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Halloween - Satan's Holiday American Style

Halloween – Satan’s Holiday

Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style

Halloween – Satan‘s Holiday American Style was written to expose a seemingly innocent kids night out. A Scarborough Maine mother insisted that Halloween was not to be put on hold. This is despite a respectful request from the Scarborough Police Department. The department requested the community postpone Halloween from Wednesday October 31, 2012 to Saturday November 3, 2012. The request for community cooperation was due to Hurricane Sandy disrupting critical services. The department warned that stretching the departments resources was a matter of public safety. The department further explained that accommodating this non essential holiday could affect timely response. This is due to typical crime and nuisance calls often generated by this Evil Holiday.

Entitlement  Zombie Insists Halloween Satan’s Holiday Not Be Disrupted

The mother insisted that this change of three days interfered with their plans. She defiantly exclaimed that their kids would Trick or Treat as planned regardless. This mother clearly placed her selfish desire to celebrate Satan’s Holiday against community safety! The Police Departments request was very respectful yet disrespected by this self centered defiant woman! How did we evolve to this type of mindset in our society?  Halloween Satan’s Holiday American Style exposes this ill conceived holiday for what it is. Our economy is in shambles, people are jobless, many have lost their homes. Wouldn’t prospective and common sense dictate that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style can wait? We were at the threshold of probably the most important election in our lifetime. Were at War, natural catastrophes abound and this woman insists on celebrating Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style! She insists on celebrating Satan’s Holiday regardless of extenuating and potentially dangerous circumstances.

No Brainer – Halloween -Satan’s Holiday American Style Not Mandatory

It is mindboggling… unfathomable as to what people consider priority in their lives. When the average citizen looks at “The Big Picture” it’s a “No Brainer… Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style reminds us that this is not a legal holiday. This holiday not worthy of such focus of our time unless your Satanist!

Liberal Demons Purveyors Of Halloween Filth Indoctrinating Young Minds   

Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is also not as innocent as portrayed to be. Just who is the beneficiary at the expense of numbing children to violence? Who is laughing to the bank while kids are brainwashed and indoctrinated generation after generation? Guess what… it is the same crowd that purports to be all about kids! You know that crowd that kills babies before their first breath… Hypocrites! Yea, the crowd that sees a baby in the womb as an inconvenience! Ding, Ding, Ding! You guessed it… it’s the Democrat, Liberal, Socialist Thugs pretending to be sweet and caring! These unconscious adult beings see nothing wrong with Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style. You know it is those with the big fat bank accounts wearing smug grimaces! Who are they that prey on America’s children using them as pawns in the money game? They should not pass go but go directly to jail, (sorry no get out of jail free card here). The Liberal Machine is Hollywood at the top of the trash heap! What about Madison Avenue and millions of merchants making Billions! Yes, Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is likely a Billion Dollar Business annually! Yes making Billions teaching your kids that blood and gore is just make believe… all in fun!

America, We Have Been Sold A Bill of Goods! Satan is Laughing And God is Watching Crying Knowing Some Of Us Will Perish! God Is Waiting For Us To Get A Clue As The 11th Hour Draws Near… Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is an appeal to save souls for Christ!

Those profiting at the expense of another’s eternal life have a bounty on their heads! It is a bounty unleashed by Gods fury lest he dispatch tender mercies at his disposal. Question? What if someone trespassed onto your property and brutally killed your entire family. Would you still believe that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is an innocent cutesy holiday? What if they buried all of you in your front yard? Would you still believe Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is harmless and all in fun? What if they placed a headstone with the letters “RIP”… would that be alright? Lets add insult to injury shall we…? What if these dimwits served neighborhood kids candy to keep them high for weeks? Enough candy to promote sugar addiction paving the way for childhood obesity and promoting diabetes…  Would Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style still be cool? 

Why Would A Society Founded On Godly Principles Allow This?

For the even slightly enlightened among us this would likely not be cool at all! Why in heavens name would a society claiming superiority allow such reenactment of Evil?  Of course this above described scenario would be horrible if it were real. Why then do we subject and expose impressionable, innocent, vulnerable children? Why do we expose them to these visions of horror and disgusting images?  Who benefits from this indoctrination of our most precious and valuable asset? We claim to be a Nation who places kids welfare at the top. If that is so why do we allow such an evil holiday to even exist?  The title of this post… “Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style” says it all! Lets be frank shall we… this Holiday is not for the benefit of kids? Children are merely a commodity… a pawn used by a nation of greedy adults! Adults hell bent on building bank accounts without remorse or a second thought!  Lets follow the money trail… The phony Liberal Democrat, Progressive, Hollywood, Madison Avenue crowd has the most to gain. Their means is by brainwashing and indoctrination of generation after generation of America’s most innocent. This is the same crowd that champions children’s causes in America. Yet they destroy the child in the womb because its inconvenient! Talk about hypocrisy, two faced, and busted!  Why do we as a supposedly moral Christian Nation allow this… How can we claim to be a Nation with a Judeo Christian foundation? How can we allow a Satanic Holiday to have such a foothold in our nation? Have we no moral compass… How have we gone so far astray? Will we awaken and take the privileged Liberal Democrat Elite to task? Will we ever hold them accountable for the evil vomit they spew upon our nation? There will come a time when God returns for his bride. Will our Lord find her to be soiled and unworthy of his presence?   There’s no question that Halloween – Satan’s Holiday American Style is a post for our time. The moral fabric of America is worn and tattered and we are at fault!  The Hollywood / Madison Avenue crowd must be taken to task! They must be held accountable for their “Two Faced” assault on our society. Wake Up America… Look Around You! The Wrath Of The Almighty God Is Upon Us At This Very Moment! God’s Wrath is unfolding as I write this very post. Be Complacent No Longer… We Must Be Proactive, Identify the enemies of our society and act swiftly and decisively!  

Worst Enemy Of All Is They That Reside On The Soil Of A People Asleep  

Yours Sincerely, MasterBlogger        

Satans Whispers

If I were Satan I would make every attempt to abolish God from society and even the mere mention of him would have repercussions and evoke wrath. If I were Satan I would harden the heart of man and remove the guidance of the holy spirit from the consciousness of mankind. If I were Satan I would convince man that what is and has always been right (In Gods Eyes) is now wrong… and what is and has always been wrong (In Gods Eyes) is now right.

If I were Satan I would erase any and all common sense from the consciousness of man, I would confound and confuse their minds by making even the most simple decisions difficult, if not impossible.

If I were Satan I would destroy the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman and I would encourage and promote deviant lifestyles and behavior. If I were Satan I would Demonize (in the eyes of Unconscious, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Leftist, Secular society) those attempting to preserve the sacred union ordained by God to be between a man and a woman.

If I were Satan I would convince the masses that homosexuality is a normal human condition and should be accepted as such. If I were Satan I would see to it that those practicing homosexuality are given the same privileges previously afforded in a sacred union between a man and a woman.

If I were Satan I would aggressively promote any and all legal and economic rights previously afforded to a man and a woman and would effectively overtax an already overburdened legal and economic system, (creating additional entitlements for thousands, if not millions of homosexuals) and create havoc and confusion within those societal systems.

If I were Satan I would see to it that anyone who opposes the Democrat, Liberal, Leftist, Progressive, Socialist agenda in its effort to "Mainstream" and "Normalize" homosexuality be labeled as out of touch, bigoted and discriminatory. If I were Satan I would make it my mission  to destroy America's  moral fabric… its very soul, and bring Gods judgement and condemnation upon the land.

If I were Satan I would promote and create laws and an environment that allowed those practicing deviant and ungodly lifestyles to adopt the innocent among us thus indoctrinating an entire generation into believing that this is perfectly normal and acceptable to God. I would convince the lost and unconscious that God also lovingly created the homosexual while conveniently and simultaneously omitting the fact that God not only did not create the deviant lifestyle choice but clearly and unequivocally condemns it.

If I were Satan I would create a public, "secular" school system that would teach the young and most impressionable about the ways of the world, (my world), I would eliminate any discussion of God as I (the ruler of this world) see fit. If I were Satan I would ensure that those voices exposing the truth (according to Gods word) about deviant lifestyle choices and its impact on society are shunned, demonized, and often times penalized and silenced.

If I were Satan I would disrupt the family unit, create confusion involving the roles of a husband and wife. I would cause division between husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son. If I were Satan I would spread the spirit of "Jezebel" throughout the land creating a feminine quality to the unconscious man and a masculine quality to that of the unconscious woman.

If I were Satan I would bolster my troops representing my cause, they would be known as "The Feminist and Gay Pride Movement".  If I were Satan the kitchen table would become just another piece of furniture devoid of family gathering for prayer and family unity.

If I were Satan I would effectively create a tantalizing soup with ingredients such as Madison Avenue and Hollywood media in the form of music art and film. If I were Satan I would encourage the use of electronic devices with the potential and capacity to distract an entire (unconscious) generation and world from the word of God shaking the very foundations of what was once right and true.

If I were Satan I would encourage the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs in order to numb, render unconscious, and imprison mankind and furthermore deter the human race from seeking  Almighty God for Forgiveness, Grace, Guidance and Healing. If I were Satan I would confound the minds of the secularly learned. I would effectively create an environment of confusion and chaos involving currency thus setting the stage for a world currency paving the way to a new world order that I may set the stage for my rule over mankind.  

FOOTNOTE: The references to deviant and homosexual lifestyles in this post and elsewhere on this blog in no way, shape or form condones violence perpetuated against this segment of the population nor any other person, persons, or groups. Homosexuals remain our brothers and sisters, and we are directed to pray for them, (hate the sin / love the sinner) as we pray for our own weaknesses, shortfalls, and sinful nature. God instructs us not to judge, and in our flesh we may sometimes fall short of refraining from this command. With that said I reserve my right to publish the concerns that evil life choices have on our society.

If I were Satan I would create an empty space in the heart of man by distracting him from communing with the one and only source of truth and wisdom, I would create a disconnect, a void that can only be filled by God. I will convince man to seek counterfeit temporary fleeting remedies such as "New Age" distractions, carnal pleasures, the pursuit of wealth and worldly ambition all at the expense of an experiential relationship with his creator.

If I were Satan I would render man unconscious to the guidance and clear direction from the "Holy Spirit"… I will in affect harden the hearts of man. If I were Satan I would fully utilize the "Secular Main Stream Media" to overtly and covertly blaspheme God The Father, create a mockery of his Son Jesus Christ, and ridicule and taunt the Holy Spirit.

If I were Satan I would create lightning fast, fun, stimulating and interesting technology that would initially be portrayed and appear to the casual observer as benefiting mankind. However, in the end, (for the uninitiated, unconscious, secular, carnal, and ungrounded in God), these seemingly innocent technological toys would become an "Out Of Control" obsessive addiction and a distraction to spending quality time getting to know God and nurturing family unity.

If I were Satan I would use these technological marvels to lull the weak in spirit into a trancelike state promoting my agenda to lure the masses away from anything that is good. If I were Satan I would stop at nothing to lure husbands into sin promoting my agenda to destroy the world one family at a time. If I were Satan one of my favored targets for destruction would be the "Christian Man" and pornography would be one of my tools of choice in order lure them into my world of darkness and destruction creating broken families through divorce.

If I were Satan I would appoint tyrants and those with ill intent at the helm of entire countries, (to include America) ruling and governing with intent to destroy Governmental foundations in favor of fulfilling their evil agenda ruling the masses with an iron fist of control under the guise of a caring, progressive, governmental socialist rule. These rulers will often times pose as saviors and will be smooth in speech, yet evil in thought and action.

If I were Satan I would create an entire generation poised to dismantle everything that is right with America and the world.

Yours Sincerely,


Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity

Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity was written to effectively expose the fallacy that one can be both an effective authentic Bible believing Christian and a Progressive Liberal. Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity is realistic, conscious, and is a truthful "oil and water comparison.

"You will know them by their fruit"… Just what is the fruit of the Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left? What is it they a growing for harvest? Is their very presence and power in our society a sign of the times, and more serious still is this "Evil" presence in our land allowed by God in order to fulfill "End Times" Prophesy?

It is difficult for me to comprehend why a loving God would allow such unconsciousness to prevail on such a large scale as that of the "Democrat, Liberal, Left, Progressive movement. Father God help me with this post for I do believe this is a serious matter that needs to be conveyed for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I pray Father that you will inspire me through the guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit and that my flesh and human limitations will not obstruct the work you have lovingly created me to do… I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen.

Look around you and take stock, this is not a time to be unfocused, distracted and asleep! I can assure you that as I write this post the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Left is focused and vigilant! As a Christian you don't need to be the most discerning, Holy Spirit filled individual to know that this segment of our society is up to no good!

You don't need to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, or the brightest light bulb in the room to know that the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Left" is out to destroy our country and remove Gods favor from our land.

This evil twisted segment of our society is working overtime to see to it that America is stripped of its very essence… its life blood. Their number one mission (bar none) is to eradicate God and reverence for God from our society. The very fact that eliminating God from our land and consciousness is their primary focus and mission clearly provides the answer to the title of this post. However, any discerning Christian instinctively knows that the Democrat, Progressive Left will not stop there.

Don't doubt me on this… Satan is at the helm and he is alive and well in these "Crucial Times," because he knows his time is short indeed. If there ever was a time to get our affairs in order and get right with our God… this is it!

It is vital that we no longer tiptoe around this issue in fear of offending the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left. We need to call them out for what they are, what they represent, and their agenda for our country… their agenda for our very souls! We need to expose their agenda at every turn and say it like it is… to unapologetically and unabashedly speak in truth!

The Liberal, Progressives are playing a key role in end times prophesy, of this there is no doubt. It is not by accident that this collective unconsciousness resides among so many people, at such a "Crucial Time" as this. It is also not merely coincidental that this party (like a plague) is gaining a foothold in our society at a time when we are most distracted. How does Liberalism even begin to line up with True Christianity and Gods word?

George W. Bush once referred to several nations bent on evil intent as the "Axis Of Evil". What if I were to go so far as to tell you that there is an "Axis Of Evil" right here in America? What if I were to tell you that they are being paid handsomely to do the peoples work?

What if I were to tell you that this "Axis Of Evil" works and resides in the peoples house? America's "Axis Of Evil" is right here on our own soil, within the walls of our fort rules a divisive trio such as this country has never seen. America's "Axis of Evil" is President Barack Obama, Nancy Pilosi, and Harry Reid!

Do you think this is a strong, over the top statement? Review their agenda and voting record… it speaks for itself. No they do not murder the innocent and physically order and perform some of the dastardly deeds that people in power in other nations have perpetuated and threatened to inflict on mankind.

This "Axis Of Evil" is perhaps more subtle and in many ways perhaps more cunning than those who make no bones about their desire to overthrow and destroy those who do not fall in line with their beliefs.

Make no mistake… the axis of evil right here in America is at war with God and America as we know it. If allowed unchallenged they will mold our Nation like a ball of silly putty into a Socialist Government Operated Bureaucracy! Let us not take our freedom for granted… it is that serious!

They have already blazed some major inroads to socialism to include Socialized Medicine. This is a major gateway to fulfilling their ultimate agenda which is to turn America 180 degrees into a country you and I will no longer recognise. If allowed to continue on their path of destruction we will surely incur the wrath of God on our land!

This Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Left Victory is one that must be completely reversed and eliminated, this is a major hit on our right to choose. The Democrat, Leftist, Liberal, Progressive "Axis Of Evil" is fully aware that with God out of the way the battlefield is softened for victory.

They do not love this Country as we do, in fact they loath our constitution because it too stands in the way of their evil agenda… and they certainly have no reverence and respect for God's Sovereignty! What they do Love (and are infatuated with) is their evil utopian vision of what they can turn our Country into, and they will stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda!

Your vote in November is likely to be the most crucial vote of your lifetime and mine. Help us send a clear message in November 2012 that our country does not belong to Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Leftist, Socialist, unconscious dreamers. Don't allow them to commandeer our nation and render the mere mention of God a crime.

Yours Sincerely,


America Self Imploding

America Self Imploding

America Self Imploding was written to expose the enemy residing on our soil. This enemy is homegrown having injected tactics that have and continue to undermine America. Many of these little demons seek the transformation of America into a moral wasteland! They run against the grain of what our forefathers built and disrespect our constitution. 

America Self Imploding – A Wakeup Call To All True Christians And Patriots

This parasite I write of does not play by the rules. They seem to believe their path for America is “For Our Own Good.” They believe it is wonderful that a woman has the freedom to murder her child. These little demon parasites will throw anyone daring to expose them under the bus. A crowning achievement for these little demons is normalizing homosexuality both here and abroad. America Self imploding is a fitting title for this post, just look around you! Some may “feel” it’s inappropriate referring to these people as parasites and little demons. Oh contraire…  just the opposite since I much prefer writing in “Truth.”   Tiptoeing around truth, catering to political correctness, and feelings got us in this mess! These are some of the tools in their bag cleverly used to stifle truth. These little parasite demons will go to great lengths to muzzle truth! Why? because truth is inconvenient and is a roadblock to their agenda. This is precisely why they loath God so much since he is the epitome of truth! And please don’t tell they don’t loathe God… Just look at their fruit! Just take a moment to look at what they stand for. You will need lots of paper to list the fruit of their efforts!  

America Self Imploding Reveals The Devil In The Details

America Self Imploding details the agenda of this out of control parasite infesting our Nation. This pandemic parasite is the Unconscious, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist! This parasite is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Avoiding this massive parasitic Elephant as though it doesn’t exist won’t make it go away! Pacifying it and looking the other way only feeds its resolve to destroy America! Again, it is fear of being politically incorrect or offending someone that immobilizes truth. This is nothing short of the work of Satan to keep truth and God under wraps! Why I refer to our little Progressive Liberal friends as Evil? Lets use our God as the yardstick shall we? Evil is described as; 1.) Morally wrong or bad. 2.) Harmful or injurious. 3.) Unfortunate or Disastrous. 4.) An evil quality or conduct. 5.) Harm or misfortune: to Wish one evil. Evildoer: A person who does evil or wrong.

The Fruit Of The Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Socialists

1.) Murdering the unborn child:

Morally wrong or bad? The bible talks of how much Jesus Christ loves children. What would God say? Harmful or injurious: What would the murdered child say? What about the scars the mother must endure upon walking away from her dead baby? Unfortunate or disastrous: Dah! An evil quality or conduct: Killing a human being… hello anybody home? Harm or misfortune: to wish one evil… Gee lets ask the baby… oops I forgot they murdered the child… too late… Lets ask the mother when she is sitting alone in the dark…  Evildoer: A person who does evil or wrong. What would God say…?  if your a Libitard or atheist it doesn’t matter, it will one day I promise!

2.) Homosexuality:

Promoting and attempting to normalize and homogenize into society. Attempting to silence those doing Gods work who speak out against this perverted lifestyle.  Morally wrong or bad: Look it up… Either Gods a liar or someone’s going to a very warm and toasty place.  Harmful or Injurious: Oh Ummm… what about aids? What about the influence of this sick lifestyle upon kids who are watching and paying attention? What about eternal salvation… Hey its goanna be warm down there for a very long time… like eternity dude!  Unfortunate or disastrous: Oh I think so… What these people are pushing upon society is all of that! Besides roasting on an open flame when the fun is over defines this.  An evil quality or conduct: Hummm… Lets consult God on this one, Dah!  Evildoer: A person who does evil or wrong. Ding Ding Ding! If you sought the answer in the word of God you found the truth! You win the grand prize of eternal life with Jesus Christ if you believe!

3.) God:

All out assault to banish God from public square, society, l and our hearts!  Morally wrong or bad: What do you think?  Harmful or injurious: Multitudes going to hell… Dah!  Unfortunate or disastrous: Hmmm… most certainly. An evil quality or conduct: Hell to pay my friends!  Evildoer: A person who does evil or wrong. If the shoe fits my little liberal friends, Ya Gotta Wear It! You own it…. you are earning it…. and you will likely be paying for it unless you turn from your wicked ways. America Self Imploding has provided only a partial list of the poisonous fruit.

America Self Imploding Exposes Abusive Liberal Big Brother

America Self Imploding makes the case that these folks do not have America’s best interest in mind. America Self Imploding Exposes Liberal Big Brother as an abusive sibling! America Self Imploding teaches us that many Liberals have themselves convinced they have our back. America Self Imploding is about truth! The time for coddling Liberal feelings and courting political correctness is over! The fact is Liberals just don’t get it! Their plight is that of ignorance, arrogance, unconsciousness… totally clueless! These Zombies are in huge numbers both here and abroad creating false credibility! It is a massive collective unconsciousness pervading the earth.

America Self Imploding – The Liberal Democrat Dilemma

Dilemma #1

America Self Imploding the great national dilemma is addressed in this post. A mass number of Zombies attempting to influence society may appear credible on the surface. This is due to “Herd Mentality” and Liberals are masters at this. They are Masters at creating the us against them illusion. Reality is that it is them against God, Guess who will win in the end?

Dilemma #2

Liberals have gone to great measures to learn which are the “hot buttons.” In fact in some cases they have created the hot buttons to manipulate America. Case in point is entitlements, they have conditioned the slacker crowd that they are entitled. Liberals know if they create dependence upon free stuff they have us on a leash!

Liberals know Republicans will some day return to clean their mess. They purposely infect the system with viruses not easily removed. A perfect example of this is the unlawful strong arming of Americans through Obama Care. This forceful act against Americans by the Obama Administration is a multi – tentacle monster that will weave itself into the fabric of our nation which over time is likely to enslave us further to big government.

will be vilified! Naturally the Liberal zombies they enslave also adds to the vote. Liberals don’t even care if their strategies, tactics and agenda destroys America. The important thing to Liberals is control, they are the epitome of control. They don’t want us thinking for ourselves because this represents personal power and freedom.

which they loath! due to of Many of them are clueless, oblivious, and unconscious of the damage their mindset is creating. Many believe their utopian plans for America to be “Good For Us.” They believe that we cannot think for ourselves… thus Big Daddy Government to rule us. It’s a power grab on a grand scale to erase our freedom and liberty forever! The ultimate goal of the Progressive, Liberal, Democrat Socialist is to strip us naked! The ultimate goal is to create indentured servants enslaved without resolve! They won’t rest until they’ve watered down the Constitution and rendered America a moral wasteland! Progressive, Liberal, Democrat Socialists are the ultimate control freaks! If you believe this is inaccurate just look at Obama Care as only one major example! America Self Imploding is a wake up call! America Self Imploding is a light in the darkness of Liberal muck & mire! America Self Imploding is a call for all Christian Patriots to rise in Truth! America Self Imploding is a call to prayer for our country!

America Self Imploding – Case Made For The Demise Of The Democrat Progressive, Liberal, Socialist

Lets call it what it is ok? Evil is Evil… Good is Good… Truth is Truth… A lie Is lie and God is God! Liberals and their industrial smoke screen machine will one day be irrelevant when God Rules. Jesus will clear the smoke and all lies will be exposed for what they are. May God have mercy on us all as we enter the Eleventh Hour….

 Our Worst Enemy Resides On Our Soil As We Slumber

Looking the other way and throwing the elephant a few peanuts to pacify only emboldens! Truth will always offend those desiring company living out their lies, delusion, and illusions. Liberals aren’t content playing in the mud by themselves. They want acceptance for their folly and their transformation of society gives them false credibility. In a nutshell our worst enemy resides on our soil as we slumber! America Self Imploding seeks to expose their agenda at every turn.

America Self Imploding – Exposing Liberals For What They Truly Represent

For Liberals the fun part is dragging society down with them. These wingnuts will stop at nothing stepping on many heads to destroy a Nation. The fun part is the idea of dragging an entire society down into the pit of hell with them where misery will enjoy no company. The fun part for the unconscious Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist Wing nuts is to homogenize an entire society and the world to the point where we have forgotten what truth is. Living the lie will be comfortable, acceptable and mainstreamed to such an extreme that when their utopia is established anyone… and I mean anyone who challenges the new normal will indeed become the new outcast, and societal villain worthy of ridicule and even punishment! The Unconscious Progressive Liberals opinions about how we should all live as they utopically envision is their truth. Their truth very rarely if ever aligns with supreme truth… the truth of all truth which eminates from the word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. While they may rarely come forth and admit it… You will see it in their actions, thoughts, bills, and legislation. God is their number one impediment and stumbling block. God and his people stand in the way of their ultimate goal, and that is to disseminate America, to dismantle it in favor of a utopian socialist model.   You think I’m off my nut… look around you people, look at the subtle and not so subtle minimizing of God’s relevance in our society. In order for them to succeed God must become a phantom, a mere shadow of a time gone by. Is this what you want for you and your family? Do you want to be telling your children stories one day about how America once had something called The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights?  Do you want to one day say.. “Those Were The Good Old Day’s” when America enjoyed Freedom and Sovereignty? What a sad recollection this would be… Reality Check! The Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, Socialist Mantra was… YES WE CAN! Yes we can what… destroy the greatest nation on earth? Now their mantra is moving forward… moving forward to finish the grand demolition job of tearing down our great nation and the foundation it was built upon.   Don’t let it happen, I implore you to do whatever you can within the limits of the law to see that this does not happen to our Country… She needs us… She Needs Us Right Now… VOTE AS THOUGH YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! It is obviously of critical importance for America to be vigilant to protect ourselves from those who seek to cause us harm. But who is to protect us from our self destructive choices… who is to save us from ourselves?  There are a number of critical issues that plague America today. If I were to choose a central issue at the root of the decay, it would have to be the loss of a moral compass. It would have to be setting God aside in favor of humanism. Here are numerous examples of what I see as contradictions to the formation of a healthy nation; As previously stated above, God is the foundation to the structure we refer to as America. We are often referred to as the “Greatest Nation On Earth” by many, both at home and abroad. Our great country did not simply acquire this honorable title by happenstance… it was earned in large part due to the foundation we stood firmly upon, and it was fought for at a great price. The cornerstone of America’s past and present success is God himself. To dismiss God as though irrelevant to our society is the agenda of the Democrat Liberal Progressives. Allowing these Liberal Socialists to re-structure our country and to force their agenda on our great country would prove to be a fatal mistake! Lets identify this movement for what it is… Satan derived, Satan inspired, Satan driven! Either we are for our Lord God or we are not, there is no in between. Anyone, any group or segment of our society, any political party that seeks to alienate us from our God by removing even the mere mention of him from our society is not coming from a place of light, but rather from darkness! It is of vital and urgent importance that we become aware of the fact that there are those among us who call themselves Americans, (and yes, many of them even define themselves as Christians… they even wear crosses around their neck), who secretly loath this country and “Actively” seek to dismantle it piece by piece, vote by vote, legislation by legislation. The progressive, leftist movement in this country has been working diligently to dismantle this foundation for a very long time now. This is a cunning and patient crowd that will have you believe that they love America and want what is best for this country. Democrat, Liberal, Progressives have acquired numerous victories through the years undermining the core values of what has made this country great. However, they would prefer the whole enchilada… to completely redefine America into a land we no longer recognize. Democrat, Progressive, Liberals are however content in the small victories with their eye on the big prize. Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Socialists are patient, steady, and methodical grazers, they will continue to chomp away at America until it is barren, naked, defenceless and destitute… a virtual wasteland!  Progressive Liberals are fully aware that with each successful nibble at our country’s moral tapestry develops a new normal. “Many liberal societal nibbles constitutes a bite” and what may have previously been viewed as bazaar and out of the question becomes the new normal and a part of the new American tapestry.  It then becomes difficult to reverse the damage they have done since the unthinkable of years prior has become the new normal in our society. This new normal has usually been cleverly weaved into our society affecting other aspects of the system if removed. This effectively paints those who seek to remove the patchwork as the villain since what they deviously do is weave everything together into entitlement programs. Ever try to remove a program from your computer only to receive a message that removing that program may cause you to lose important data? This is the weave I speak of, and it is of massive importance that the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Left be exposed at every turn! We must be vigilant and on Guard, we must “Know Thy Enemy… know how they think and operate to achieve their evil agenda. Conservative challenges to that “New Normal” are often snubbed and portrayed to be out of touch as compared to society’s new rules. The Progressive Liberal Movement is well aware that simply getting a foothold… “their foot in the door” is huge in terms of satisfying their short and long term agenda for social change. Based on this knowledge of the “Liberal Progressives” tactics it is vital that we protect the America we know and love from this “Satanic” attack on our country. You read it right… lets just expose this for what it is, how can such an agenda possibly emanate from the Angelic, Godly realm? The time for tipy toeing around this has got to end, the most lethal weapon against this country is right here… right inside our fortress! Yes, you read it right… The most destructive enemy to America’s sovereignty is homegrown and right here at home. This enemy to our very freedoms is the Democratic, Liberal, Left, Socialists that reside in our land and occupy offices in the upper echelon of our very government…to include the “Peoples House”… Yes, the White House! You want to talk about an “Axis of Evil”… it is embodied in Barrack Obama, Nancy Piloci, and Harry Reid! And no… I won’t retract and apologize for that statement because it is the Truth! Think about it for a moment… what is Satans Mission on earth? Satans mission first and foremost is to destroy, to infiltrate the hearts and minds of man and to dismantle anything that is good and based on the truth… Period! I repeat; The lethal weapon is Democrat,Progressive, Liberalism, we must expose this agenda and its perpetrators at every opportunity! Our weapon is God (lest we forget), we are not always dealing with flesh and blood here, but with powers and principalities that we cannot always see in the human form. Let me ask this of you… What is imperative that a Military General know prior to placing his soldiers in harms way? Again; Know thy enemy… Know Thy Enemy… KNOW THY ENEMY! The enemy to the future of America is “The Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Agenda.” These “Soldiers Of Satan” will pave the way… blaze the road to Socialism on our soil, and that is not an exaggeration, a mere rant, a theory, or a concept… fellow Americans, it is reality! I plead with you to help us take our country back this coming election cycle! Be awake and aware of the agenda of this homegrown “Demonically Possessed Group” who resides on our soil! Socialism softens the field for our enemies abroad, a softened and compromised America is fodder for those who seek our destruction. It is really that simple folks, there are no gray areas here, awaken and “Know Thy Enemy”… and act before our country slips from our grasp into the hands of those who Do Not have America in their best interest. It is vital that we get on our knees and pray for a discerning heart! It is vital that we pray and arm ourselves with the knowledge imparted to us from our heavenly father. I cannot stress this enough, it is crucial that we be vigilant, conscious, Awake! It is Imperative… Vital that the “Democrat, Progressive, Liberal” agenda be exposed at every turn for everyone to see. This agenda is infiltrating nearly every aspect of our daily lives as I write this. What is the big prize for our Progressive Liberal friends? The big prize is Socialism, yes, they want you and I to throw our God, and Freedoms to the wind in favor of having nearly every aspect of our lives under government control. They desire to break us at the knees to the point of absolutely being totally dependant and enslaved. Now perhaps some of you may think that this kind of talk is divisive and polarizing in nature. Yes, the country is divided and polarized… and quite frankly if it wasn’t polarized I would be extremely concerned! The reason I say this is that if we were not polarized we would be luke warm and in agreement on what is simply wrong! Our God will spit us out of his mouth for being lukewarm. A certain segment of our society must stand for truth and be proactive have a relentless, uncompromising, consistent and determined offence and defencive posture in the battle against the progressive liberal machine… our very sovereignty depends upon it! My wife and I were shopping at a Sam’s Club before “Christmas in 2011. A young lady was handing out food samples and wished us a Merry Christmas. She whispered adding rather sheepishly that she was instructed not to say that to anyone because there was a muslim person employed in the store. What! too bad… so sad! your not in Kansas anymore! The day that the Democrat, Leftist Progressive, Liberals made it clear that God no longer mattered was the day I drew the line in the sand! The moment that the first baby’s life was snuffed out because it was inconvenient… I drew a line in the sand! The day that I witnessed a gay pride parade with their disgusting, deviant attire, gestures, body language, and message… I drew a line in the sand! The day that marriage between a man and a woman was no longer a sacred tradition… I drew a line in the sand! The day a soldier returning home was spit on and ridiculed… I drew a line in the sand! The day they installed liberal judges to legislate from the bench… I drew a line in the sand. The day the Democrat, Liberal, Progressives began nibbling away at my freedom and liberty… I drew a line in the sand! The day our Socialist President Barrack “Hussein” Obama passed a law that I had to purchase insurance, or pay a fine… I drew a line in the sand. The day when our Socialist President Barrack “Hussein” Obama apologized to foreign leaders on behalf of America… I drew a line in the sand! The moment this President had to be dragged kicking and screaming to wear an American Flag lapel pin… I drew a line in the sand! The day our first lady Michelle Obama stated “For the first time in my adult lifetime I am proud of America”… I drew a line in the sand! The day The Obama Administration threatened to file suit against a state in our union for taking action to protect its border and the very lives of its citizens, in the midst of a recession… I drew a line in the sand! The day I was informed that the Obama’s are partying it up on the taxpayers backs while some of us are living in our cars… I drew a line in the sand! Are we polarized as a country??? You bet we are! Handing this country over to the progressive liberals cannot possibly be an option! It Cannot Be An Option!! When well funded Democrat, Liberal, Progressives do not achieve their objectives they will re-group and return time after time until their target is softened and that objective is met. If we love America it is our duty to pay attention to this Leftist, Socialist Agenda… we must be on guard, on the offensive, proactive, AWAKE! Folks, we are in a battle for the very heart and soul of America. I implore you to be wise on election day… please do not cast your vote for a pretty face, a smooth tongue, or a deep pocket, we have been down that road before. There is far more at stake than selecting a new president, please pray and vote for a candidate with core values and substance. I see this election as the most significant in my lifetime, and it is my hope and prayer that you grasp the significance of your vote on that day. If this administration gets a free pass to remain in “The Peoples House”…. God help us! May God richly bless you, your families,and our Great Nation. Yours Sincerely, MasterBlogger

Truth Verses Opinion

Truth Verses Opinion was written in order to shed some light on the difference between mans opinions, viewpoints and God's Truth… The Truth!

Truth Verses Opinion shatters the Unconscious, Convenient, and often times delusional and self serving opinions disguised as truth propagated  by Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Wing Nuts. 

One statement that we hear from time to time in our "New Age" Liberal, Humanist Society is… "That's your truth… or "That's my truth! It often seems that these statements are simply a way of justifying our personal thought process and behavior.

I would wager that when your truth / my truth statement is uttered it likely does not always line up with the word of God… God's truth. It may often be a truth of convenience to delude ourselves into thinking that we are alright just as we are and that our thoughts and behavior are just fine.

After all our truth may not be harming anyone, or worse yet, we may not be committing a crime in the eyes of society. When in fact we may be committing a crime against God himself and jeopardizing our very salvation.

Which judge would we prefer to stand before on that day of accountability… the earthy judge whose judgement is temporal and fleeting as compared to eternity, or the Judge who possesses the power and authority to condemn us for eternity? Does it not make sense that if our truth does not line up with the word of God we are simply living a lie and are in denial.

If we choose to lounge in the comfy sin recliner that is our choice but there may be penalties for doing so. Our Lord has lovingly made us in such a way where our bodies clearly tell us when something is off. When we are engaging in impure thoughts and actions our bodies may sweat, our clear countenance may change from bright, to dark, and creases my appear on our faces.

Engaging in impure thoughts and actions may also cause great discomfort when making eye contact. Many of us can feel the discomfort in our core, (midsection / stomach area).

Living our lives out of Gods will can be uncomfortable and that is by design. We should be grateful to our God for the discomfort experienced in the midst of our sin since this is a clear sign that he has not walked away from us yet. We should also be extremely grateful when our conscience remains in tact.

Our (so called) personal truth is often a great deception… a form of unconsciousness, a self delusion a pacifier that we suck on since facing our lies and lining up our thoughts and behaviors with that of "Gods Truth" may often times feel painful in our flesh. It is sad that many of us actually believe our truth is the final word.

Life is sometimes painful, entertaining unwholesome thoughts and indulging in carnal actions are simply the devils pacifier. At the end of the day we find ourselves in worse condition since this is all part of Satans plan to search and destroy, this enemy takes no prisoners. Know thy Enemy, remember that the evil one plays by a whole different set of rules formulated in Satans laboratory.

"The Truth" is usually far less convenient, at times uncomfortable, even painful to act upon. "The Truth," Gods perfect truth" may be veiled and tainted, obscured by our personal core beliefs.

Our personal core beliefs are at times fallible and may have been shaped by exposure to others beginning with our family unit. Then there is the society outside of the family unit that provides experiences both positive and negative, at times seemingly truthful but more often than not deceptive.

It is safe to say that if we have not been raised… or should I say exposed to an environment where we have had access to the "The Truth, God's Truth… imparted in an experiential manner we are merely winging it. If we have not experienced the supreme wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit we may be blown about to and fro as a leaf in the wind, often times experimenting with life.

Let it be clear that what I write about is not always lived out in me, therefore I believe I too will learn and grow through my writing as I go. For this is my prayer to God, and I pray that the "Holy Spirit" may guide every key stroke, may every thought be sanctified and purified by the fire of truth.

And may I have the courage to expose the lies of this fallen world and not succumb to its criticism of what is true. I never want to come across to my readers as being "The Perfect One".

I am just as fallible as the rest of you, and more so than some. What I do believe though, (and have known for a long time now) is that God has given me a gift to write. The time is now, the opportunity has arrived, the vehicle has appeared. If I don't start now I feel I may burst!

I cannot promise you the reader, that you will always like or appreciate what I write. What I can promise you is this; I will often pray prior to and as I write, I will ask for the guidance of the holy spirit. I will do my best to write in truth.

And please try to remember that when something is truthful… it does not care what you think… truth is not dissuaded by your disagreement. Truth stands on its own merits and does not experience loneliness or rejection due to your lack of acceptance or participation.

Truth seeks to instruct and inspire positive change for the benefit and betterment of humanity. Union with God in a manner that surpasses secular and humanistic limitations is the agenda of Truth. It stands in the dark, in your closet and in unexpected places.

God is Truth… and Truth is Gods very essence lovingly wrapped for you and I. When we know this as imparted to us via the Holy Spirit, the lies we live can no longer find sanctuary and comfort within us.

The evil one that seeks to devour you and I for his kingdom cannot reside within us when we are under the protective wing of our God… he must flee due to the discomfort of Gods illumination of Truth.

In fact the human vessel that knows the truth yet is incapable or unwilling to accept it and live it out consistently will go through life in pain and discomfort, arid and dry places are his lot, and this is due to us having one foot in each world.

A house divided cannot stand, and our God has no tolerance for double mindedness and being lukewarm is not only a thorn in our flesh but an affront to God and causes the Holy Spirit to grieve on our behalf.

Indulging in the worlds carnal pleasures is temporary and fleeting at best. No amount of worldly treasures and indulgence can fill the void that is Gods resting place. A human vessel devoid of Gods presence is nothing short of "Spiritual Bankruptcy"… an empty account.

Truth awaits for you and I to shine our searchlight of consciousness upon it.. to claim it for ourselves, act upon it, and pass it on to others. It is my belief that what is imparted to me will also help me to grow in Gods light, and that is my sincere wish for you.

Please remember, Gods Truth always trumps humanity's convenient truth and opinions wishful thinking, practices of human convenience, and carnal cravings.

"Opinions shared are mine alone, and truth revealed are Gods on Loan… Thus imparted only to peirce the darkness of unconscious secularism, humanism, lustful carnality, ignorance and all deceptions from the evil one who rules this world seeking those whom he may devour. Pray for discernment then you decide of which I think, of that I speak, and as I write is Gods anointed message for you to keep." 

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of "Whitney Huston" a child of God who lost her way and fell into the web of "Worldly" societies allure. May you receive forgiveness, grace, rest, comfort, and understanding in the loving arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely,


Presidential Goals Part Three

Abolish The IRS:

Yes, you read it right… its not a misprint, and I haven't fallen on my head. If I were President I would make the case that we do not need the IRS! This government agency is a huge anchor around our necks, and has been for a very long time now.

The IRS is top-heavy, overly bureaucratic generating enough red tape to take us from here to China. The IRS is a huge financial burden on this country and has cost countless Americans much needless heartache and misery, and yes even death by means of suicide due to the needless stress inflicted on our citizens.

Please hang in with me on this because I have an idea that is so simple and so cost affective you may scratch your head thinking… how can an idea as simple as this possibly work?

Sure, we would have a gazillion unemployed IRS agents, (bet that breaks your heart huh?) but the initial and long term cost savings to operate this huge business we call America would be absolutely huge!

Here is my simple plan;

When you purchase a car… you would be taxed a certain set percentage of the sale. When you purchase groceries… same thing, in fact when you purchase anything at all you would be taxed a certain percentage on each and every purchase… no exemptions. This tax would by divided by percentage… so much to the U.S. Government and so much to state government from which the purchase was made. What would be exempt from taxation would be services rendered, any and all services since this would be good for business.

Now to some of us this tax may appear to be high… but hold on, it would not be as high as you think when you factor in the billions of dollars leached out of our economy and our pockets currently funneled to operate the money gobbling monster we call the IRS.

Imagine; no more need for Accountants, expensive Tax Attorney's, Bookkeepers, Tax audits and paying Estimated Taxes! No more Property Taxes, Death Taxes, Excise Taxes, estate taxes, fuel taxes and Taxes for your Taxes… the list goes on and on! "NO Additional State or Government Taxes… Period!

No mountains of paperwork to be done after you come home from working umpteen hour days… gone! Pop a bowl of popcorn and enjoy some time with your family instead! Our bloated government has our head spinning daily and constantly all at the expense of truly living a quality life in balance. We were made to worship God not money… "Seek Yea First The Kingdom Of God"…, and all we need will be provided us.

However, due to the huge weight of the Government on our head we instead toil daily placing our very survival ahead of seeking Gods will for our lives… thus harming our health and shortening our lives. This distraction is clearly not of God but rather is the way of the evil one who is now at the helm in our worldly corrupt government.

Satan is like the unseen puppet master pulling the strings and calling the shots, he is the author of deception and death. Increasingly building and living the kind of life our Creator has designed us to live should be a top priority, and creating memories that matter is a worthy endeavor.

Unfortunately for many of us, God has taken a back seat in favor of focusing on our "Worldly Cares". We are so stressed and distracted with life that we have become oblivious to the proper order that would create peace in our hearts and minds.

This new Tax Code, (if you will) would provide huge savings for every single American, and just imagine what we could all do with the time saved? We could place some of that lost time previously spent dealing with needless paperwork and funnel it into worthy endeavors like spending quality time getting to know God and nurturing our families.

We could also spend more quality time simply learning to be still. When was the last time you were able to just be… without the guilt or compulsion to do?

And of course we would have more time to spend building and strengthening our businesses which directly benefits the economy since we would likely be better consumers if we were allowed to prosper unfettered.

This deal (under my administration) would also eliminate any form of hidden taxes… I mean none whatsoever! The plan would not allow the government to come in through the back door with these hidden taxes.

Now, if the government requires more revenue the tax can increase as needed, and lowered just as easily as we eliminate the "Pork" in our system. If any and all government expenses are reviewed with a fine tooth comb it would not be at all difficult to keep this flat tax reasonable for all Americans.

Its not as complicated a process as those in power would have you think.. it is simply S.T.G.S. (Shrink The Government Stupid). Please bare in mind that our Lefty, Progressive friends, would likely cringe, (like the proverbial Vampire exposed to a cross) at even entertaining such a Tax Code simply because it would mean death to their agenda of manipulation, deception and control.

Now are you ready for this?? If you are frugal and resourceful, if you enjoy being self sufficient you would be rewarded by lowering your taxes under this new tax system since it is based on your spending.

Another benefit is that the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd can go home since it would be mandatory that we all pay the same percentage whether rich or poor. This would also free up their time to get a job, shave, and take a shower… LOL!

And No… the Rich should not have to pay more than their fair share, they should not be punished for being rich, nor should they pay less for the same reason.

Now some of you are probably thinking I am absolutely nuts… hold on. This plan would abolish any tax deductions and anything else associated with the old system simply because it won't be necessary. The government will get their money and we will all have a simpler, healthier life. The beauty about this new Tax Code is that there will be far less cheating since the State and Federal Government gets their cut coming out the gate with every purchase.

I am absolutely confident that this is a simple common sense approach to revamping our tax system, I have no doubt it would work brilliantly.

Yours Sincerely,


Presidential Goals Part One

First of all, I don't have what it takes to be President, I am about as introverted as they come and I certainly do not posses the social skills and overall knowledge required for such a responsibility. What I feel I do posses though is "real life experience and instinctual common sense serves me well when I am in tune with the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

With that said however, I cannot help but think of the incompetence of the Obama Administration. I am compelled to scratch my head in utter amazement as to how this man could have conned so many Americans into believing that he had even a passing notion of what it would take to navigate this country in these troubled waters… these challenging times.

This is not and was never a job for a social worker, and the Presidency is not a job for O.J.T., (On the job training), the Presidency is not a job where you can "Fake it till you make it! His actual "Real World" experience in politics and questionable associations alone should have been enough to cause us to pause…Red Light, Red Light!

It is utterly amazing to me how a man with his background and experience could have passed the "sniff" test. The entire process involving his election wreaked a stench that was cleverly perfumed and covered by the main stream media.

Alright given what little you know about me… you have just elected me President of The United States Of America. There are so many issues… where do I begin… can I possibly cover all I would like to do in one post… Oops, I mean in one election cycle?

What about the likely roadblocks to realizing my goals on behalf of my country. After all there are those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quot on nearly every issue. They are well funded, well connected with main stream media, and the Hollywood crowd.

They have also positioned themselves within the public school system and many liberal colleges brainwashing, indoctrinating our youth..and this is the short list. I believe the worst part is they all believe they are right and that fulfilling their agenda justifies the means.

Within 30 days in office: I will carefully hand pick my staff and cabinet based on character, competence, and experience.

Within 45 to 60 days I will assemble staff meetings from every department in order to establish communication and obtain a pulse on exactly what is most pressingly confronting America today. I would request that all members prepare a brief statement of what they see as issues, and what they personally believe the solution is. I would then have staff carefully read each and every written statement and identify the problem and the recommended solutions.

I would then request my office staff to identify, isolate, and list briefly what they perceive the issue to be in one column, and their idea of a solution in the other column.

At the bottom of each page there will be a short statement on how a majority of the staff views the problem to include a comment on how the majority can envision resolution. At the end of the day, we will have a list of problems / issues averaged out as perceived by staff. And we will also have a list of solutions / ideas will be averaged out as perceived by staff.

This information would then be simply compiled as; "Averaged out perception of problem / issue" and "Averaged out perceived solution to problem / issue". I would then assemble the best and the brightest in their chosen field within government as well as the private sector, this will not be a cocktail party but a constructive brainstorming session.

This assembly will be in order to obtain a consensus identifying the problem / issue for the individual departments and also obtain a common sense approach to solving the issues that confront our country.

The criteria for choosing professionals in their respective fields is that these seasoned professionals will be exceptionally successful (despite roadblocks and setbacks) at their chosen professions, have stellar reputations, and be willing to share their experience at solving problems offering constructive solutions and ideas.

It will then be the task of a well chosen independent council to compile all this information from in house staff and the best and the brightest professionals in order to arrive at a general and clear identification of our challenges as a country and simple wise choices of solutions to be implemented.

I would then meet with my trusted advisers, review and discuss the material and obtain a vote on each issue on the table. My staff would then compile the votes (in simple straightforward fashion) for my review. I would make my final decision based on the valuable input and call a press conference taking this to the American people, (while of course being delicate where necessary involving issues of National security).

I cannot cover all that I would seek to implement in this one post. What I will attempt to do is reveal what I believe are sometimes simple problems down to the most complex, and reveal what I believe are simple common sense solutions. I do firmly believe that unnecessary complications often times exacerbate many problems and issues making the solution cloudy at best and all the more illusive.

The Obama Administration is out of touch with the immediate and long term concerns, needs and aspirations of this Country. The Obama focus is more self serving and includes a personal radical left Socialist agenda rather than serving for the greater good and welfare of America's citizens.

The goal of this post is to bring to light that many of us who are affected by incompetent, out of touch leadership often instinctively know the meaning of common sense approaches to solve problems. Many of us apply these common sense approaches with great success in spite of and dispite the great burdens imposed upon us by a narcissistic personality in the form of a President.

Here we go…


Health care should not be imposed on Americans… period! I believe it is unconstitutional to force us against our will to purchase health insurance or pay a fine. And you know that fine will increase over time in order to put the screws to us to get us all to come on board.

If Barack Obama is victorious in his agenda of socialized medicine, (trust me on this) it will not stop there! This would be a gargantuan foot in the door to force American citizens to purchase or pay a penalty, (disguised as a tax) on most anything that the leftists deem necessary to further their agenda.

This is a Liberal, Progressive, Socialist agenda at work and it is a major advance for the Liberal, Progressive, Socialist movement in our country. This agenda must be defeated and rolled back as a primary function upon eviction of the scoundrels that occupy the people's house.

We must remove our rose colored glasses, cease singing coumbia for a moment and ingest a dose of truth and reality. This hair brained experiment has been tried in other countries and failed miserably.

I know of someone who lives in Canada that stated that an acquaintance of hers needed treatment. His health concern was minimized by the Canadian medical system and he ended up going out of the country for treatment and was told that if he had not sought immediate care for his health concern that his condition would have progressed into a serious situation.

This story was revealed to me quite some time ago, so forgive me if I don't remember all the specifics. I firmly believe that this experience is quite common in a government run health care system. Preference… (My Preference) I as an American does not place all of my trust in the "Main stream medical system" and its medicine. I don't even like taking an aspirin.

I have my reasons for this preference such as observing others, (to include members of my own family) taking enough drugs to kill a horse. Brain numbing, head spinning, concoctions prescribed that often times may temporarily mask a health issue while creating others. Chemical concoctions with dosing schedules so complex, often times conflicting, and confusing taken by those who experience enough "brain fog" to make "London Fog" look like a sunny day.

My belief is that many health issues can be avoided altogether by adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet… prevention is the best medicine. A great place to start toward a healthier America is to take a sincere and deeper look into our food supply.

We don't have to worry about terrorists contaminating our food supply since our own American agencies in place to supposedly protects us are allowing "Engineered Food Manufacturers" to poison and addict us to foods that create illness.

It is also my belief that the medical profession does have its place, our system appears to be quite good at diagnosis and care of trauma for example, severe pain management is also necessary at times.

Again, I believe that the best health insurance is living a healthy life, and effective stress management is a must. Now with this said… (according to our socialist presidents mandate) I will have to pay into a system I don't even wholeheartedly have faith, nor believe in.

I pray that the November Presidential elections will produce a president that will make repealing Obama-Care a top priority.


Mr. Obama has made it quite obvious that it is politically expedient to tread lightly on this issue. There is no question that his posturing and grandstanding at the expense of our safety is self serving and outrageous!

Our Country not only deserves but demands a president that places sound principle ahead of his re election goals and standings in the poles. In fact a President should be investigated if there is even a suspicion that he or she is placing our Country at risk in exchange for political and / or personal gain.

It appears to be Obama's policy and intentional strategy to be soft on the offender while pouncing on borderline State Government officials in this nation who attempt to protect themselves and their citizens from harm.

It is my belief based on observing this president that we will not make much progress on this issue until he has vacated the peoples house. In all fairness other presidents have likely dropped the ball on this issue in the past. If this had been "nipped in the bud"… in other words squelched many moons ago we would likely not be where we are today.

Passing the buck on this issue has gone on too long… When this scoundrel leaves office it is imperative that we swallow that bitter pill and "do the right thing". Now we all know that doing the right thing will "raise some feathers"… the Liberal left and their main stream media buddies will pounce on this like a fly on doo doo.

Here is what I believe is the right thing to do: Close the border… close it tight, yes it will cost us but there is much wasteful spending in this country and our priorities are clearly mismanaged and have been for a long time. If many of these wasteful spending leaks were addressed… plugged, up we could easily pay down our national debt while simultaneously taking care of our country's security needs and priorities.

Now if you are in this country illegally, you need to go back home, do not pass go… No "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" period! And yes, if your parents are here illegally and you were born in the U.S. you should be considered an illegal as well.

And if you want to be angry and upset at someone or want to shed tears over your misfortune please direct this at your irresponsible parents who came here illegally in the first place! Please don't take your issue to our Lefty "Main Stream Liberal Media" looking for sympathy from the American people who's laws your nearsighted parents violated in the first place!

It is time that this country got tough on this issue and enforce the law of the land! And any administration who willfully breaks the law by not enforcing the law and / or obstructs any state government from enforcing the law in order to maintain law and order and protect its citizens should be taken to task! No mistake about it…many of us American taxpayers are sick and tired of footing the bill for those who Do Not belong in this country… PERIOD!

My wife is not a native American, and I speak from a degree of experience when I write on this subject. Yes, it is tough having to go through the necessary Channels to obtain legal documentation, (not to mention very expensive), but it is the law. If an outsider is to remain in this nation, they must go through the process or stay home!

Don't come to this country and leach off its citizens, we have enough issues here at home without having to pay your way! I know it sounds harsh… you want to know harsh? Harsh is working yourself to death as an American knowing full well that a portion of our high tax dollars go to pay people who are on "The Dole"!

Taking an illegal shortcut in order to gain an unfair advantage should be dealt with swiftly and harshly… it should be punished, not rewarded! Lawbreakers should not be coddled to pacify our "Bleeding Heart Liberal, Socialist", friends and their tag along main stream media!

Let me say it again; breaking the law and disrespecting those who play by the rules by going to the head of the line into this Country should be condemned and dealt with swiftly, not rewarded!

If you enter into our society illegally to obtain the benefits that others have persevered for, you should be punished and returned home. Not only is your behavior breaking our laws, it is simply wrong and down right insulting!

I will go one step further; If you are found to be in this country illegally, under my watch you will be identified, processed, and your name, photo and other pertinent information will be in a database for future reference as needed.

Furthermore, due to your flagrant disrespect of our laws you would not be rewarded with an opportunity to apply for legal entry. Since you have already committed a crime against America by gaining illegal entry in the first place. You would be forever banned from the legal entry process, removing the incentive is key here.

Those who are contemplating the illegal move may think twice since doing so and getting caught will eliminate their chance of living in America legally with peace of mind.

No question, this country is a wonderful tapestry of immigrants who certainly helped to make America great. I know I speak for many Americans when I say, "Our hats are off to you" who have come to this country and played by the rules.

Many of you, (and you know who you are) have worked hard, established small businesses, paid your taxes, provided for your families and have contributed to our society in a positive way. You are our friends, our neighbors and in some cases have even become a relative. To you we cheerfully say… Welcome to this land… to you we salute!

I choose to end this post here due to excessive content. I will resume with "If I Were President"… part 2. Until next time… Be Well.

Yours Sincerely,


Being President Part Two

America's Standard Language:

Anyone who has purchased an appliance or any item for that matter which includes manuals, assembly instructions and other documentation knows full well the frustration I write about here.

When and why has the English language lost its first place standing in our Country? Why are we catering to other ethnicity's in this way by substantially increasing costs and unnecessary nuisance to government, industry, and consumers? Due to the equipment needs of our own small business we have file drawers chock full of manuals (and purchase related documents) double in size in some cases due to the fact that industry must translate from english to other languages.

Who do you believe pays for all of this additional print and valuable time and materials? I would wager that the additional cost is passed on to us, the American consumer. Remember the days when life was more simple, naturally cost effective, and straight forward?

There was a time when a foreigner would come to this country, assimilate into our culture and learn our language… or not, depending upon their personal motivation. Folks were simply glad to get here and somehow I believe most did just fine over time. Life on our soil has clearly become needlessly complex, costly, and bureaucratic… and may I add…needlessly so.

Nothing wrong with helping our foreign neighbors, but where is the wisdom in constantly handing able bodied people the fish instead of teaching them to fish so they can fend for themselves?

Of course we want to be helpful and kind to our neighbors who come to our country… but where is the incentive when we insist that people have little to no skin in the game? Why can we not see that social welfare is not, and never has been the way to go? Is it due in large part to the progressive left securing and maintaining a huge voter base?

If I were President… every documented, law abiding foreigner who comes to this land will have access to evening classes, tutor's, mentors, translators, and various programs to help them along. All of this would be offered at nominal cost to the beneficiary in order to cover costs of performing such services. This should never be an entitlement on the American peoples dime! We and Industry have enough on our plate without having to pander to this kind of nonsense.

This is just another example of how government has far too much reach in our lives and this is all part of the leftist, socialist agenda, to cause us to be totally dependant upon government. Anyone who uses a telephone must also be prompted to chose english or "Hispaniola" etc. There is a pattern here of our government adding and / or allowing unnecessary complications and operational cost burdens to our lives that needlessly makes life more stressful, all without our consent.

These tactics which complicate our lives needlessly are all part of the "Big Brother" system taking one bite at a time with the ultimate goal in mind… the socialist goal of Government's nose being in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Stay tuned to… "If I Were President"… Part 3

Yours Sincerely,


America – Wrong Path

America On Wrong Path was inspired by our current state of affairs as compared to that days gone by. 

America has and is referred to as a "Great Country". However, have we strayed from the sound foundation crafted into place by our wise forefathers? At what point do we cross the line from being a great country to one on the decline? Are we already there, and if so why? There is far too much at stake for us to be complacent and in denial.

If we look deep inside ourselves as an individual, what do we see? If we were to look around at American society in general, what do we see? I think what we see is a new and ever evolving normal. What may seem normal now in contrast to our forefathers day is sharp in contrast on numerous fronts… some good, some not so good.

How do we and our evolved society line up with the well thought out, God inspired foundation set forth by those before us? Oops, I mentioned "God"… Too Bad.. So Sad. I probably lost a small fraction of potential readership by the mere mention of that Powerful name, (Referring to the Growing Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist, Marxist element of our society). 

But that's alright, I still hope you will follow my blog with an open mind. if you don't believe in God and you see this as a waste of your time, then perhaps there is a better site for you to visit.

What I am for is on the side of Truth and a return of common sense. Now, does this mean that I am perfect and the epitome of common sense? Certainly Not, I am a fallible, and pitiful sinner just like the rest of you.

What I have finally grasped though is the meaning of God's grace and mercy and that it is mine for the asking. Is this a political blog, a Christian blog, or a casual rant? This blog is all of the above and then some… because somehow it is all relevant at times to the patchwork and fabric of the subject at hand.

Is the American foundation eroding… if so, how badly eroded is it? Is our American structure in danger of collapse due to inattention to a crumbling foundation? How can we repair the cracks suffered in the name of progress and evolution?

Have we become unconscious, numb, complacent, lazy, and lacking in common sense? Do we have a spiritual compass… or are we spiritually lost in a maze of our own creation? Are we spiritually bankrupt? What are the repercussions for spiritual decay?

Fact: This country was founded and laid out on a Judeo Christian foundation. God is the mortar that has held up the structure we call America. Look around you, do you believe that taking this foundation out of the equation is working for America? Do you believe that Gods wrath will be upon us as a nation if we don't awaken from our slumber… has wrath already begun?

The Liberal Left would like to have you think that their "Progressive" Agenda is right for us… whether we like it or not… Did we "Throw the baby out with the bathwater" during our evolutionary process? How is progress defined when the very foundations are removed from the structures set forth?

This blog will consist of numerous questions and and it is my hope that the Holy Spirit will endow me with common sense solutions as time goes along. Do we believe that the path we are on is sustainable? Has the God that inspired our forefathers…been reduced to a mere distant and irrelevant phantom, an afterthought, controversial figure or entity?

Is our God an impediment to those who seek to "Radically" change the course of America? What is to occur if we allow the Left Wing, Radical, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Marxists that live among us to transform our nation? And what are the repercussions to any society who discards and disregards such a sovereign God from its society to fulfill an agenda emanating from a segment of its population?                                                                          

What is evil? Here is a definition… Morally wrong or bad, Harmful or injurious, unfortunate or disastrous, an evil quality or conduct, harm or misfortune: to wish one evil. The Bible Says; "You Will Know Them By Their Fruit". Dear fellow Americans the fruit is ripening all around us! I say to you… awaken from your sleep and gather your energies to look around you with eyes wide open! 

Do you my fellow Americans believe that our most grave enemy resides outside our borders? Not so… we currently have a President in our midst who possesses a checkered past and to this day courts the worlds elements of terrorism… scary stuff? you bet it is! I implore you to do the right thing on election day, lets send a clear message that Satan is not to rule this Nation! 

This may sound like strong language to some of you… most especially those who seek to dismantle this nation. My fellow Americans…This is not the moment for political correctness… it is not the moment for sparing the "Feelings" of the Manipulative Evil, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist, Wingnut element encamped and intrenched on our soil!

This is not the moment to look the other way and say… it will work itself out! My Dear Followers, Patriots, And Saints! "This Is The Moment For Truth" with added conviction and muscle!! I can promise you that this enemy (who may even be your neighbor or mine) is cleaver, patient, and is mobilizing and preparing to pounce upon this country snatch it from us in the blink of an eye! 

Are we so concerned about being politically correct that we tiptoe around the truth for fear of offending others? Perhaps this first post has offended some… that is not my intent. I am not interested in being politically correct at the expense of truth though… 

Perhaps this blog will give others pause for deep thought and reflection, that is my intent. Once again, I am not interested in being politically correct, nor am I interested in going out of my way to offend anyone. I am interested in the pursuit of truth and acting upon that truth. I will not entertain what is warm, whimsical, fuzzy, and comfortable.

BE ON NOTICE! I will respect any and all humans to the best of my "God Given" abilities. However, If your intent is to infiltrate and destoy my country… I Take It Personal… I Will Mobilize And Roar As A Lion! If your intent is to mainstream and  "Normalize Homosexuality"  and Destroy "The Sanctity Of Marriage"… I will be a thorn in your side! 

If your intent is to indoctrinate America's students and the most vulnerable among us with your evil twisted ideas, life choices and lifestyles, I will expose you for who and what you are!

I have rubbed shoulders with Evil and have looked it square in the face… And I know what it looks like! We are all born in sin… you own yours and I own mine! But if your intent is to mainstream your sin for the rest of us to accept and abide by… you are in for a bumpy ride!

If you intend to normalize and mainstream your Evil twisted thoughts and behavior, weave it into the fabic of American culture and society, I will be in your face… I WILL CALL YOU OUT! 

If you are not conscious enough to clearly see and read the times we live in as compared to the word of God… I encourage to wake up! If you are intent on blazing a path all the way to hell based on your evil thoughts and deeds than by all means blaze away! But don't you attempt to drag an entire nation down with you! My writings are likely to be controversial at times… the truth can do that.

Yours Sincerely,