sufficient but the armor of Christ is required. Dismissing God Is worse than a severe power outage plunging us into darkness. Choosing Gods of this world over the one true God could mean eternal darkness with no remedy. Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a wake-up call. Rising False Gods Equals Falling Nations is a post for this time.

   Why do Rising False Gods equal Falling Nations? The answer is simple, our Gods have taken the place of the one true God. We serve a jealous God and replacing him with this fleeting world is offensive. This world as we know it is passing away. We can choose to pass with this temporal world into damnation, it is our choice. The other alternative is to pass from this world into the arms of Christ.

   Satanic Traps of this world include: Worship of celebrities, musicians technology, sports figures, money and material possessions to name a few. It  includes belonging to a denomination that worships idols and alters Gods word. We once looked up and raised our hands to worship God. Many of us now raise them to worship the sinful and worldly. We once bowed down in prayer, we now bow down in addiction to a texting unit. We once prayed to Jesus as set forth by the apostles of old. We have formed man made counterfeit traditions dooming the masses to hell!

Woe To The Shepard Who
Leads The Sheep Astray

   Many of us kneel before graven images. We pray to stone representations of beings. Such beings were never meant to be our representatives before God. It is man who has made Gods of idols to distract the fool from truth. Those possessing false power have altered the very word of God. This is an abomination that suits their agenda for power and dominance of their flocks! Woe to the Shepard who deceives Gods precious people!

   We practice ill conceived human rituals. Such rituals create a false sense of security. Such rituals also create a disconnect between us and the living God. Who or what do you adore, worship, praise? Who do you raise your hands to in worship? Who or what do you bow down to in adoration and worldly addiction? In the end we will all be held accountable. Where will your idle be then, will your idle stand with you on that day? What use will your altered bible be on that day?  

Yours Sincerely,



Progressive Liberalism

Progressive Liberal  folly can lead to this…

Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction

   Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction was written to expose lies and influence. Progressive Liberals will bring Gods Judgment to America! Yes, this unconscious arrogant crowd is out to eliminate Gods protection and destroy freedom. These freedoms were bought and paid for with blood and treasure. I am concerned about the influence of the Democrat Progressive Liberal mindset.    Progressive Liberalism is an evil party and culture of lies.

   This political abomination should have no place on our soil. Progressive Liberalism is an Anti-Christ political movement of these times. Liberals are skilled in the art of societal and spiritual warfare. Liberals operate under a cloud of deception cleverly disguised as caring for mankind. The end result is a slithery serpent injecting its poison into the heart of society. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction teaches that Liberals are transforming America into a barren wasteland devoid of God. 

   Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reminds us that we are fast approaching a tipping point. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction is an urgent wake up call! Liberals are masters at irresponsibly and inappropriately shifting blame when truth surfaces. If you believe the term “evil” is too strong, look at what Liberalism stands for. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction sheds light upon the stranglehold Liberals have upon our nation. The fact is that the Liberal mindset has developed roots throughout the world. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reveals how these roots are well watered and nurtured for these times. The fact is though that the roots of  Progressive Liberalism are planted in poor shallow soil.   

   One day God will harvest the fruitless tree of the Progressive Liberal and cast it into the fire! Mankind will one day be free of the evil influence of the Progressive Liberal agenda. There will be no more slaughter of the innocent child. Under Gods authority homosexuality will no longer poison the well of mankind. The most important aspect of Progressive Liberalism is that it contradicts and defies Gods word. Progressive Liberalism not only contradicts Gods word but it mocks and taunts God.

 Progressive Liberals Will Destroy All That Is Good About America

Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction could not be a more fitting title for this post. We don’t need to be a Bible scholar to know that Liberals loath America. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reveals the unabashed truth about their intent. Like a moth drawn to a flame, they seek to destroy freedom and liberty. What’s ironic is that their agenda is to destroy all that is good about America.

   Progressive Liberals seek to undermine and destroy the very freedoms they too enjoy. Progressive Liberals have been waging war on God utilizing a hell based agenda. The God that has kept America strong and grounded is their number one target. Liberals know that an absent God paves the way for their agenda. Liberals know that a compromised and vulnerable America is an exposed jugular. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction points to the masters of folly and exposes their lies.

Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reveals how Liberals seek America’s demise. Progressive Liberals are blinded by Satan’s agenda for America and the world. Whether their agenda is conscious or not makes no difference. Progressive Liberals would not be doing what their doing if it didn’t fulfill prophesy. Progressive Liberals wouldn’t have their way with America if it didn’t serve Gods purpose.     

   A little Bible research will show that Liberals are representatives of Satan on earth, Period! The fact is they may not even be conscious of who rules there agenda. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction will root out Satan for who he is. We are living in Crucial Times my friends, we must be awake and sober. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes this movement on our soil. It may be a bitter pill to swallow since Liberals appear to be credible to many. Progressive Liberalism is woven into America and world over.   

Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction – God Weighs In

   The sheer number of Progressive Liberals influencing society is staggering. Don’t confuse sheer numbers with credibility my friends. Before you envy the lot of Progressive Liberals please read Gods word. Our Father is not impressed by numbers I can assure you. I direct you to KJV – The Narrow Gate (Luke 7:13-14) 13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth onto life, and few there be that find it.    The holy word of God states, “You will know them by their fruit.” Well my brothers and sisters in Christ, simply look at their record.

   Liberal fruit of sanctioned the killing of unborn babies is rotting upon the vine. Their acceptance and promotion of homosexuality is rotting upon the vine. Their assault on Gods protection of our nation will blow up in their faces. It is a “No Brainer” anyone who dares to challenge God will lose! I pray you will find Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction a worthy read. Let us pray and guard our hearts from dependence upon man and Government. Let us not make world government our God. Let us not place our faith in mere men.

The Progressives attempt to convince us that their socialist model is gospel. The truth of the matter is that their entire concept of reality is false. Their blindness and unconsciousness to truth is a lie from Satan on a grand scale. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes rotten Progressive Liberal fruit. The sad and mind-boggling thing is that they truly believe in their folly. There will come a time where their rotten fruit will be cast into the flames. 

   Progressive Liberals will have their day in the sun. However, they will receive their reward in full for their hardened hearts and folly. They will receive their rewards in full for heaping sinful agendas upon mankind. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction for America, that is for certain. Our Father is watching and vengeance is his. Whoa to those who lead his people astray. Whoa to those who heap unnecessary and excessive burdens upon the people. Their time in the sun is temporary, our God will return to set it straight. 

Progressive Liberalism Will Be Re-located to The Land of Irrelevance

   The fruit of the Progressive, Liberal will be re-located to the land of irrelevance. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction, but Gods people will rise to the occasion. God will stiffen the backbone of his elect on earth. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction is a post for the hopeful. God will return to avenge his people. Progressive Liberalism and its agenda will be cast into the flames. And may God have mercy on those who supported this agenda for the earth! The light of day will shine upon their agenda exposing it for what it is. 

   Time will come when Progressive Liberals will be held accountable for leading the sheep astray. Truth will no longer be dismissed by empty words emanating from ignorance, arrogance and unconsciousness. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes lies emanating from the Liberal Progressive Democrats. This privileged faction is responsible for escalating division, descent, violence, and decadence in America. There will be a time where God himself will be the judge.

   Progressive Liberals have become quite skilled at making a lie appear truthful and just. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction is a light beam in the darkness exposing their folly. Progressive Liberals are blindly convinced of their lies. Progressive Liberals cavalier approach appears credible to unconscious zombies. These clueless zombies gobble up their tainted poison disguised as a free meal. Truth will be evident to the conscious and unconscious alike one day. The sad truth is that it will be too little to late for many. Matthew 25:3 They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: KJV – Matthew 25:8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

   Remember how long the tobacco companies got away with convincing us smoking wasn’t harmful? They claimed there was no connection between tobacco smoke resulting in illness and death. Look how long we marched around that mountain of self delusion. These greedy folks selfishly protected their own self interest at the expense of people’s lives. It took some time but tobacco companies were finally held accountable. How could they be allowed to explain away the notion that cigarettes were not harmful?

   How can a foreign substance such as smoke taken internally not cause illness and death? Shouldn’t common sense and wisdom rule over any lack of so called scientific information? I haven’t seen anyone who smokes resemble the appearance of a chimney, have you? We all know that the human lungs told a different story don’t we? Truth is, we cannot run a metal brush through the human lung. Works fine with a chimney, not quite that simple with the human lungs.

   Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction – Judgment Day

   Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reminds us that we cannot hide in our science. We cannot justify away the truth by dressing it up to look pretty. Cigarette smoking looked glamorous through the eyes of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. But the truth is revealed in the lungs of the human chimneys who fell prey to the lies. 

   Same principle holds true involving Progressive Liberalism. These folks flaunt the killing of the unborn child. Abortion is their “poster child” for “a woman’s right to choose.” And where does God fit in? How would God weigh in? Do you think they care? Where is the wisdom in killing a child? How do you think God will receive the supporters and perpetrators of this abomination on judgment day? Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction? Ask the innocent baby if this was so… Progressive Liberals and Planned Parenthood can play dress up with abortion. The truth, the graphic reality is that a human being is killed and disposed. Take a look at an aborted child and ask yourself  how God will stand still for this! Ask yourself how Progressive Liberals were allowed to play dress up at the expense of a massacred child. 

   A President of these United States revealed on more than one occasion that he was Christian. This President also followed suit by stating that marriage was between a man and a woman. During his re-election campaign Barack “Hussein” Obama had a change of heart… Coincidence? The man at the helm of our great country plunged our nation into a hyper state of spiritual descent. The acceptance and promotion of Homosexuality has long been a Progressive Liberal Agenda. This President is a fine example of voting irresponsibly and its repercussions. 

   Any time we cast a vote for a human being with such radical Antichrist views, Satan smiles. If you believe this is a strong statement, please read what God has to say. 1 Timothy 1:10 For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;  KJV – 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,  KJV – Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. KJV – Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. KJV

   Think twice before you envy the excesses of Progressive Liberalism. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction urges you to think carefully of misplaced envy. Hollywood, Madison Avenue, Liberal media, purveyors of pornography and music from hell will receive their rewards in full. If you want to envy and aspire for something worthwhile, desire to obtain the prize of the Born again Christian. Pray and Strive to be more like Christ! 

Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction Exposes Liberal Agenda

The point is that the unconscious Liberal thought process lacks wisdom and common sense. If you look at their fruit it also rarely aligns with Gods word. This is precisely why they seek the eradication of God from America and the world. God represents truth, wisdom, and justice which are traits that allude the Liberal mindset. These traits shine upon their darkness and scrambles their agendas. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes Liberal agenda for America and world dominance. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes how the Liberal agenda cannot survive under God’s spotlight. The reason is that conviction of their lies is too much for them to bare. Their response to God is to minimize him at all cost and render him irrelevant. If you think this is not so, just open your eyes and look around you. Be conscious and wise, look at the fruit of their works.

Liberal Hypocrites Represent Destruction – An Agenda From Hell

Souls of murdered babies cry in the night as a nation discards them as trash. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction reminds us of the accountability  unconscious Liberals will face before God. At the moment it is playtime for the Progressive Liberals. It will soon be pay time, for the slaughter will be avenged by God! You can this to the bank; murder of the defenseless unborn child will be avenged. There is no escape, Progressive Liberals will be held accountable before an angry God! Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction also reminds us of the perverted Homosexual Agenda. This abomination and scourge is spreading relatively unrestrained throughout America and the world. This evil assault is a mighty wrench in the Progressive Liberals God eradication toolbox. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction teaches us that if you go against God, You Will Lose! This morally bankrupt agenda seeks to render the God given gift of Holy Matrimony meaningless. Hollywood being their biggest ally promotes the evil decadent lifestyle as normal. Simply watch one episode of Will and Grace or Modern Family. This exposes Liberal Hollywood’s intent to weave this gross lifestyle into society. It is clearly the intent of progressive Liberals to create the illusion of normalcy. The truth is that Homosexuality is an affront to God and punishment is assured! Its really very simple, garbage in – garbage out! This is the folly of the unconscious Liberal mindset. What can we expect when the privileged few put out evil smut day after day? What can we expect when we trust Satan’s emissaries to have our back? Be awake my friends, and do not the lured by the Progressive Liberal whore! Her appearance seems innocent to the fool who lacks wisdom. But a deadly poison drips from the smooth lips of the end times Progressive Liberal. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction exposes these dark forces residing on our soil. Liberal Hypocrites Represent Destruction is a wake up call to all who cherish God. Progressive Liberalism Represents Destruction is a lightning bolt in the forest commanding attention. Liberal Hypocrites Represent Destruction is a prayer for wisdom and discernment. Make no mistake, Hollywood and Progressive Liberal media have received a free pass for decades. Progressive Liberals are masters at weaving their destructive agenda into society. Their well versed in the art of lying, deceiving and poisoning minds of the unconscious. Progressive Liberals are clever about getting into your head if you allow them. Unfortunately there are many among us who fall prey to their agenda. The Progressive Liberals targets of choice are children, the unconscious, and those who love free stuff. Ended Here! Isn’t it high time that we turn the spotlight and microscope on this crowd exposing them for exactly what they represent? Isn’t it also high time we expose their political agenda which is creating havoc and damage to America?   

Progressive Liberalism  is a common sense expose 

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites is a common sense expose of a radical clueless society within a society reeking havoc and taking America hostage with their agenda.  Barack “Hussein” Obama and their agenda for America should be of concern. The unconscious, radical, Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, approach is dangerous to our nation. The problem solving approach of these clueless beings is ineffective and dumps fuel upon the flames. My contention is that not only is the aforementioned enemy (Yes you read it right… No Typo) not part of the solution they are the problem! This President is likely to go down in history, (If Truth be told) as the most divisive, polarizing National troublemaker America has ever had the misfortune to experience! My contention is that Barack “Hussein” Obama is willfully, conveniently and deceptively targeting the Second Amendment Rights of Americans to fulfill one of his Socialist Agendas to further erode our rights and disarm Americans.  The Connecticut tragedy was just another tragedy for Obama to capitalize upon, and don’t be fooled by the phony tears in those cleaver photo ops my friends. Obama will resort to any and all tactics to further his personal “Evil” agenda to promote Socialism in America, and using fake emotion and tears is just another tool in his Destroy America Toolbox!  It is also crystal clear and apparent that Barack “Hussein” Obama is guilty by mere association with those who have free reign and unrestricted creative license to promote violence in America and abroad. Obama makes no effort to remove the Evil influence that Hollywood and Main Stream Media has upon our culture, therefore he and his Radical, Unconscious Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist tag a longs are complicit in the crime inflicted upon America and humanity. The problem in American culture is not guns and other distractions that Obama and his cohorts would like to have us believe. Barack “Hussein” Obama has become adept and master at overtly, covertly and strategically repeating his verbal poisonous lies utilizing his biased Hollywood and Main Stream Media affiliation and connections. The problem with America is a “Spiritual Vacuum” we are “Spiritually Bankrupt” and Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Madison Avenue and Obama are attempting to fill that vacuum. These schemers have been patiently and diligently working for decades infiltrating our society and attempting to influence the world around us with their Godless, Divisive, Socialist, Anti-American, Agenda. Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialists are proficient at stoking the flames,they are the engine and root cause of its continuation and proliferation.  It is Obama’s often times very subtle and Evil tactic of repeating his divisive lies and rhetoric over and over again like a spiritual mantra believing that if a lie is repeated often enough that the mind of the listener will eventually accept the lie and Evil intent as Truth and Gospel.  Obama has been on point about communicating and spreading this toxic evil message throughout his administration placing everyone on his team of destruction on the same page. What adds even more credibility to his lies and deception is when all of his accomplices speak virtually the same message… the same language / talking points utilizing the identical Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Playbook verbalized and expressed on a “Main Stream Media Microphone! When Obama also interjects the seaming innocence of his family by name, carefully orchestrated photo ops, and appealing to the emotions of vulnerable and / or unconscious “Zombie” Americans you have the recipe for believability. It is Obama’s goal to obtain ultimate control and render Americans subservient to Government while turning a blind eye to his Loyalist Hollywood and Main Stream Media Bed Buddies. It is clear that Obama has no intention of “Shining The Spotlight” upon promoters of violence since these folks were instrumental in his election and re-election.  Obama is also cleverly securing a new found “Zombie” Liberal base, (numbering in hundreds of thousands) poised for decades of future elections long after he is gone by pushing the illegal immigrant amnesty (virtual free pass) agenda.  Barack “Hussein” Obama has absolutely no guilt, remorse or forethought of Legal, Societal, and Economical impact / ramifications his Evil agenda will impose upon a Nation already struggling to swim to the Shore Of Sanity.  Obama’s pin point agenda to render our Nation Godless, Virtually Devoid of rights and freedoms is all that really matters to him, and collateral damage to achieving his “Anti-Christ” agenda only bolsters his Evil ultimate goal to forcefully convince us that Government must be our “Big Brother”. This strategy is a multifaceted approach, (devised straight from the pits of hell) to destroy our Nation, Render us stripped of rights, freedoms and virtual slaves of Big Government.  Obama also seeks the demise of the Conservative Republican Party, and this strategy seeks to render the party impotent and irrelevant, while simultaneously building an Army of Unconscious Liberal “Zombies” who will be beholding to the Radical, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist Party he is plotting to create.  In a nutshell this is Barack “Hussein” Obama’s Evil plan to implode the United States Of America From within! This will be Obama’s Legacy… a legacy that could potentially affect our Nation for decades after he departs from “Our House”… “The Peoples House”!       Hollywood and Main Stream Liberal Media are virtually mum looking the other way as Obama stumbles and blunders his way through the most vital job on the planet as though he was on a Government sponsored OJT (On The Job Training) program. It should have become quite clear by the end of his first term that Obama is and has been up to no good. The fact is that while he may appear clueless, He is cleaver as a Demon Possessed Fox on Steroids! He is also cleaver enough to know which side his “bread is buttered” and will not likely expose the Liberal System that was instrumental in securing both his first and second term. It is also interesting how the swearing in language during his second Inauguration Ceremony was altered and virtually stripped of the mention of God… Where is the Main Stream Media on This Vital Matter… AWOL As Usual!  Barrack “Hussein” Obama will rarely bite the hand that feeds his Narcissistic Ego and Evil agenda to bring America down, this clearly makes him a Hypocrite an Accomplice and “Guilty By Association”.  Barrack “Hussein” Obama once sarcastically made the statement (did he not) that Americans hold our Guns and Religion as Sacred Ground? This statement alone should have been enough to peak our curiosity about the inner workings of this Evil Manipulative Tyrants thought process. This “Evil” Dictator has a disdain for both “The Right To Bare Arms” and “Freedom of Religion”… (especially as it pertains to Christians). What will we do when he destroys all our rights and freedoms we hold as sacred? What will we do when Obama sets his lasers on “Freedom Of Speech”… Has it already begun as a sidebar to all the other destruction he has inflicted on our Nation? Placing citizens who say it like it is on a “Terrorist Watch List” should lead us to believe that Obama would like nothing more than to silence his opposition… to include Conservative Media and anyone with a leaning towards exposing the truth.  Barrack “Hussein” Obama clearly despises the thought of Americans having these rights…or any rights for that matter. Freedom of Religion and the second amendment (right to bare arms) are two major stumbling blocks standing between him and fulfillment of his Radical Socialist Agenda to captivate our Nation placing us directly under his Socialist, Godless “Big Government Thumb.” Obama will continue in aggressive pursuit to obtain complete control of any and all aspects of our lives…. talk about the ultimate control freak! Be vigilant and on guard my friends Obama will be ramping up the rhetoric in his last term. He will also stop at nothing to ram through any and all legislation that furthers his twisted Evil agenda for America! Obama will also take full advantage of every crisis under the Sun to manipulate  and mobilize the Weak Minded, Unconscious, “Zombie”…. “Children Of The Damned” Crowd that Selfishly and blindly put him in office in the first place. These “Zombie” Sleeping, Fools gobble everything that drips off his lips as though it was “Manna From Heaven… when in fact it is from the Pits of Hades!  Barack “Hussein” Obama has also been a clear abuser of Executive orders as it suits his Radical, Liberal, Socialist Agenda. It is also believed that the most recent threat of executive order regarding our 2nd Amendment right to bare arms is that of treason and is an impeachable offense. This indicates once again that Barack “Hussein” Obama is an “Enemy Of The State” making him the “Enemy within Our Gates! In fact, there is a movement festering and building in Texas and elsewhere to implement Impeachment proceedings at long last. We can only hope that these Patriotic men and women amongst us may build this momentum throughout the land that we may once and for all Evict these Evil invaders residing in “The Peoples House.”  Like Satan himself he knows his time is short and will stop at nothing to fulfill his Evil Spirit Of Anti-Christ influenced agenda for America within this window of four years!     Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints, It is time we look Satan square in the face and expose him in all his many facets, disguises and expressions. First of all it is an understatement for me to write that I am genuinely grieved that innocent lives were snatched from us in New Town Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Bleeding Heart Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Wing Nuts and their tag along Hypocrite “Main Stream Media and Hollywood Elites would like nothing more than to convince us that attacking Gun rights will vindicate the senseless death of these wonderful children and fine adults. If a responsible gun owner or owners were within the school or within earshot of this violence, possessing a concealed carry permit, the outcome could have been different. Simply knowing that there could be several armed adults in a school environment is without a doubt a deterrent in itself to anyone contemplating a crime on the innocent. These innocent human beings could have had a fighting chance at survival and these defenders would have been applauded by anyone with a pinheads worth of common sense! But then again such a scenario would be given little attention by “The Main Stream Media” since it does not suit their agenda to abolish our Second Amendment Right To Bare Arms.  What is really Unconscionable, Asinine, and Moronic is how these Liberal Wing-nuts jump onto the “Train Of Emotion” (generated by tragedy and motivated by their own agenda) ride it as far as they can all the while being “Mum” about their promotion of Evil in America and the world…. Hypocrites! With that said it is maddening to me how one can be so unconscious, so cold, so deceptive, so underhandedly manipulative in a field such as media and entertainment where it can affect the beliefs and mindset of a substantial segment of our society. “Hollywood – Media – Obama Hippocrates Promote Violence” seeks to once again expose this substantial and influential Evil embedded within the fabric of our Nation! No segment of our society should ever have the right and power to wield and hold this much influence and Evil influence regardless of status or party affiliation unless it supports our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. It is a “No Brain-er” to say that The Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist faction entrenched on our soil has absolutely no interest in preserving our Democracy as laid out by our forefathers… in fact they loath it!  President Barack “Hussein” Obama has frequently stated that “The Buck Stops Here” on numerous occasions during his Presidency to include fairly recently regarding the Benghazi massacre.  Why is it that high ranking people are seeking to distance themselves as far as possible from the outrageous Benghazi cover up? It is my strong suspicion that Hillary Clinton’s resignation and convenient (while appearing to be legit) onset of illness will be used to buy time in hopes that this whole thing will blow over and be forgotten. Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints we must never forget these fine Americans who were refused assistance. There are those who know the truth and they must be sought out, fully investigated and vented.  It is clear that Hillary Clinton (and quite possibly others) may be carrying a secret that they not revealing… a burden that is likely consuming them, providing they have any degree of conscience. There is not enough makeup on this planet that can mask the stress that the cover up of Benghazi has generated and America must never forget these people who were left to dangle in harms way! When will we as a Nation demand transparency and accountability from this President and his administration? “The Buck Stops Here”… Lets take him up on that and take him to task by means of unbiased, independent and thorough investigation for everything that even hints of shadiness. Some may say… what does Obama and the Benghazi massacre have to do with this post? The fact is that Benghazi and Obama have everything to do with the subject at hand since Barack “Hussein” Obama is the Manipulator and Deceiver In Chief and he is in bed with Hollywood and Main Stream Media! This crowd promotes, instigates and often encourages violence both here and abroad… pure and simple! Am I the only one who sees a “Gross” conflict of interest here?  We don’t need to be super insightful to see through Obama’s ability to utilize most any tragedy to further his agenda to re-invent America creating an all powerful all encompassing Government entity enslaving its people into servitude… and total dependence. We also don’t need to be the “Sharpest Knife In The Drawer” to see that Obama is quite skilled at distancing himself from events that require transparency. The nibbling away at our right to bare arms has been a long time goal for the Radical, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Socialists. My Dear Fellow Patriots, allowing them to even get a foothold cannot be an option. Allow me to remind you that the right to bare arms is not simply for the purpose of killing and placing food on our dinner table. The right to bare arms is also in place for self protection and (God forbid) to protect us from Heavy Handed Government control and tyranny…. and this fact places fear in the heart of those who seek to disarm our Nations citizens.  Reality Check… We have Re-Elected a President who will stop at nothing to render us Godless, Impotent, unempowered and Utterly Defenseless. The agenda of Barrack “Hussein” Obama and his Radical Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Zombie Wing-nuts is nothing short of Evil. The Progressive, Liberal, Socialist agenda is strategic, multifaceted, multidimensional, fluid and constantly moving forward and adjusting with each and every crisis that presents itself. If this maneuvering weren’t so down right Evil in its intent one could say it were nothing short of genius. However, allow me to remind you my friends that the same can be said for the whiles of Satan…. Obama relishes a crises since every crises is an opportune time to play “The Great Big Government Savior” at the expense of Sovereignty and Personal Freedoms… Barrack “Hussein” Obama gives the term “Con Artist” an all new meaning. Obama and his accomplices employ plans and strategies that are all encompassing… an unconscionable agenda that boasts and laughs in the face of freedom, the Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights! The NRA is absolutely correct about placing guns in the hands of qualified, well trained and responsible school staff. And while we are at it… Hollywood and Main Stream Media, (to include producers of any and all violent media) need to be held accountable for the violent and demoralizing materials they produce. Those who promote gang activity, violence and degradation of women through music should be shut down period… and that crap about the right to creative expression is just that… CRAP! You want to get down and serious about Evil indoctrination of generation after generation start with the purveyors of Evil from the Pits Of Hell lining their bank accounts on the backs of society Peddling Their Materials!  I am sick and tired of the “Radical Left” constantly nibbling away at our “Right To Self Defence” while turning a blind eye to the producers of Evil Brainwashing Materials For Us To Consume into our being! Shut down Homeys Evil Operation Brother… and that includes Heavy Metal And Acid Rock Music… (If You Can Call That Music) which has the same influence on our society.  And lets not stop there… Make Pornography Illegal… period… It is an addictive mind altering drug and a scourge in a supposedly decent civilized society! And why is it that we can get Saddam Hussein hidden in a bunker in the middle of a strange, unfamiliar, and enormous country… locate and take out the likes of “Osama Bin Laden hidden away in a little “Hole in the wall” in Pakistan but we cannot track down these gangs wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods, on our Soil… where is the Wisdom in this?  Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT be referred to as “The Great Satan”… Then Why Don’t We Stop Working So Hard To Emulate “The Evil One?”  Why don’t we put our resources and technology to work and clean up our streets and make them safe again for all to enjoy? I would wager that our National Guard and Military would take great pride in the Victory over the thugs in our streets verses fighting in a country that often times could care less whether we live or die fighting on their behalf on their soil. I can take my car (If I were so deranged) to most any school yard in this country during recess and mow down a whole lot of innocent kids… that would make my car a lethal weapon! If I owned a small airplane or helicopter I could drop a pallet load of bricks at the same schoolyards… that would make the airplane, helicopter and the bricks a lethal weapon! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it… this is what the Left wing nut logic and reasoning amounts to… According to the logic of the “Unconscious” Liberals… We in essence would remove any and all “things” from our society that could possibly cause bodily injury. It has been stated before… Guns in and of themselves don’t kill people… PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE IDIOTS! A gun in the right hands can deter crime, prevent and / or minimize harm to the innocent. Again… according to the logic of the “Unconscious” Evil, Radical, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, “Zombie” Wing-Nuts… we would remove Cars, Small Planes, Helicopters and Bricks from our society and leave the root causes of the deranged element intact. Fess Up Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Liberal, Progressive, Elites, And Obama… You And Your Self Serving Agenda Is The Problem… Certainly Not The Solution! Doing the right thing directly opposes what the the Radical, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialists stand for in our society. We will observe them skirt the issue at hand time and time again until the situation boils over and is forgotten.    Removing the root cause and influence of Decadence, Decay, Violence, and Gods Judgement on our Nation interferes with Hollywood, Main Stream Media, and Obama’s lifestyle, bank balance and overall Evil agenda! Rather than take responsibility for the true root cause of the issue, the Hypocrite Liberals prefer to opportunistically and selfishly capitalize on tragedy. Shifting blame to the right… which more often than not is closely associated with destroying Freedom, Sovereignty, and Liberty. These Radicals are the “Bottom Feeders of our Society doing whatever is necessary to disrupt and destroy any sense of freedom and security for the citizens they represent. Radical Progressive Liberals favorite food of choice is Drama… they feed on it and are quite convincing to the unconscious “Zombies” among us. The Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialists have become quite masterful at portraying themselves as the “Keeper Of The Chicken Coupe”… The All Caring, All Loving, All Compassionate, All Peace Loving Party… when in fact they are the “Wolf At The Gate”!   Diluting and removing our “Right To Bare Arms” would be considered a major victory for this Twisted, Evil, Unconscious, “Zombie” group. What they are realizing is that their most recent tactic is a Major Affront To Constitutionalists Patriots that remain on this soil! This is precisely why we as Americans need to stand up, look them in the eyes, and say… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH! We must remind ourselves that “Evil Resides Everywhere In These Times… And That Can Include Government. We also must remember that the deranged do not play by the rules, rest assured that criminals and the whack jobs will have guns either way. Simple Solution to the Unconscious Liberal, Democrat, Socialist Wing Nut Mindset… “BEAM THEM UP SCOTTIE” Where? Planet Libitardica Socialistima Unconsciouso…Anywhere but planet earth… don’t we wish it were that simple…   It is my sincere desire to make a difference for my household and yours. I find it painful and disheartening to observe the dread on the faces of those I may encounter on a daily basis. Reading time lines on Twitter, Face book, and other social mediums is a clear pulse reading of our nations genuine concerns, anguish, outright frustration, anger, rage, and helplessness involving this divisive troublemaker heading our Nations highest office. It is Vital… Absolutely Crucial, Paramount, and Urgent that those among us who posses a high degree of knowledge involving Constitutional law step forward and assist our Nation. Our Nation Needs a band of Brothers and Sisters who will be forceful and          unapologetic thoroughly investigate any and all shady occurrences and cover-ups involving Obama…. to include a full disclosure of who he really is.  Our Nation is at the edge… the Very Precipice of utter Moral and Societal Collapse under the Evil divisive influence of President Barack “Hussein” Obama.  What our Nation requires at this critical juncture are those who posses Gumption! Our Nation Needs The Brightest Minds Fully Versed In The Rule Of Law With Emphasis On Constitutional Law And The Bill Of Rights! These Patriots would also need to be Intuitive, of Strong Moral Character and Unwaveringly Steadfast In Their Pursuit Of Justice On Behalf Of Our Nation.  The fuel and catalyst for these Motivated Patriots is You and I… and the “Rule Of Law & Justice! Just regular folks who go to work, play by the rules with nothing to show for it but an Arrogant, Narcissist, Evil Dictator Who’s Mission In Life Is To Bring America To Its Knees!  We can get involved and play our part by continuing to air our concerns, fears, and grievances on Social Media… Before Obama Succeeds At Silencing The Truth There As Well! We can take the time to (peacefully) band together and take our Nation back from the likes of Barack “Hussein” Obama and his Radical, Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist path leading to a Catastrophic Train Wreck! My friends, The Time For Impeachment Proceedings Is NOW! When a President Attempts to water down and destroy Our Rights by abuse of “Executive Orders we are smart enough to know that this is Evil Intent At The Highest Level Of Government. We Are Justifiably Incensed And Revolted By this Evil Presence Who Resides In “Our House”… THE PEOPLES HOUSE! Barack “Hussein” Obama Is Not Even Worthy To Step Foot In “Our House” But Rather Should Be Considered An Intruder On Our Soil For His Treason Upon Our Nation! My friends, We need the caliber of Patriots aforementioned who possess the intellect and knowledge of the rule of law… those with the means and intelligence gathering skills to gather required facts and begin proceedings for impeachment.    I feel my own pain, discomfort, and heartbreak at the thought of having to defend myself and that of my household from the possibility of a Societal breakdown stemming from the Evil and incompetence residing in “Our House”… “The Peoples House,” and emanating from the “Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Unconscious Zombies who vote continuously to place these Evil Morons in positions of authority over us.    Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints…The highlight of our day should never be that we rob our savings in such perilous times to purchase that last high capacity magazine, ammo, or the last AR-15 off the shelf of our local gun shop. Our definition of a robust economy should never… ever be overwhelming enrollments for membership into the NRA or raising the stock value of gun manufacturers. That is what the Divisive presence and influence of Barrack “Hussein” Obama has created in our Nation. Obama’s recent rhetoric places blame on the Right for Guns and Ammo flying off the shelves ever since he opened his mouth after the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Fess up and Man up Obama.. it is your irresponsible behavior attempting to capitalize on another tragedy on our soil that blew up in your Hypocritical face! The rise of gun and ammo sales is your baby… OWN IT! Actually, Barack “Hussein” Obama’s Evil Agenda To Take Away Our Rights To Defend Ourselves and Disarm Law Abiding Citizens Is Good For The Economy… So Just Keep Up Your Unconscious Loose Lip Strategy!   This has got to be the most divisive President America has ever had to endure. The tragedy is that Obama now has four more years to complete the “Destroy America Campaign”. I wonder if the “Zombie” freeloaders who voted for Obama have an incling of what they have done to this Nation? I wonder if they will obtain true peace upon realizing their false and empty victory of re-electing a “Food Stamp,” Free Cell Phone (and other Entitlements) President? I wonder if they comprehend what it takes to play by the rules and enter this country legally? When the Obama Entitlements free ride collapses… and it will because common sense tells the practical and conscious among us that the “Free Ride” is unsustainable… Where will the Freeloading “Zombies” go?   In an effort to obtain “Free Stuff” and rights they are not entitled to… such as destroying the “God Given” Sanctity Of Marriage Between a Man and a Woman… the freeloaders and special rights crowd has selfishly compromised the future and Moral Conscience of an entire Nation! Many of us are feeling insecure and unsure of our futures under this Administration. Perhaps the 47% who voted this President back to complete his Evil Moronic Mission Of Destruction will be disillusioned when his Unconscious, Socialist, Entitlement, Utopian Pipe Dream is snuffed out and fails. When promises made in exchange for votes fail, perhaps some may feel the sting of being a traitor of sorts to the rest of us who had to needlessly endure four more years under an Evil Corrupt Socialist Dictator!  My Dear Friends, Perhaps this is a very good opportunity to remind ourselves that he who is more powerful than Mr. Obama and his “Zombie” followers is in charge. I am confident we will have our day in the Sun at Gods appointed time. Let us be sober and patient, keep our eyes upon him and obey the law… allow our Lord to protect and vindicate us from the Evil in high office and their Unconscious “Zombie” followers.   A Nation who’s people is living under a cloud of never knowing when the next thunderstorm will come or the next shoe will drop is a pitiful existence my friends. Pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will protect and show us the way until his return. I am in hopes that “Hollywood – Media – Obama Hypocrites Promote Violence” has made a contribution in the effort to “Set The Record Straight” and set the stage for Saving our Country from Evil and Tyranny. Yours Sincerely,   MasterBlogger

Christianity a-la-carte

Way to Christ is not through rituals, traditions, Idle Worship

Christianity A-La-Cart

Christianity A-La-Cart was written to address the farce of religiosity. Man made religions have indoctrinated their followers into believing lies. What do I mean by a “man made” religion? Any religion that alters the word of God is not of God… Period!

Here are just a few of the many bible verses making this clear: Deuteronomy 4:2 – You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it. Proverbs 30:6 Add thou not unto his words lest he reprove thee and thou be found a liar. Psalm 119:60 – The entirety of your word is truth. Proverbs 30:56 – Every word of God is pure; he is a shield to those who put their trust in him. How much more plain and simple can it be?

Any religion instructing followers to read their publication over the bible is not of God. Any religion rationalizing praying before graven images is from the pit of hell! Christianity A-La-Cart is written in truth and backed by the word of God. We know this is very inconvenient to those who have been brainwashed. The truth is there are billions of souls condemned to hell. The truth is they truly believe the lies they have been fed.

Christianity A-La-Cart is Satan’s Great diversion from Truth

There are several factors making it difficult to penetrate Satan’s armor. It is familiar and comfortable to remain in the den of Satan. And some religions are perfectly content keeping their flock from the truth. Traditions and rituals provide a degree of stabilization, comfort, and predictability. The sad truth is that this is false security and unconsciousness.

There is a severe penalty for Shepard’s who lead their sheep astray. Here is one verse of many indicating the importance of Biblical teaching: Mark 9:42 – Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

I pray that “Christianity A-La-Cart” has been helpful to many in these latter days. I ask for Gods guidance always as I write. I pray for truth and wisdom that only the Holy Spirit can provide. I ask for your prayers that my work may please God always.

Yours Sincerely,


jesus christ

Would any world leader do this for us?

Jesus Christ President Divine 

Jesus Christ President Divine was written to promote Jesus Christ. We often place our faith in men assigned to govern world affairs. Jesus Christ President Divine reminds us not to worship government. Jesus Christ President divine redirects us to who is really in charge.


he who will one day be ruler of heaven and earth. My fervent prayer is that I am successful at conveying a message that is relevant to these crucial times.

I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ for guidance and wisdom as I write this post. I also pray that my humanity does not hinder the message in any way and that the Holy Spirit may have his way with me. It is my desire that I am able to refrain from expressing my own human frailties and anger at the state of affairs in the United States Of America in a manner that displeases God.

My ultimate goal in this post is to promote and accentuate the love and power of Jesus Christ while minimizing the power and influence of The Evil One who seeks to cloud our thinking in these troubled times.

I read a verse in the book of Ecclesiastes recently that really spoke to me in a profound way. Ecclesiastes: 1:18 Reads – “For In Much Wisdom Is Much Grief, And He Who Increases Knowledge Increases Sorrow”. Let our sorrow be the price we pay for the knowledge and wisdom from “The Holy One”… Oh that sorrow may draw us closer to Christ and that we may receive the strength necessary to fight the good fight in this fallen world.

It stands to (enlightened) reason that the Progressive, Liberal, Democrat Socialists among us who wield much influence in this modern end times Society lack Wisdom and Spiritual Discernment. I state this because there is no remorse but rather celebration that their long held agenda’s are being fulfilled clearly indicating just who is in “The Devils Camp” at the eleventh hour on this planet earth. 

“In these end times “The Evil One Seeks Those Whom He May Devour.” Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist arrogance, ignorance, unconsciousness to truth, possessing not enough discernment to fill a thimble and completely oblivious to Wisdom go about dismantling everything that is and was right with America. 

I repeat Ecclesiastes 1:18 “For in Much Wisdom Is Much Grief, And He Who Increases Knowledge Increases Sorrow.” While many of the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats are knowledgeable about the things of this world on a secular level all the while lacking the Wisdom and discernment that is of the Spiritual Realm that can only be imparted from Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

This is precisely why our Liberal friends continue to unconscionably promote killing of an unborn child, promoting and fueling Lawlessness, Normalizing Homosexuality, and destroying our rights bit by bit to include “Freedom Of Religion” and not only promoting, but inflicting Socialism upon our Society.

Our Unconscious, Progressive, Liberal Democrat opponents are in effect turning our Society into a Homogenized soup where we can no longer distinguish the sweet flavor of truth from the vile and disgusting acidic putrid and sour flavor that is the Cancerous Lie from the Deepest Corners of Hell.

American Society’s conviction that once knew the difference between right and wrong has disappeared. The Liberal Democrat Socialists do not experience the sorrow of one who possesses Christ Wisdom simply because their knowledge is of an Earthbound nature and is totally and completely void of who he is and what he represents. 

“Ignorance Is Bliss” as the saying goes… but it is no excuse because the Truth is all around them like a whirlwind commanding attention and pointing to the urgency of these times. In the end Truth will prevail and the arrogance, ignorance, unconsciousness, hardened hearts of the Spiritually Destructive Left will be seen for what it is… As shaking ones fist at God and saying… We don’t need you for this world is our sanctuary… this is our God! This will be their demise… their destruction… they will receive their reward in full as God sees fit.     

My Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints! Let us not be utterly consumed and completely distracted by the fact that the evil one seems to be having his season to play and influence the politics of our land. 

Let us be reminded that the Evil one does not get to come out and play unless God allows him to fulfill prophesy. Rest assured that what is happening now and in the future is predicted in the anointed, enlivened words of old… let us turn that fear into a boldness of spirit and live for Christ!

We will be vindicated at Gods appointed time… therefore, let us run the race well and not be paralyzed by the Demon possessed Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist “Zombies” that surround us on our own soil! Be in this world but not of it as “The Word” instructs us.

Yes, prepare your loved ones for what is to come… Protect them with thy flesh if your courage has matured, and if need be… and when you have done all you can… STAND… STAND AGAINST EVIL.. and look it square in the eye and say… YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!  

There is a saying most of us have heard, “Ignorance Is Bliss”… I also refer to this as Unconsciousness in much of my writing, especially as it pertains to the Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, Marxist mindset that has overtaken key positions of influence in our country.

I am certain that this is the work of the Spirit Of Anti-Christ in these last days clouding the minds of those in power and placing the pawns on the chessboard of End Times Prophesy.

I can relate to this verse in Ecclesiastes since having any degree of truth consciousness imparted to us in a fallen world can sometimes feel like a lonely place as though on a deserted island with your thoughts and no one around to share it with.

I do not profess to be a Bible scholar, in fact I am really quite simple and ordinary in many ways. With that statement out of the way I know God speaks to me… and has been for a very long time, (though often too distracted by my own thorns, sinful nature and worldly cares to pay attention). 

I often have information imparted to me that blows me away… and it is often no ordinary secular information. I sometimes wonder why my God has allowed me to flounder in my own foolishness for so long only delaying the use of the gifts he has imparted to me until the latter part of my life.

I am extremely grateful today for Gods Grace, Mercy, Unlimited Patience, and obvious sense of humor since my life was once somewhat of a joke as compared to the heavenly realm of affairs. 

I am finally beginning to grasp the reality of Gods Grace and Mercy in a more experiential way. I sometimes still struggle with the fact that there are those among us who seek to destroy our Country and this anger is sometimes reflected in my writing.

In retrospect I have come to the conclusion that allowing myself to get depressed and angry in my flesh over circumstances I have little to no control over in many instances is not God’s best for me. In fact perhaps this teaches me that I still have a ways to go when it comes to completely turning it all over to God… He calls it faith. 

Dear Followers Patriots, And Saints: I share the anger, fear, and deep concern that my nation and yours has become spiritually, morally, financially, and politically bankrupt.

Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, “Zombie” thinkers appear to have our nation in a virtual stranglehold having become drunk with greed, power, and an agenda that is and will most certainly incur the wrath of God.

Rest assured my dear Followers, Patriots, And Saints that Almighty God is watching and is in charge. These folks are smug, in our faces, and proudly prancing around as though they posses some great victory in the palm of their hand.

Be certain that this is a false victory and that God is allowing them to be hardened and unconscious in these times for his purpose. Let us remain focused on the almighty and “He Will Deliver Us From Evil” … of this I am absolutely certain!

Our Lord is allowing this Evil that resides amongst us its season to fulfill his purpose. Let us remind ourselves from time to time that we need not be as angry or fearful as we sometimes are.

Let us be reminded that though this deluded,unconscious segment of our population appears to have free reign… this false victory will one day be snatched from them and Gods people will inherit the spoils… you can take that to the bank… for it is a certainty my friends! 

These times are certainly a test of our faith and let us be reminded that we serve an Awesome God!  

The virtue of truth, doing what is right at all costs, being prudent and wise  appears to elude the Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Marxist “Zombies” among us. These worthy traits have been replaced by political correctness, and expediency desperately pandering for votes from special interest groups virtually devoid of God consciousness and common sense. There is no question that Satan appears to be having a party at our expense.

Though the “Unconscious” may appear in these times to be the majority and in control… be faithful and brave… remain loyal to God and we will receive great victory at his appointed time. Do Not succumb to the lie, (though outnumbered) and remain faithful to the end… for the victory over the unconscious is assured… remember David’s victory over the Giant Goliath… The evil that surrounds us is our Goliath, and we will prevail!

If you observe that my future posts appear more tame rest assured that I have not gone soft but wish to be led by the direction and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and not by the thorns that seem to pierce my flesh daily.

I will not compromise truth for the sake of being politically correct either. Its just that I want to write in a manner that pleases God and name calling is probably not the best approach. Let us not forget though that Christ himself turned over the money changers tables as they defiled his temple…. We are called to have passion for the sake of truth.

In a peculiar way it makes no difference whether or not the Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist leaning folks in our society are conscious of their Evil intent.. for the end result if left unchallenged by Conservatives will remain the same. 

What is sad indeed is that I often observe the Republican Party as being that of “Luke Warm” and not Conservative at all. When push comes to shove political expediency and the drive to “just get along” seems to be the rule of the day!

The spineless Republicans put on an act of bluster and capitulate by compromising and flushing sound principle down the drain… sending the wrong message… unfortunately, this now seems to be the rule of the day! Perhaps it is time that we Constitutional Conservatives make a clear distinction between “The Republican Party” and the “Conservative Republican Party.”

The “Old Republican Guard” seems to be stumbling and tripping all over themselves and each other like drunken sailors in an attempt to appease Liberals, their agenda, and policies of destruction.

Perhaps it is time to strengthen and build up the “New Guard”… The Tea Party, since it appears as though they get a clue of what it means to possess and act upon “Truth and apply Wisdom and Principled Thinking! I appeal to Republicans to Just get it over with and do the right thing despite Liberal whining and let the chips fall as they should!

It is time that Republicans go under the knife, have the jelly removed and replace it with backbone and stand for Truth and what is right and best for the long term success of this country. It is time that Republicans stop trembling… scattering into their little mouse holes every time the “Unconscious” Liberal Cat,  their tag along “Main Stream Media, and Hollywood kittens growl!

Is it not best to stand for truth and principle and potentially lose in the short term than to go along just to get along and lose the long term soul and sovereignty of America? History will show and reveal the truth about the difficult but true path taken against “Unconscious”, Evil opposition. 

This is like purchasing food at a fast food restaurant where you can obtain quick gratification at the expense of long term health… in and out without regard for the price we pay at the end. My friends there is a long term price we all pay when politicians take the easy way out.. so they can get back to the golf course.

Jesus Christ – President Divine makes the point that if this continues as is… the only one who will be able to intervene and correct it is our Lord Jesus Christ upon the Second Coming As Prophesied.      

I Thank God Today that I can finally begin to climb the mountain and enjoy the view instead of wallowing down below endlessly circling the perimeter going absolutely nowhere. 

If ignorance is bliss then it stands to reason that ignorance is certainly an unconsciousness as it compares and relates to the power and freedom of truth. The only perk / benefit to be had when ignorant and unconscious is that one can plead innocence due to lack of knowledge, wisdom, and conscious access to truth.

As ignorance of the laws of man is no excuse for breaking the law… is it even remotely possible that ignorance of Gods law will not get us a free pass through the pearly gates?

An exception to “no excuse for ignorance” is likely however for young children and those who are incapacitated in some manner. Does it not make perfect sense to you that those of us who are too young to even know what the Holy Bible is would not receive Gods Mercy and Grace? 

As grown capable adults possessing full faculties of reason and access to truth… do we get a free pass for not seeking and at the very least making any effort to overcome our sinful nature?

While “Gods Grace Is Sufficient,” can it be used and abused in order to continue without effort to cease sinning and traveling down a path that we know is wrong… Or does God one day say enough? 

What about the gift of conscience… is it possible that not yielding to the truth imparted through the Holy Spirit time and time again can lead to Demon Possession… possibly leading to shear “Unconscious” Madness?

Have we become “Unconscious and Delusional” by attempting to convince others by the use of exterior props like Secular “Worldly” Professionalism,  Social and Economic Stature, Bumper Stickers, Vanity License Plates, Signs, Billboards, the Car we drive, and / or Home we live in?                                    

Do Props play a role in a message we attempt to sell and convince others? If so is this not quite possibly a means of masking just how pitiful and wretched we really are? Is it even remotely possible that we employ props and such in an attempt to convince others that “We Have It All Together… and You Don’t”…?

It stands to reason that if Satan’s prime mission is to eventually destroy… does it not make perfect sense that sheer madness is the ultimate destruction of a once salvageable human vessel…?

Does it not stand to reason that a human vessel once occupied by and / or containing the seed of “The Holly Spirit” and possessing optimum potential for the realization of “God Consciousness” be the ultimate goal and victory of “The Evil One?    

Those among us who are ignorant, unconscious, oblivious to truth and Gods Wisdom usually have such conviction over their position that others may be drawn into their “Collective Unconsciousness” Drama and Delusion… though their position is often that of sheer folly.

Many of the Unconscious among us are often of supreme secular / worldly intelligence and function in capacities of high (worldly) influence over others. Prime examples of this may be Psychology, Secular Social Work, Medicine, Science, Public (secular) education.. from kinder garden to the most secular prestigious universities.

Other worldly / secular positions of mass influence are that of “Liberal Main Stream Media,” which is most often biased and unbalanced leaning towards the left and far left Radical Elements of the Progressive, Liberal Democrat (and now with an obvious leaning towards Socialism and Marxist beliefs) party. With this said… is it any wonder that in the last days “Even The Very Elect Will Be Fooled”?

Hollywood is also a major influence and the great indoctrinator of society. This powerful lobby is allowed to virtually run amok and unchecked. This haughty, smug, and entitled society within a society is certainly a major influence in Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, Marxist Politics.

Triple Threat Indoctrination Whammy” of the Biased, Liberal, Secular, (Agenda Based) Public America is weighted down, burdened and plagued with the “The Evil Trinity”… the “School System, (supposed) Higher Education pandering to Liberal Elites Hollywood and a Liberal Main Stream Media…

This is the Perfect Storm… The perfect recipe to inherit / incur Gods Wrath… Gods Judgement! Think I am speaking out of turn… simply take a “Wide Eyed Conscious look around you to see who is praised, idolized, envied and often times worshiped in American society today? Thou Shalt Not Have Any Other Gods Before Me… Sound familiar?

Hollywood and “Liberal Main Stream Media is quite adept at sabotaging and discrediting anyone and removing any perceived obstacle, (by most any means necessary) that is perceived to be in the way of their agenda. Ask some of the Republican candidates in this last election cycle and you are certain to get an earful. 

“Jesus Christ – President Divine” seeks to drive home the point that under Gods rule all of this nonsense will be a thing of the past. Imagine no longer having to defend the Sanctity Of Marriage (ordained by God) against the Unconscious Liberal, Democrat, Progressives?

Imagine our children no longer being indoctrinated by a school system that corrupts and indoctrinates them into believing that what was once truth is now a lie… and what was once a lie is now the truth…”The New Normal” as seen through the eyes and perceived by the mind of the hardened heart of the Unconscious Ignorance and arrogance of the Progressive Liberals.

Imagine my friends that we will never have to explain to our children again that the half naked and twisted forms of human flesh in a Gay Pride Parade are simply very sick people that need our prayers! Imagine adopted children no longer being exposed to and indoctrinated in a homosexual household with John and Steve or Jane & Janet as role models… under the rule of God… is this so difficult to imagine? 

Can you envision the children of the world encircled around the Christ…  being taught by the Master in place of greedy self centered adults who seek nothing but to exploit them.

Under Gods rule Homosexuals will no longer posses special rights under the law since they and their agenda will No Longer Exist.

Homosexuals will no longer be permitted to indoctrinate our children and society and we will no longer have to tolerate a President who makes it his mission to “Normalize” this twisted sin by homogenizing it into our society. 

Let us not forget that Homosexuals are our brothers and sisters and we should pray for them…. “Hate the sin… Love the sinner”. This does not mean for a second that we should stand by idle as Homosexuals attempt to make their sin societies burden.

This does not mean for a second that Homosexuals have a “God Given” right to the sanctity of marriage ordained by God to be between one man and one Woman…. it is Non Negotiable! 

Unconscious Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist Thinkers, (to include the likes of President Barrack “Hussein” Obama have given the Homosexuals a green light… a virtual free pass.

The Homosexual agenda is quite compatible with The Liberals slash and burn America policies… promoting the Homosexual agenda suits their morally corrupt and compromised stance and adds to their loyal voter rolls.

While Obama claims to be a Christian it appears as though the “Word of God” can be overridden when living by the word interferes with his Evil agenda for transforming America.

One would think that there is an eternal price to pay for throwing Christ and Christianity under the bus in order to achieve Evil, Temporal, Worldly, Secular Gain… It is as chasing after the wind…

Imagine once again my friends that there is no amount of rationalizing in this world that will change the truth.Our children will no longer be taught that the homosexual lifestyle is perfectly “Normal and Natural”. Under Gods Rule, Evil Adults will no longer be allowed to foster and fulfill their own personal agenda for votes and material gain.

The efforts to influence our youth and perpetually brainwash generation after generation will be thwarted and rooted out by our awesome God and cease to exist! Imagine if you will that such currently unchecked evil will no longer exist under Gods perfect rule.

Do Homosexuals really believe that false teachers in the Unitarian Unilateralist churches and other false churches across this country are leading them to “The Promised Land”? Am I the only one that can foresee disillusionment and disappointment on a large scale? I think not! 

Imagine if you will, no longer having to endure a divisive President with an Anti-Christ agenda? Imagine never having to talk truth again and again to the unconscious about the sin and insanity of snuffing out the life of a baby.

For those of you who know how Jesus Christ felt about children… you know there are some among us who will be destined for a trip to a very warm and toasty place… 

Eternity is a long time my friends… let us strive to be among the elect for “Their World” is passing away… Many of them are receiving their reward in full on an earthly plane… their reward is shallow, fleeting as grasping after thin air.. and it is temporal.

When the delusional, unconscious, and ignorant are in mass, (such is the case in these last days) their ignorance may easily be perceived as truth and the correct path.

Allow me to remind the reader of this post that in the last days “herd mentality” will prevail and appear on the surface to be credible as they run off the proverbial cliff amass. Allow me to remind you once again… the word of God states… “In those days, (Now) even many of “Gods very elect” will be fooled. Allow me to remind you that… wide is the Ignorant, Unconscious path to destruction and narrow is the path of truth and salvation.

Verse 1:18 of the book Of Ecclesiastes is worth repeating – “For In Much Wisdom Is Much Grief, And He Who Increases Knowledge Increases Sorrow.” The Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialists that have control of our country are not Sorrowful because they lack the Wisdom and Enlightenment required to feel the sting of their Evil agenda.

The “End Times” world we live in is not receptive to Truth & Wisdom simply because these virtues challenge the very essence of the World System, the Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist, Marxist Spirit of Anti-Christ. This spirit has ever increasing influence and dominance in America and the world around us.

“Jesus Christ – President Divine” is a post for our time and a metaphor of what is and is yet to come. Yes, while being a seeker and experiential know-er of truth in a fallen world may feel lonely, (in our flesh) at times… it beats the alternative hands down. Take up your cross my friends for your Lord awaits you.

Yours Sincerely,


Liberals Provoke

Liberals Provoking God and America

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive

   Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive was written to call attention to Liberal provocation. Bees mind their own business until they are threatened. Conservatives are similarly going to work, raising their families and going about life.

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive will expose how Unconscious Liberals seek America’s Destruction. We Conservatives have finally awakened to the fact that Liberals are Godless emissaries of Satan!

Conservatives in America are on the march against forces of Evil. This Evil is personified in the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist party. Some of you may think these statements made about this party are off base. Well that would be a human secular opinion, and not based on fact. Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive stands on truth not human opinion, Period! Open your eyes and ears and see what Liberals  stand for!

Open your eyes to their agenda for America, and open your ears to their rhetoric! We Conservative will not stand by any longer while these clueless misfits destroy America! We will no longer be idle as they dismantle America to suit their agenda! It is high time that we have awakened to this Evil force within our gates! America, we have sent them a clear message in November of 2014. God Bless You for harnessing the Wisdom revealing the true nature of this domestic enemy! Yes, I said “Domestic Enemy!”

Any enemy of God and Country is an enemy of yours and mine. Anyone who kills innocent babies is my enemy. Anyone who forces me to purchase a product or service is my enemy! Anyone who snubs his nose at Almighty God justifying deviant homosexual lifestyle is my enemy! In essence Satan is my enemy and anyone who is on his payroll must be stopped!

Whether all Liberals are conscious or not, the end result will be the same. Conscious intent or not, these idiots will leave America in shambles, a spiritual vacuum, a wasteland! What does God do with a wasteland? He judges and destroys it, that’s what! God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

Bare in mind, the Liberals worst enemy is God in our midst! Simply look at their agenda to remove God from every nook and cranny of our society. Liberals are not content with going to hell on their own. Their ultimate mission is to bring entire nations down with them! Satan’s mission on earth is the Liberals mantra can you see the connection? An example; Homosexuals are not content with indulging in their gross sin in private. No, they need to have society homogenized into their debauchery. They desire company in hell!

Anyone who discards the sanctity of marriage between man and woman is my enemy! Remember this; Liberals don’t belong to themselves, their slaves to Satan’s agenda to destroy America!

Liberals Provoke Conservative Beehive has successfully revealed the audacity of these unconscious nitwits!

The Bible says clearly: Eph 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It is vital that we understand this verse as it relates to Liberals. You see many of them truly believe in their mission to spiritually bankrupt America. It is our responsibility as Christians to see that they are confronted and pushed back at every turn! Take this battle into prayer my friends.

Yours Sincerely,



King Obama

King Obama, America’s End Times Dictator

King Obama Rides Again

   King Obama Rides Again was written to address Obama re-election concerns. It is no secret that this President is fraud, con man, and imposter.  

many of us have involving the re-election of Barrack “Hussein” Obama. It is also important to note here that it has come to my attention that Mormonism is a cult and that the election of Mitt Romney should have also been a concern for the devout Christian Community in America. To say that a victory for Mitt Romney would have been the “Lesser Of Two Evils” is a temptation since conservatives have grown weary of Barrack “Hussein” Obama and his destructive Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Agenda for our country. Suffice it to say that we will need to trust God on this one. It is a mystery to the uninitiated as to why our Lord would allow this Re-Election to occur and why our only other option was a man who supposedly places his faith in a cult religion. For more information on Mormons I confidently refer the readers of this post to www.AskThePreacher.com and go to www.AskThePreacher.name/Mormonhtml.com  I have read many of this Pastors tweets folks and have confidence that he preaches the word of God in Truth and conviction… he is “The Real Deal” Folks! Though often times inconvenient and a “Thorn In Our Flesh” the embrace and practice of Truth in a “Fallen World” is required. It is vital that we pierce the veil of unconsciousness devised by the evil one for in the last days he seeks those whom he can devour. We all know that Truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow folks, and sometimes down right inconvenient. It is important to remind ourselves though that we reside in a fallen secular world not adhering to principles of truth. But truth is exactly what we must strive to live by if we desire the big prize that only God can provide. It is an understatement to say that many of us are in shock as to how our Nation could have possibly re-elected this President. Barrack “Hussein” Obama clearly possesses a sketchy past and questionable motives and agenda behind his decision making process involving our Nation. The day following the re-election of this President the New York Stock Exchange plunged clearly indicating that the market did not view this re-election as favorable for business and consumer confidence. Of course the “Main Stream Media” was virtually mum on this interesting co-incidence as is a common practice for these spineless unethical deceivers of mankind.  How could God allow this President to stay one more day than necessary in our house… The Peoples House? How could a sovereign, loving, merciful God allow this re-election to occur knowing what we know… and worst yet don’t know about the agenda of this man remaining at the helm of our Nation?  Is it possible that we are getting just what we deserve? Is it possible that we have not learned our lessons… the deep Spiritual and Biblical lessons that would likely shower blessing and favor upon our Nation? Have we grown dull, cold, hardened and unconscious to the presence of the Holy Spirit? Do we even care to explore the possibility that “Its Not All About Us? Obama Re-Election Equals Gods Judgement seeks to pierce the veil of darkness and spiritual unconsciousness that is encroaching upon our Nation. Can America see the light of hope at the end of this four year tunnel straddled to the likes of “The Barrack “Hussein” Obama Socialist Anti-God Machine”?  Let us first examine some details that may have played a major role in the re-election of Barrack “Hussein” Obama. Mr. Obama claims to be a Christian and once believed (did he not) that marriage was a sacred bond between “One Man and One Woman”? How can a man once believe the Word Of God on a matter… and then decide not to believe? The answer to this question is that he never believed in the first place. Barrack “Hussein” Obama simply gauges which way the societal wind is blowing and like a chameleon changes color to adapt. Right or wrong… it doesn’t matter so long as Obama’s political agenda remains intact. We must come to terms with the fact that we are not dealing with a Godly man… a good man here… that is the reality my friends!  What we are dealing with is a man at the helm of what (used to be) the greatest nation on earth… a man who performs under the guise of a Christian actually employed by the “Spirit Of Anti-Christ.” We are dealing with a man possessing no conscious conscience or remorse in regards to the fallout ensuing from his destructive “Spiritually Bankrupt” agenda for America and its people.  In an act of desperation he one day conveniently decided that he and his wife had a change of heart and decided that supporting “Same Sex Marriage” was necessary to set a good example for their daughters…. “A Good Example For Their Daughters”… Will someone please shake me and tell me the Obama’s are only kidding! Wouldn’t you think that as parents professing to be Christians that the “enlightened” approach is to teach them to “Love The Sinner… Hate The Sin?” Notice how Barrack “Hussein” Obama  frequently associates and cleverly ties the names of his wife and daughters with the subject at hand in order to add legitimacy and credibility to some of his statements decisions, and actions. Perhaps (in his deviant, manipulative mind) Obama believes that this association of apparent innocence covers a multitude of hidden agendas potentially even creating a smoke screen of legitimacy… a diversion masking his true agenda for America and the world. Obama Re-Election Equals Gods Judgement shines a spotlight upon Barrack “Hussein” Obama. This man has a utilitarian purpose for every person he comes into contact with, he allows no opportunity that could further his agenda go to waste, and if that means teaming up with his wife sending the wrong Biblical message to his daughters… so be it! The Obama playbook Does Not allow a Good Crisis go to waste since every Crisis has the potential to contain Evil Little Gems to Demonize the opposition and to further his Satanic agenda for America. Barrack “Hussein” Obama Loathes America as it is established by our Forefathers and the Constitution is subject to his interpretation and revision as he is allowed to do so. Child abuse is deplorable on a good day, it is certainly not acceptable to a majority of civilized secular society. Child abuse is certainly deplorable to our sovereign God as well. Christ himself spoke of how precious the child is to him and that if we could only learn to embrace God the Father with the innocence of a child… What do you think this same God would think and say to parents who lead their children astray with false and evil teaching? When the head of a household inflicts spiritual abuse upon an impressionable child with wrong and misleading instruction, it generates consequences. When a husband and wife teaches a child that which does not align with the word of God but directly contradicts the word, there will be consequences. It is not as though Mr. & Mrs. Obama had not a clue of where God stands on Homosexuality. Mr. Obama has stated numerous times that he professes Christianity and that marriage was between a man and a woman. How can one even profess Christianity without knowing Gods stance on this deviant lifestyle from the pits of hell? Is the lie perpetuated upon a child and manipulation of an election outcome by pandering for votes from an Evil element in American culture worth eternal damnation? What about the sanctification of his children… Is not the man of the household the Priest Shepard Gatekeeper of his home / household? Is the man of the house not to be held accountable by the almighty God for the rearing of his children? To place two children at the alter of sacrifice in order to win an election is unconscionable at best!  There is mental and physical child abuse in this secular world, then there is misleading and false Spiritual teaching inflicted upon a child with the potential for eternal consequences…  When a man can lie with absolute conviction and without displaying the usual inflection or telltale signals of deceit indicating potential for deception… this is a man capable of self deceit and delusion to the point of believing his own lie. Barrack “Hussein” Obama has the capacity to flip an internal switch rendering himself unconscious to truth. he becomes convincingly capable of deceiving the masses since he is capable of self delusion convincing himself that the lie is truth. Some may say… how can a man with such passion and conviction be out to deceive? Remember the word of God…. “Even The Very Elect Will Be Deceived In Those Times.” Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints… Barrack “Hussein” Obama is a leader for these times, and these times are matched to his evil intent in  order to fulfill end times prophesy.   Since Obama’s track record cannot stand alone in the light of day, Obama requires pawns / props in order to legitimize or mask his true agenda for us and our Nation. Let me remind you that this reversal on the position of “Same Sex Marriage” was made by a man who professes to be a practicing Christian… “Setting An Example For His Daughters”… Oig! The example Mr. & Mrs. Obama have set for their daughters is nothing short of… Saying; Whatever it takes to get you what you want or where you want to go in life is acceptable in the “Obama Manual”. And Yes… even if that means overriding the Word of the very God he pretends to worship. Allow me to also remind you that this apparently flippant yet carefully crafted decision was also made during an election cycle… How do you spell “Throwing Christianity Under The Bus For Political Expediency… Political Gain? Does Barrack “Hussein” Obama believe he can alter the truth and very essence of the Word of God if it is politically expedient to do so? A man in position of authority who “knowingly” and blatantly lies is of concern to all who are affected by his agenda, enacted policies, and twisted evil thoughts put into law. However, such a deceiver usually leaves tell tale signs that he is not to be trusted or that one needs to pay more attention to the individual. While “Barrack “Hussein” Obama is Evil and Cleaver as a Fox God has enough mercy for his people to allow occasional revealing moments of outright deceit. Bare in mind that many of Obama’s revealing moments are very subtle and that it is essential that we pray for the “Spirit Of Discernment” in order to be enlightened to the evil one at work.    However, (once again) a man who is capable of deceiving himself into unconsciousness capable of convincing himself that the lie is actually truth is a lethally dangerous man indeed… a man capable of the darkest of deeds and deceptions. He who is dead to truth and Godly Wisdom is capable of convincing the masses that his lie is actually truth since he will usually fight with passion and conviction. How does Mr. Obama intend to explain away his evil intentions for America before the ultimate judge on judgment day? There is bound to be some stuttering on the day Mr. Obama stands before the judge of all judges attempting to smooth talk a God that knows our thoughts and motives before they are even conceived in our minds.    “Obama Re-Election Equals Gods Judgement” is a fitting title for this post since this Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat President that goes by the name of Barrack “Hussein” Obama has shown us time and time again that the end justifies the means. Obama has clearly demonstrated that nothing is off the table. He has shown America time and time again that he will utilize every means at his disposal to add legitimacy to his Evil Socialist Spiritually Bankrupt agenda For America. Many of us in America have a soft spot for spouse and children… family unity.  Obama sadly and cleverly capitalizes on this by interjecting his wife and children by name when it suits him in order to seduce us into believing that his intentions for our Nation are pure, innocent and not self serving. Perhaps Obama thinks that this is a cleaver ploy / tactic in order to soften our resolve as a Nation into the slumber and unconscious trance of a “coumbia” moment to Lullaby us into complacency… Well it worked for the forty seven percent folks… they gobbled it up like a turkey before Thanksgiving slaughter. Speaking of Thanksgiving… it has been said that Obama Not Once mentioned the name of God during any Thanksgiving since he has been in office… imagine that… No Surprise There!  Obama must legitimize his evil intent by interjecting the appearance of what is right and Innocent about America, a nation that he has been given four more years to wreak further havoc. Let us not forget that Obama has not won re-election because it is Gods best for our Nation. Barrack “Hussein” Obama has won re-election because America is unrepentant we have turned our back on God and thus are under judgement for doing so. If you think this is a false statement look around you, open your eyes, listen to the rhetoric and see the natural disasters and calamities in our Nation and around the world today… Look at the moral decay and the twisted form of crimes that litter the American landscape. Look at the arrogance and lawlessness exemplified in our Nations Capital under this administration, look at the numerous cover ups such as “Fast And Furious”… and the tragedy in Benghazi (to name only two). Such arrogance and lawlessness would have been cause for serious and committed investigation with potential for impeachment in past administrations, yet not only does Barrack “Hussein” Obama get one free pass upon another… but to add insult to injury he gets re-elected.  Dear Followers, Patriots, And Saints… Please think deeply upon this… What does this say about the “New Normal” that Obama and his Progressive, Liberal, Socialist Democrat Wing Nut Worshipers have perpetuated upon our Nation? The street corner preachers have been telling us for years… Repent America… REPENT AMERICA… For Gods Judgement Is At Hand! Well Dear Friends… God’s Judgement Is At Our Doorstep And We Refuse To See It For What It Is! Instead of saying we are a strong resilient people and we will get through this… we will rebuild… how many of us reach for a little “Humble Pie,” get down on our knees and say.. How may we have failed you Lord? Acceptance of the Homosexual Lifestyle and “Same Sex Marriage” is well on its way to being mainstreamed and viewed as normal and natural in our Nation. We will now be forced against our will to purchase health insurance or pay a fine should we choose not to… and yes… it is a form of punishment… it is a penalty for not going along lockstep with this dictators agenda for this country! The Liberal Wing Nuts can call it what they will… “If it Walks Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck… ITS A DUCK FOLKS! These are only two examples of a “New Normal” being jammed down our throats. Rest assured that Obama and the Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist Wing Nuts have a perpetual Christmas list of America Busting agenda’s and strategies crafted to take our Nation down to the brink and beyond. These wing nuts have every intention of “Moving Forward” (as they claimed in their election cycle slogan) to further erode our Nation in order to fulfill their agenda… an agenda that is nothing short of Evil! With the majority of Hollywood and “Liberal Main Stream Media” in tow rest assured that if the house capitulates to pressure from these Socialist Wing Nuts… we will be a Nation in trouble… dire straights! This is the “Forty Seven Percent” Mitt Romney was referring to in this past election cycle. He was clearly referring to the “Entitlements Crowd” and he readily admitted he would not waste his time trying to win them over.  What is a tragedy is that we have not seen the likes of a man who comes across as Presidential in four years of Presidency. Neither will we be re-introduced to a President who has even a clue of what “Presidential” looks like in the remaining four years of this poor excuse for a President.  Our Nation needed a reminder of how a President walks, talks and conducts the affairs of a Great Nation, but truly folks none has appeared to fill the void.  What America needed was a President that doesn’t need to hide behind women and children in order to add credibility and legitimacy to decisions that impact America. What does the re-election of Barrack “Hussein” Obama say about the America we have become? This re-election speaks loudly of the decay in our Nation, the stench is palpable but the unconscious majority were mesmerized by what Obama would provide for them in exchange for votes. When you combine this with a somewhat suppressed military vote and the likelihood of voter fraud you have a prescription for a disastrous, unethical election outcome. Simply put there were more of those who re-elected this President based on the insatiable desire to continue killing the unborn child, promotion of and mainstreaming, (to include normalization of) the homosexual lifestyle and agenda, (including “Same Sex Marriage”).  There were more of those who voted to cash in on maintenance and full implementation of socialized medicine, amnesty for illegal aliens, free contraception, and of course… the big enchilada.. entitlements of all kinds to satisfy every bonified freeloaders needs. What the entitlements crowd just cannot seem to grasp is that there is a price… a string attached to the (supposed) free ride… and that is a loss of self respect, freedom, and liberty for all of us. Folks, we should be more than a little concerned about the state of America when a majority of us re-elect a President who champions the aforementioned. What kind of a man will compromise an entire nations sovereignty, solvency and moral standing before God and the world in order to get re-elected? What kind of a man will drop biblical truth into the toilet to further an Evil, Toxic, Dangerous Agenda? What kind of a man will interject the names of family members at the drop of a hat in order to add credibility to an immoral, empty, unconscionable agenda?  Barrack “Hussein” Obama has given the term “New Normal” a whole new meaning etched in the form of a reality that will affect all of us for a potentially very long time. The Term “New Normal” is no longer a clever use of words or a concept, it is a reality under this administration.     The “Main Stream Media” fell slightly short of stating that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost because they refused to “Get With The Program”… The Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Democrat Program and Agenda.  According to “Main Stream Media” these two men are “Out of Touch” with what Americans want in a President. And in a sense they are correct… but not in the way that the Unconscious, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat Wing Nuts would like to have us believe. I don’t know for sure whether Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were a good replacement for Obama. I personally voted for them, but always had a nagging wish that we had a better choice. America yearns once again… we groan and are in mourning for a President who is Presidential. America yearns for a President that respects the Constitution Of The United States Of America and is weary of one who would just as soon use it as a rug to wipe his dirty shoes. America aches for a President who stands tall for America’s Heritage one who can look our Nation in the eye and tell us like it is with emphasis on how we can be a Great Nation once again. America Yearns for a President with conviction and backbone to stand for Christianity, The Unborn Child, Marriage as God Intended. America Yearns for a President who understands American Acceptionalism while at the same time recognizing and acknowledging to himself and the Nation that we still have work to do. America Yearns for a President who does not need to be dragged kicking and screaming to wear an “American Flag Lapel Pin,” one who understands that its not simply a fashion accessory but a simple yet profound statement of where your loyalties lie. America Yearns for a President that is confident enough within himself and his Nation to have no need to bow before and apologize on behalf of his Nation before dignitaries, adversaries, and enemies alike. America Aches For a President who would not even entertain the thought of forcing its people to purchase Health insurance (or any other instrument for that matter) against their will. America Groans for a President that possesses a sense of right and wrong and is not fearful of standing for what is right even against overwhelming opposition. America Yearns for a President who Will Not Sacrifice Principle and Truth in exchange for the appearance of “Getting Along.” America Yearns For a President unwilling to exchange simplicity and common sense solutions in exchange for unconscious, needlessly complicated unreasoned thinking devoid of Wisdom. What has been lost forfeited and sacrificed at the Alter Of Barrack “Hussein” Obama in this Election is: Truth, Accountability, Freedom, Sovereignty, Transparency, Our Peace Of Mind, Small manageable Government… add infinitum…. Unfortunately there is an unconscious segment of our society who would prefer to sacrifice freedom and sovereignty in exchange for bondage to Barrack “Hussein” Obama and his “Government Bondage Regime”!  In essence, Truth Lost on Election Day and this will come to the surface in the next four years as this President resumes the mission of dismantling America and what it stands for. When truth takes a back seat to deception, compromised religious beliefs and manipulating an election by pandering to a blatantly and willfully sinful segment of a society… that society is destined for God’s judgement and ultimate failure.  Always remember Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints that Satan is only allowed by God to rule in short seasons. In the end our Lord Jesus Christ will be the Victor… the end game is God’s Victory. I need to keep reminding myself that we are “Living In A Fallen World.” I need to keep reminding myself that we are to be “In The World But Not Of It.” I need to keep reminding myself that we are not in our permanent home and that my heart yearns for heaven. Do you ever feel like an alien on this earth… especially as Bible Prophesy unfolds? Do you ever feel as a trespasser in a land that is not your home? Perhaps our severance and release of a clinging attachment to this temporary vehicle (we refer to as our body) and that of the real estate we reside is a good sign. Perhaps this signifies that we are prepared for the journey of journeys, and destination of destinations…. Our Eternal Home…  America is a flailing, floundering Nation drunk on the deception of Barrack Hussein Obama, Hollywood, “Main Stream Media” spin and smokescreen. There are those among us who “Can’t Handle The Truth”…because the truth is in direct opposition to the Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist Agenda. The Truth has the ability to destroy the Democrat, Liberal Wing Nut agenda… and rest assured they are in fear of it!  The Truth to this party is like the proverbial Cross exposed before the Evil Vampire… it is most uncomfortable and causes them to squirm in discomfort.  We have attempted to break the bubble of unconscious delusion that America can take care of everyone who wants a free ride on the backs of those who toiled for and achieved success.  We fought against the tide of the Liberal “Unconscious” mindset and lost because we stood on the side of truth and principle in a nation that is losing its moral compass.  This crowd confuses Truth and Gods Wisdom with Opinion, Secular knowledge, convenience, pure emotion, and what feels good to human corruptible senses.   Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints… I sincerely Hope and Pray that you received benefit from reading “Obama Re-Election Equals Gods Judgement”  

Yours Sincerely,    


Halloween - Satans Holiday American Style

Would God call this child abuse?

Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style

   Halloween – Satan‘s Holiday American Style was written to expose a seemingly innocent kids night out. A Scarborough Maine mother insisted that Halloween was not to be put on hold. This is despite a respectful request from the Scarborough Police Department.

   The department requested the community postpone Halloween from Wednesday October 31, 2012 to Saturday November 3, 2012. The request for community cooperation was due to Hurricane Sandy disrupting critical services. The department warned that stretching the departments resources was a matter of public safety.

   The department further explained that accommodating this non essential holiday could affect timely response. This is due to typical crime and nuisance calls often generated by this Evil Holiday.

Entitlement  Zombie Insists Satan’s Holiday Not Be Disrupted

   The mother insisted that this change of three days interfered with their plans. She defiantly exclaimed that their kids would Trick or Treat as planned regardless. This mother clearly placed her selfish desire to celebrate Satan’s Holiday against community safety!

   The Police Departments request was very respectful yet disrespected by this self centered defiant woman! How did we evolve to this type of mindset in our society?  Halloween Satan’s Holiday American Style exposes this ill conceived holiday for what it is. 

   Our economy is in shambles, people are jobless, many have lost their homes. Wouldn’t prospective and common sense dictate that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style can wait? We were at the threshold of probably the most important election in our lifetime.

   Were at War, natural catastrophes abound and this woman insists on celebrating Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style! She insists on celebrating Satan’s Holiday regardless of extenuating and potentially dangerous circumstances.

Halloween -Satan’s Holiday American Style Not Mandatory

It is mind-boggling… unfathomable as to what people consider priority in their lives. When the average citizen looks at “The Big Picture” it’s a “No-brain-er… Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style reminds us that this is not a legal holiday. This holiday not worthy of such focus of our time unless your Satanist!

Liberal Demons Purveyors Of Halloween Filth Indoctrinating Young Minds   

Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is also not as innocent as portrayed to be. Just who is the beneficiary at the expense of numbing children to violence? Who is laughing to the bank while kids are brainwashed and indoctrinated generation after generation?

Guess what… it is the same crowd that purports to be all about kids! You know that crowd that kills babies before their first breath… Hypocrites! Yea, the crowd that sees a baby in the womb as an inconvenience! Ding, Ding, Ding! You guessed it… it’s the Democrat, Liberal, Socialist Thugs pretending to be sweet and caring! 

These unconscious adult beings see nothing wrong with Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style. You know it is those with the big fat bank accounts wearing smug grimaces! Who are they that prey on America’s children using them as pawns in the money game?

They should not pass go but go directly to jail, (sorry no get out of jail free card here). The Liberal Machine is Hollywood at the top of the trash heap! What about Madison Avenue and millions of merchants making Billions! Yes, Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is likely a Billion Dollar Business annually! Yes making Billions teaching your kids that blood and gore is just make believe… all in fun!

America, We Have Been Sold A Bill of Goods! Satan is Laughing And God is Watching Crying Knowing Some Of Us Will Perish! God Is Waiting For Us To Get A Clue As The 11th Hour Draws Near… Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is an appeal to save souls for Christ!

Those profiting at the expense of another eternal life have a bounty on their heads! It is a bounty unleashed by Gods fury lest he dispatch tender mercies at his disposal. Question? What if someone trespassed onto your property and brutally killed your entire family. Would you still believe that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is an innocent cutesy holiday? 

What if they buried all of you in your front yard? Would you still believe Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is harmless and all in fun? What if they placed a headstone with the letters “RIP”… would that be alright? Lets add insult to injury shall we…?

What if these dimwits served neighborhood kids candy to keep them high for weeks? Enough candy to promote sugar addiction paving the way for childhood obesity and promoting diabetes…  Would Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style still be cool? 

Why Would A Society Founded On Godly Principles Allow This?

For the even slightly enlightened among us this would likely not be cool at all! Why in heavens name would a society claiming superiority allow such reenactment of Evil?  Of course this above described scenario would be horrible if it were real. 

Why then do we subject and expose impressionable, innocent, vulnerable children? Why do we expose them to these visions of horror and disgusting images?  Who benefits from this indoctrination of our most precious and valuable asset? We claim to be a Nation who places kids welfare at the top. 

If that is so why do we allow such an evil holiday to even exist?  The title of this post… “Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style” says it all! Lets be frank shall we… this Holiday is not for the benefit of kids? Children are merely a commodity… a pawn used by a nation of greedy adults! Adults hell bent on building bank accounts without remorse or a second thought! 

Lets follow the money trail… The phony Liberal Democrat, Progressive, Hollywood, Madison Avenue crowd has the most to gain. Their means is by brainwashing and indoctrination of generation after generation of America’s most innocent.

This is the same crowd that champions children’s causes in America. Yet they destroy the child in the womb because its inconvenient! Talk about hypocrisy, two faced, and busted!  Why do we as a supposedly moral Christian Nation allow this… How can we claim to be a Nation with a Judeo Christian foundation? How can we allow a Satanic Holiday to have such a foothold in our nation?

Have we no moral compass… How have we gone so far astray? Will we awaken and take the privileged Liberal Democrat Elite to task? Will we ever hold them accountable for the evil vomit they spew upon our nation? There will come a time when God returns for his bride.

Will our Lord find her to be soiled and unworthy of his presence?   There’s no question that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is a post for our time. The moral fabric of America is worn and tattered and we are at fault!  The Hollywood / Madison Avenue crowd must be taken to task!

They must be held accountable for their “Two Faced” assault on our society. Wake Up America… Look Around You! The Wrath Of The Almighty God Is Upon Us At This Very Moment! God’s Wrath is unfolding as I write this very post. Be Complacent No Longer… We Must Be Proactive, Identify the enemies of our society and act swiftly and decisively!  Worst enemy of all is they that reside upon the soil of a people asleep.  

Yours Sincerely,



liberal democrat progressive

Trust Us… its for your own good…

Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe

   Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe was written to enlighten and awaken America. It is vital we know just how sinister are the intentions of this evil party. The Democrat, Progressive, Liberal party’s agenda is to re-shape our nation for Satan’s purposes. This agenda is devious and devised in hell to bring judgement upon our nation. The title of Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe may appear to be satire. However, please bare in mind that the subject matter is dead serious. 

   When dealing with evil it is important to remember that evil is clever. Let us not however confuse being clever with having wisdom. Meaning of clever; 1. Mentally bright 2. Superficially skillful or witty, (key word “superficially”) 3. Ingenious or smart, cunning, resourceful.  Meaning of wisdom; 1. Knowledge of what is true or right coupled with good judgement, (key words; knowledge, true, right, good judgement) 2. Scholarly knowledge or learning.  With that said let us pray for strength, wisdom, and discernment. I pray Lord Jesus that you will enlighten me as I write this post. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe is a writing for our time.   

   I pray Lord that you will remove all obstacles from the reader of this post. I fervently pray that Satan be locked away and not able to obstruct clear understanding. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe will expose their evil web. Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe will clearly reveal their evil agenda. Let us remember always that we are not dealing with flesh and blood. The Liberal party is merely an unconscious pawn in and end times game.

Liberal Democrat Progressive  Soup Recipe – God Weighs In

   The Bible says clearly: “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph 6:12

The Poisonous Soup Recipe

   First you must fill your pot with the polluted water of this fallen world. Add a generous portion of Liberal Media, and Madison Avenue. The recipe would not be the same without the influential flavor of Hollywood. Add “Liberal” portion of race baiter King Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson for divisive flavors. This is the stock of your soup, without this foundation the Liberals cannot poison society.

   Lets add supporting ingredients like religion teaching false doctrine. Add a little altering of the Bible here and there to suit your taste and comfort level. And of course it wouldn’t be the same without a little idolatry. Kneeling before a statue, worshiping people and things does wonders for poisoning a connection with God. The humanistic organized religion ingredient helps the unconscious to gobble the poisonous soup. False religion masks the recipe’s bitterness. It also helps a great deal to blindly justify the ingredients.

   Sprinkle in the abortion of an innocent child here and there. Drop a heaping helping of entitlement programs. Destroy sacred marriage between man and woman, and simultaneously support deviant homosexuality. Add a little Liberal child indoctrination in public schools. 

   This soup wouldn’t be the same without free stuff from the working class. Add a little hippie wining and a shredded United States Constitution. Top it off with a burned flag for that extra zip! Give the recipe an edgy flavor with a little rap and heavy metal music. This music is imported straight from the pits of hell, therefore it will add heat to the recipe.

   Add a little picketing and influence in Government affairs and voile! You now have an authentic Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup! This recipe is sure to destroy any society and incur the wrath of God. This recipe will also assure a free luxurious trip to hell where the weather is always balmy…  

   My dear Conservative Followers, Patriots, and Saints; A nation cannot war against God expecting victory. God was at the helm of America’s ship upon its founding. It is from there that we have become the greatest nation on earth. It is also upon the vacuum of Gods presence that we will be judged.

   The Liberal Democrat Progressive Soup Recipe is a deadly poisonous recipe. It is a recipe for judgement upon America, it will bring America to its knees!  Pray my friends, pray to God and fight to take our nation back from evil.

God Help Us,


America Polarized

Its More Than Conservative Verses Liberal

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil

   America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal underlying reasons why we are so divided. I will show you these truths as they align with Gods word. Is it possible that a political party can be evil? The answer is yes indeed, and America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal this. This is not to suggest that the other party is perfect and sinless, certainly not. What I am referring to is a party that is intrinsically evil at its core. I am referring to a political party that is evil in its beliefs. I refer to a political party that has Evil intent in mindset and mission. Its a given, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Many of us feel deep sorrow and disconnection from God when we sin.

   We may continue to stumble in our sin. But our desire is to be an over-comer of sin and please God. Our desire is to be at peace with ourselves. Our desire is to one day walk with Christ. Not so is the desire of the Liberal, Democrat, Socialist party. They are mission focused to turn America into a Godless wasteland.

   America Polarized – Good Verses Evil will reveal truth that leads to Gods word for affirmation. The fact is that if America were not polarized, we would be in serious trouble. This would in effect mean that we would be offering no resistance to Satan.

   America Polarized – Good Verses Evil reveals spiritually bankrupt agenda of the Liberal Party. Christians Patriots throughout America have taken a stand against unconscious Liberals. We will not allow evil Liberal politicians to destroy America. There are wars and skirmishes throughout the world at any given time.

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil In Our Midst

   There are also wars being waged in our hearts, minds, and souls creating anguish.These are unconscious souls running to and fro doing Satan’s bidding. Know this; some Liberals may not even be conscious they are slaves of Satan! Eph 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, (people) but against principalities, against powers (the spirit / demonic world) against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

   Do you believe in good verses evil?  Unless your are totally unconscious, its safe to assume that most of us believe. Simply look at the evening news. You don’t need to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to know something is amiss. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil sums it up accurately. There is a serious escalation of evil in this world.

   When we observe that much evil, the good naturally stands out in contrast. It is like light and darkness, we cannot distinguish one without the other. I assume a majority of my readers are Christian but I welcome and appreciate all readers. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil is only interested in Truth from the author of truth so here goes!

Did you know that one can be highly intelligent in this world yet lack Wisdom? Have you ever attempted to talk sense to a Liberal? Were you successful in getting through, or did they respond with, that’s your opinion. Did you ever try to back up anything you said with Gods word? And… frustrating eh? It is said, there will be those in this age who will not accept truth. We are now in an age where this is evident, that is the plight of Liberals!  Yes, there will be those who will have their hearts and minds hardened to truth.

   Why do you think  their armor cannot be penetrated? Its because they are lost and numbed to truth. John 12:39-41 for this reason they could not believe, for Isaiah said again, 40 “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they would not see with their eyes, and perceive with their heart, and be converted and I heal them.” 41 These things Isaiah said because he saw his glory, and he spoke of him.

As a moth is drawn to a flame, such is the condition of the Liberal. My friends its not only the politics. America Polarized – Good Verses Evil is God inspired for this moment in time. There is a line in the sand because God wills it. As our Christ hung from a cross he stated; Luke 23:34 Jesus said, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. And they cast lots to divide his garments among themselves.

This is the plight of the Liberal. Since they know not what they do, it’s imperative that we hold them accountable. Since Liberals are clearly an unconscious lot we must pray that God stop them! We must be vigilant because the Liberal is “Satan’s emissary” at this time on planet earth. Do you believe Gods word is the benchmark of truth?

Let me ask you this; What do you believe God thinks about killing a baby? If he were here before us, what would he say? The Liberals have fought passionately to continue this practice. Good.. Or Evil? This alone is enough for me to want nothing to do with that Satanic club.

What would God say about Homosexuality? Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Leviticus 20:13 If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.

Our Liberal President Barrack Hussein Obama catapulted the Homosexual agenda to new heights in America. It is interesting to note that this president has claimed to be a Christian. He also changed his position in favor of homosexuals during an election cycle… interesting.

Liberals posses a vast network consisting of a tangled web of shady and influential characters. This includes but is not limited to; Liberal Main Stream Media, Public school system, where children are brainwashed generation after generation. Public school system is a true Liberal mill pumping out little Liberals by the millions.

Other staunch supporters of Liberalism are Madison Avenue, Hollywood, Music and the Arts. Yes, Liberals have a wide gate of support for their agendas. “The Narrow and Wide Gates” Matthiew 7:13-14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

We pray you have received some insight reading; America Polarized – Good Verses Evil. Writing is a labor of love for me but much time and expense is expended. We pray that one day people will find it in their hearts to donate generously.

America Polarized – Good Verses Evil seeks truth and wisdom above all else. We trust this goal has been achieved.

Yours Sincerely,



life without god

Gods Presence Is Fullness Of Life

Life Without God

   Life Without God is an empty life without purpose or meaning. How far would a ship go without its rudder to guide it? God is our rudder and guide. Jesus Christ died that we not go through this life aimlessly. Life Without God is a life without direction or purpose. Life Without God is a life without hope and it leaves us feeling incomplete.

   Remember the anticipation of receiving something desired? How long did it take for the excitement to wear off upon receipt? Objects of desire were never meant to fill us up with lasting satisfaction. And yes, while a person is not an object the same natural law applies. A person or thing were never intended to fill us and sustain us. A person or thing were certainly never meant to fix us from brokenness.

   I personally have always been curious about finding the truth. Although one who is enlightened knows I have taken paths leading to nowhere. I have experienced many things in this life, some beneficial to growth, some not so good. People and material things will come and go, and without God the emptiness remains.

   Life Without God is a simple unpretentious post because loving God is simple and true. Imagine if Christ never died for us, what are the implications of that? Without this supreme sacrifice would we have been left to our own devices?  Would grace and mercy exist if God had not sent his Son in our stead?

   We all have shoulda coulda’s in our lives. Thank God he loves us enough to let us stumble awhile, knowing we would. To those I may have hurt in my life, I earnestly pray for your forgiveness. And to all those who have punctured my heart with daggers, go in peace.

Yours Sincerely,