Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites

Exposing Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites was written to expose the lies tactics and deceptions of the Democrat, Liberal, Progressives. This unconscious crowd is out to strip our Nation of the freedoms established by our forefathers. 

I am genuinely concerned about the Democrat Progressive Liberal culture of lies and deception in America. Liberal evil culture is very skilled in the art of irresponsibly and inappropriately shifting blame. If you believe the term evil is a tad bit too strong simply take time to look at what they stand for.

Gods word on discerning the agenda of Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites?

It doesn’t take a bible scholar to know Gods thoughts about the evil underhanded tactics of the Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites.The holy word of God states, “You Will Know Them By Their Fruit”.

My friends their fruit of sanctioned and self justified killing of unborn babies is rotting upon the vine. Their acceptance and promotion of the decadent homosexual lifestyle at home and abroad is rotting on the vine.

Unconsciousness on a grand scale is the lot and eventual demise of the Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites

The Progressives attempt to convince us that their socialist model is gospel. The truth of the matter is that their entire concept of reality is false. Their blindness and unconsciousness to truth is a lie from the evil one on a grand scale. 

The fruit of The Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites is rotting on the vine. The sad and mindboggling thing is that they truly believe in their folly. There will come a time my fellow Followers, Patriots, and Saints where their rotten fruit will be cast into the flames. 

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites will have their day in the sun. However, they will receive their reward in full for their hardened hearts and folly. They will receive their rewards in full for heaping sinful agendas upon mankind.  

Our Father is watching the Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites

Our Father is watching and vengeance is his, whoa to those who lead his people astray. Whoa to those who heap unnecessary and excessive burdens upon the people. Yes, their time in the sun is temporary and our God of truth will return to set it straight. 

Hollywood Media Hypocrites will be re-located to the land of irrelevance

A time is coming when the fruit of the Democrat, Progressive, Liberal will be re-located to the land of irrelevance. The time will come when those in power will be held accountable for leading the sheep astray. The power of truth will no longer be justified away by words emanating from ignorance, arrogance, unconsciousness.

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites exposes the lies

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites will expose the subtle lies emanating from the Democrat, Progressive Liberals. This privileged faction is responsible for escalating division, decent, violence, and decadence in America.There will be a time where God himself will be the judge. This privileged faction is responsible for escalating violence and decadence in America.

The Democrat Progressive Liberals have become quite skilled at making a lie appear truthful and just. They are so convinced by their lie that their cavalier approach may appear credible to the unconscious among us. 

Remember how long the tobacco companies got away with convincing us that smoking wasn’t harmful? They claimed there was no connection between tobacco smoke resulting in illness and eventual death? Look how long we marched around that mountain of self delusion. 

These greedy folks selfishly protecting their own self interest at the expense of people’s lives were finally held accountable. How could they be allowed to explain away the notion that cigarettes were not harmful?

How can a foreign substance such as smoke taken internally not cause illness and death?  Shouldn’t common sense rule over any lack of so called scientific information? After all last I checked, I haven’t seen anyone who smokes resemble to appearance of a chimney… have you?

The point I am making here is that the unconscious Democrat, Progressive, Liberal thought process lacks wisdom and common sense. If you look at their fruit it also rarely aligns with Gods word. This is precisely why they seek to eradicate any facet of our society the points to God.

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites cannot survive under Gods spotlight

The Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites cannot survive under God’s spotlight. The reason for this is that the conviction of their lies is too much for them to bare.

Their response to God is to minimize him at all cost and render him irrelevant. If you think this is not so look all around you.. be conscious and look at the fruit of their works. A partial list of their dismal and accountable failures is justifying the murder of the defenseless unborn child.

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites exposes homosexual agenda

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites exposes the Homosexual Agenda. The homosexual agenda is spreading relatively unfettered throughout the land. This evil assault upon our nation and abroad is a mighty wrench in their God eradication toolbox. 

This morally bankrupt agenda seeks to render the God given gift of “Holy” Matrimony meaningless. Hollywood being their biggest ally promotes the evil decadent lifestyle as normal. You only need watch one episode of Will and Grace and Modern Family to know of their dark passions and evil intentions. 

Garbage in – garbage out is folly of Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites  

Its really very simple… Garbage in – Garbage Out! This is the folly of the Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites. What can we expect in any society when the privileged few put out Evil Smut Day After Day… Year After Year… Decade After Decade?

What can we expect when we encourage them by funding and supporting the evil worldly powers that be?

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites exposes these dark forces residing on our soil. Let there be no mistake, Hollywood and Democrat, Progressive, Liberal Main Stream Media have been receiving a virtual free pass for decades. Lying, deceiving, poisoning the thought process of Americans including the most impressionable among us.

Isn’t it high time that we turn the spotlight and microscope on this crowd exposing them for exactly what they represent? Isn’t it also high time we expose their political agenda which is creating havoc and damage to America?   

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites is a common sense expose 

Hollywood Media Obama Hypocrites is a common sense expose of a radical clueless society within a society reeking havoc and taking America hostage with their agenda.  Barack “Hussein” Obama and their agenda for America should be of concern. The unconscious, radical, Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, approach is dangerous to our nation. The problem solving approach of these clueless beings is ineffective and dumps fuel upon the flames.

My contention is that not only is the aforementioned enemy (Yes you read it right… No Typo) not part of the solution they are the problem! This President is likely to go down in history, (If Truth be told) as the most divisive, polarizing National troublemaker America has ever had the misfortune to experience!

My contention is that Barack “Hussein” Obama is willfully, conveniently and deceptively targeting the Second Amendment Rights of Americans to fulfill one of his Socialist Agendas to further erode our rights and disarm Americans. 

The Connecticut tragedy was just another tragedy for Obama to capitalize upon, and don’t be fooled by the phony tears in those cleaver photo ops my friends. Obama will resort to any and all tactics to further his personal “Evil” agenda to promote Socialism in America, and using fake emotion and tears is just another tool in his Destroy America Toolbox! 

It is also crystal clear and apparent that Barack “Hussein” Obama is guilty by mere association with those who have free reign and unrestricted creative licence to promote violence in America and abroad.

Obama makes no effort to remove the Evil influence that Hollywood and Main Stream Media has upon our culture, therefore he and his Radical, Unconscious Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialist tag alongs are complicit in the crime inflicted upon America and humanity.

The problem in American culture is not guns and other distractions that Obama and his cohorts would like to have us believe. Barack ”Hussein” Obama has become adept and master at overtly, covertly and strategically repeating his verbal poisonous lies utilizing his biased Hollywood and Main Stream Media affiliation and connections.

The problem with America is a “Spiritual Vacuum” we are “Spiritually Bankrupt” and Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Madison Avenue and Obama are attempting to fill that vacuum.

These schemers have been patiently and diligently working for decades infiltrating our society and attempting to influence the world around us with their Godless, Divisive, Socialist, Anti-American, Agenda. Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialists are proficient at stoking the flames,they are the engine and root cause of its continuation and proliferation. 

It is Obama’s often times very subtle and Evil tactic of repeating his divisive lies and rhetoric over and over again like a spiritual mantra believing that if a lie is repeated often enough that the mind of the listener will eventually accept the lie and Evil intent as Truth and Gospel. 

Obama has been on point about communicating and spreading this toxic evil message throughout his administration placing everyone on his team of destruction on the same page.

What adds even more credibility to his lies and deception is when all of his accomplices speak virtually the same message… the same language / talking points utilizing the identical Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Playbook verbalized and expressed on a “Main Stream Media Microphone!

When Obama also interjects the seaming innocence of his family by name, carefully orchestrated photo ops, and appealing to the emotions of vulnerable and / or unconscious “Zombie” Americans you have the recipe for believability.

It is Obama’s goal to obtain ultimate control and render Americans subservient to Government while turning a blind eye to his Loyalist Hollywood and Main Stream Media Bed Buddies.

It is clear that Obama has no intention of “Shining The Spotlight” upon promoters of violence since these folks were instrumental in his election and re-election. 

Obama is also cleverly securing a new found “Zombie” Liberal base, (numbering in hundreds of thousands) poised for decades of future elections long after he is gone by pushing the illegal immigrant amnesty (virtual free pass) agenda. 

Barack “Hussein” Obama has absolutely no guilt, remorse or forethought of Legal, Societal, and Economical impact / ramifications his Evil agenda will impose upon a Nation already struggling to swim to the Shore Of Sanity. 

Obama’s pin point agenda to render our Nation Godless, Virtually Devoid of rights and freedoms is all that really matters to him, and collateral damage to achieving his “Anti-Christ” agenda only bolsters his Evil ultimate goal to forcefully convince us that Government must be our “Big Brother”.

This strategy is a multi - pronged approach, (devised straight from the pits of hell) to destroy our Nation, Render us stripped of rights, freedoms and virtual slaves of Big Government. 

Obama also seeks the demise of the Conservative Republican Party, and this strategy seeks to render the party impotent and irrelevant, while simultaneously building an Army of Unconscious Liberal “Zombies” who will be beholding to the Radical, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist Party he is plotting to create. 

In a nutshell this is Barack “Hussein” Obama’s Evil plan to implode the United States Of America From within! This will be Obama’s Legacy… a legacy that could potentially affect our Nation for decades after he departs from ”Our House”… “The Peoples House”!      

Hollywood and Main Stream Liberal Media are virtually mum looking the other way as Obama stumbles and blunders his way through the most vital job on the planet as though he was on a Government sponsored OJT (On The Job Training) program.

It should have become quite clear by the end of his first term that Obama is and has been up to no good. The fact is that while he may appear clueless, He is cleaver as a Demon Possessed Fox on Steroids!

He is also cleaver enough to know which side his “bread is buttered” and will not likely expose the Liberal System that was instrumental in securing both his first and second term.

It is also interesting how the swearing in language during his second Inauguration Ceremony was altered and virtually stripped of the mention of God… Where is the Main Stream Media on This Vital Matter… AWOL As Usual! 

Barrack “Hussein” Obama will rarely bite the hand that feeds his Narcissistic Ego and Evil agenda to bring America down, this clearly makes him a Hypocrite an Accomplice and “Guilty By Association”. 

Barrack “Hussein” Obama once sarcastically made the statement (did he not) that Americans hold our Guns and Religion as Sacred Ground? This statement alone should have been enough to peak our curiosity about the inner workings of this Evil Manipulative Tyrants thought process.

This “Evil” Dictator has a disdain for both “The Right To Bare Arms” and “Freedom of Religion”… (especially as it pertains to Christians). What will we do when he destroys all our rights and freedoms we hold as sacred?

What will we do when Obama sets his lasers on “Freedom Of Speech”… Has it already begun as a sidebar to all the other destruction he has inflicted on our Nation?

Placing citizens who say it like it is on a “Terrorist Watch List” should lead us to believe that Obama would like nothing more than to silence his opposition… to include Conservative Media and anyone with a leaning towards exposing the truth. 

Barrack “Hussein” Obama clearly despises the thought of Americans having these rights…or any rights for that matter. Freedom of Religion and the second amendment (right to bare arms) are two major stumbling blocks standing between him and fulfillment of his Radical Socialist Agenda to captivate our Nation placing us directly under his Socialist, Godless ”Big Government Thumb.”

Obama will continue in aggressive pursuit to obtain complete control of any and all aspects of our lives…. talk about the ultimate control freak!

Be vigilant and on guard my friends Obama will be ramping up the rhetoric in his last term. He will also stop at nothing to ram through any and all legislation that furthers his twisted Evil agenda for America!

Obama will also take full advantage of every crisis under the Sun to manipulate  and mobilize the Weak Minded, Unconscious, “Zombie”…. “Children Of The Damned” Crowd that Selfishly and blindly put him in office in the first place. These “Zombie” Sleeping, Fools gobble everything that drips off his lips as though it was “Manna From Heaven… when in fact it is from the Pits of Hades! 

Barack “Hussein” Obama has also been a clear abuser of Executive orders as it suits his Radical, Liberal, Socialist Agenda. It is also believed that the most recent threat of executive order regarding our 2nd Amendment right to bare arms is that of treason and is an impeachable offence. This indicates once again that Barack “Hussein” Obama is an “Enemy Of The State” making him the “Enemy within Our Gates!

In fact, there is a movement festering and building in Texas and elsewhere to implement Impeachment proceedings at long last. We can only hope that these Patriotic men and women amongst us may build this momentum throughout the land that we may once and for all Evict these Evil invaders residing in ”The Peoples House.” 

Like Satan himself he knows his time is short and will stop at nothing to fulfill his Evil Spirit Of Anti-Christ influenced agenda for America within this window of four years!    

Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints, It is time we look Satan square in the face and expose him in all his many facets, disguises and expressions. First of all it is an understatement for me to write that I am genuinely grieved that innocent lives were snatched from us in New Town Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Bleeding Heart Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist Wing Nuts and their tag along Hypocrite “Main Stream Media and Hollywood Elites would like nothing more than to convince us that attacking Gun rights will vindicate the senseless death of these wonderful children and fine adults.

If a responsible gun owner or owners were within the school or within earshot of this violence, possessing a concealed carry permit, the outcome could have been different. Simply knowing that there could be several armed adults in a school environment is without a doubt a deterrent in itself to anyone contemplating a crime on the innocent.

These innocent human beings could have had a fighting chance at survival and these defenders would have been applauded by anyone with a pinheads worth of common sense! But then again such a scenario would be given little attention by “The Main Stream Media” since it does not suit their agenda to abolish our Second Amendment Right To Bare Arms. 

What is really Unconscionable, Asinine, and Moronic is how these Liberal Wing-nuts jump onto the “Train Of Emotion” (generated by tragedy and motivated by their own agenda) ride it as far as they can all the while being “Mum” about their promotion of Evil in America and the world…. Hypocrites!

With that said it is maddening to me how one can be so unconscious, so cold, so deceptive, so underhandedly manipulative in a field such as media and entertainment where it can affect the beliefs and mindset of a substantial segment of our society.

“Hollywood – Media – Obama Hippocrates Promote Violence” seeks to once again expose this substantial and influential Evil embedded within the fabric of our Nation!

No segment of our society should ever have the right and power to wield and hold this much influence and Evil influence regardless of status or party affiliation unless it supports our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

It is a “No Brain-er” to say that The Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialist faction entrenched on our soil has absolutely no interest in preserving our Democracy as laid out by our forefathers… in fact they loath it! 

President Barack “Hussein” Obama has frequently stated that ”The Buck Stops Here” on numerous occasions during his Presidency to include fairly recently regarding the Benghazi massacre. 

Why is it that high ranking people are seeking to distance themselves as far as possible from the outrageous Benghazi cover up? It is my strong suspicion that Hillary Clinton’s resignation and convenient (while appearing to be legit) onset of illness will be used to buy time in hopes that this whole thing will blow over and be forgotten.

Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints we must never forget these fine Americans who were refused assistance. There are those who know the truth and they must be sought out, fully investigated and vented. 

It is clear that Hillary Clinton (and quite possibly others) may be carrying a secret that they not revealing… a burden that is likely consuming them, providing they have any degree of conscience.

There is not enough makeup on this planet that can mask the stress that the cover up of Benghazi has generated and America must never forget these people who were left to dangle in harms way!

When will we as a Nation demand transparency and accountability from this President and his administration? ”The Buck Stops Here”… Lets take him up on that and take him to task by means of unbiased, independent and thorough investigation for everything that even hints of shadiness.                                                                                                      

Some may say… what does Obama and the Benghazi massacre have to do with this post? The fact is that Benghazi and Obama have everything to do with the subject at hand since Barack “Hussein” Obama is the Manipulator and Deceiver In Chief and he is in bed with Hollywood and Main Stream Media!

This crowd promotes, instigates and often encourages violence both here and abroad… pure and simple! Am I the only one who sees a “Gross” conflict of interest here? 

We don’t need to be super insightful to see through Obama’s ability to utilize most any tragedy to further his agenda to re-invent America creating an all powerful all encompassing Government entity enslaving its people into servitude… and total dependence. We also don’t need to be the “Sharpest Knife In The Drawer” to see that Obama is quite skilled at distancing himself from events that require transparency.

The nibbling away at our right to bare arms has been a long time goal for the Radical, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Socialists. My Dear Fellow Patriots, allowing them to even get a foothold cannot be an option.

Allow me to remind you that the right to bare arms is not simply for the purpose of killing and placing food on our dinner table. The right to bare arms is also in place for self protection and (God forbid) to protect us from Heavy Handed Government control and tyranny…. and this fact places fear in the heart of those who seek to disarm our Nations citizens. 

Reality Check… We have Re-Elected a President who will stop at nothing to render us Godless, Impotent, Un-empowered and Utterly Defenceless. The agenda of Barrack “Hussein” Obama and his Radical Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Zombie Wing-nuts is nothing short of Evil.

The Progressive, Liberal, Socialist agenda is strategic, multifaceted, multidimensional, fluid and constantly moving forward and adjusting with each and every crisis that presents itself. If this maneuvering weren’t so down right Evil in its intent one could say it were nothing short of genius. However, allow me to remind you my friends that the same can be said for the whiles of Satan….

Obama relishes a crises since every crises is an opportune time to play “The Great Big Government Savior” at the expense of Sovereignty and Personal Freedoms… Barrack ”Hussein” Obama gives the term “Con Artist” an all new meaning.

Obama and his accomplices employ plans and strategies that are all encompassing… an unconscionable agenda that boasts and laughs in the face of freedom, the Constitution, and The Bill Of Rights!

The NRA is absolutely correct about placing guns in the hands of qualified, well trained and responsible school staff. And while we are at it… Hollywood and Main Stream Media, (to include producers of any and all violent media) need to be held accountable for the violent and demoralizing materials they produce.

Those who promote gang activity, violence and degradation of women through music should be shut down period… and that crap about the right to creative expression is just that… CRAP! You want to get down and serious about Evil indoctrination of generation after generation start with the purveyors of Evil from the Pits Of Hell lining their bank accounts on the backs of society Peddling Their Materials! 

I am sick and tired of the “Radical Left” constantly nibbling away at our “Right To Self Defence” while turning a blind eye to the producers of Evil Brainwashing Materials For Us To Consume into our being!

Shut down Homeys Evil Operation Brother… and that includes Heavy Metal And Acid Rock Music… (If You Can Call That Music) which has the same influence on our society.  And lets not stop there… Make Pornography Illegal… period… It is an addictive mind altering drug and a scourge in a supposedly decent civilized society!

And why is it that we can get Saddam Hussein hidden in a bunker in the middle of a strange, unfamiliar, and enormous country… locate and take out the likes of “Osama Bin Laden hidden away in a little ”Hole in the wall” in Pakistan but we cannot track down these gangs wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods, on our Soil… where is the Wisdom in this? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT be referred to as “The Great Satan”… Then Why Don’t We Stop Working So Hard To Emulate “The Evil One?” 

Why don’t we put our resources and technology to work and clean up our streets and make them safe again for all to enjoy?

I would wager that our National Guard and Military would take great pride in the Victory over the thugs in our streets verses fighting in a country that often times could care less whether we live or die fighting on their behalf on their soil.

I can take my car (If I were so deranged) to most any school yard in this country during recess and mow down a whole lot of innocent kids… that would make my car a lethal weapon!

If I owned a small airplane or helicopter I could drop a pallet load of bricks at the same schoolyards… that would make the airplane, helicopter and the bricks a lethal weapon! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it… this is what the Left Wingnut logic and reasoning amounts to…

According to the logic of the “Unconscious” Liberals… We in essence would remove any and all “things” from our society that could possibly cause bodily injury. It has been stated before… Guns in and of themselves don’t kill people… PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE IDIOTS! A gun in the right hands can deter crime, prevent and / or minimize harm to the innocent.

Again… according to the logic of the “Unconscious” Evil, Radical, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, “Zombie” Wing-Nuts… we would remove Cars, Small Planes, Helicopters and Bricks from our society and leave the root causes of the deranged element intact. Fess Up Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Liberal, Progressive, Elites, And Obama… You And Your Self Serving Agenda Is The Problem… Certainly Not The Solution!

Doing the right thing directly opposes what the the Radical, Progressive, Liberal, Democrat, Socialists stand for in our society. We will observe them skirt the issue at hand time and time again until the situation boils over and is forgotten.   

Removing the root cause and influence of Decadence, Decay, Violence, and Gods Judgement on our Nation interferes with Hollywood, Main Stream Media, and Obama’s lifestyle, bank balance and overall Evil agenda!

Rather than take responsibility for the true root cause of the issue, the Hypocrite Liberals prefer to opportunistically and selfishly capitalize on tragedy. Shifting blame to the right… which more often than not is closely associated with destroying Freedom, Sovereignty, and Liberty.

These Radicals are the “Bottom Feeders of our Society doing whatever is necessary to disrupt and destroy any sense of freedom and security for the citizens they represent. Radical Progressive Liberals favorite food of choice is Drama… they feed on it and are quite convincing to the unconscious “Zombies” among us.

The Radical, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat, Socialists have become quite masterful at portraying themselves as the “Keeper Of The Chicken Coupe”… The All Caring, All Loving, All Compassionate, All Peace Loving Party… when in fact they are the ”Wolf At The Gate”!  

Diluting and removing our “Right To Bare Arms” would be considered a major victory for this Twisted, Evil, Unconscious, “Zombie” group. What they are realizing is that their most recent tactic is a Major Affront To Constitutionalists Patriots that remain on this soil! This is precisely why we as Americans need to stand up, look them in the eyes, and say… NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH!

We must remind ourselves that “Evil Resides Everywhere In These Times… And That Can Include Government. We also must remember that the deranged do not play by the rules, rest assured that criminals and the wack jobs will have guns either way. Simple Solution to the Unconscious Liberal, Democrat, Socialist Wing Nut Mindset… “BEAM THEM UP SCOTTIE” Where? Planet Libitardica Socialistima Unconsciouso…Anywhere but planet earth… don’t we wish it were that simple…  

It is my sincere desire to make a difference for my household and yours. I find it painful and disheartening to observe the dread on the faces of those I may encounter on a daily basis. Reading time lines on Twitter, Face book, and other social mediums is a clear pulse reading of our nations genuine concerns, anguish, outright frustration, anger, rage, and helplessness involving this divisive troublemaker heading our Nations highest office.

It is Vital… Absolutely Crucial, Paramount, and Urgent that those among us who posses a high degree of knowledge involving Constitutional law step forward and assist our Nation.

Our Nation Needs a band of Brothers and Sisters who will forcefully and          un-apologetically thoroughly investigate any and all shady occurrences and cover-ups involving Obama…. to include a full disclosure of who he really is. 

Our Nation is at the edge… the Very Precipice of utter Moral and Societal Collapse under the Evil divisive influence of President Barack “Hussein” Obama. 

What our Nation requires at this critical juncture are those who posses Gumption! Our Nation Needs The Brightest Minds Fully Versed In The Rule Of Law With Emphasis On Constitutional Law And The Bill Of Rights! These Patriots would also need to be Intuitive, of Strong Moral Character and Unwaveringly Steadfast In Their Pursuit Of Justice On Behalf Of Our Nation. 

The fuel and catalyst for these Motivated Patriots is You and I… and the “Rule Of Law & Justice! Just regular folks who go to work, play by the rules with nothing to show for it but an Arrogant, Narcissist, Evil Dictator Who’s Mission In Life Is To Bring America To Its Knees! 

We can get involved and play our part by continuing to air our concerns, fears, and grievances on Social Media… Before Obama Succeeds At Silencing The Truth There As Well!

We can take the time to (peacefully) band together and take our Nation back from the likes of Barack “Hussein” Obama and his Radical, Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist path leading to a Catastrophic Train Wreck!

My friends, The Time For Impeachment Proceedings Is NOW! When a President Attempts to water down and destroy Our Rights by abuse of “Executive Orders we are smart enough to know that this is Evil Intent At The Highest Level Of Government.

We Are Justifiably Incensed And Revolted By this Evil Presence Who Resides In “Our House”… THE PEOPLES HOUSE! Barack “Hussein” Obama Is Not Even Worthy To Step Foot In “Our House” But Rather Should Be Considered An Intruder On Our Soil For His Treason Upon Our Nation!

My friends, We need the caliber of Patriots aforementioned who possess the intellect and knowledge of the rule of law… those with the means and intelligence gathering skills to gather required facts and begin proceedings for impeachment.   

I feel my own pain, discomfort, and heartbreak at the thought of having to defend myself and that of my household from the possibility of a Societal breakdown stemming from the Evil and incompetence residing in “Our House”… “The Peoples House,” and emanating from the “Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Unconscious Zombies who vote continuously to place these Evil Morons in positions of authority over us.   

Dear Followers, Patriots, & Saints…The highlight of our day should never be that we rob our savings in such perilous times to purchase that last high capacity magazine, ammo, or the last AR-15 off the shelf of our local gun shop.

Our definition of a robust economy should never… ever be overwhelming enrollments for membership into the NRA or raising the stock value of gun manufacturers. That is what the Divisive presence and influence of Barrack “Hussein” Obama has created in our Nation.

Obama’s recent rhetoric places blame on the Right for Guns and Ammo flying off the shelves ever since he opened his mouth after the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Fess up and Man up Obama.. it is your irresponsible behavior attempting to capitalize on another tragedy on our soil that blew up in your Hypocritical face! The rise of gun and ammo sales is your baby… OWN IT!

Actually, Barack “Hussein” Obama’s Evil Agenda To Take Away Our Rights To Defend Ourselves and Disarm Law Abiding Citizens Is Good For The Economy… So Just Keep Up Your Unconscious Loose Lip Strategy!  

This has got to be the most divisive President America has ever had to endure. The tragedy is that Obama now has four more years to complete the “Destroy America Campaign”.

I wonder if the “Zombie” freeloaders who voted for Obama have an incling of what they have done to this Nation? I wonder if they will obtain true peace upon realizing their false and empty victory of re-electing a “Food Stamp,” Free Cell Phone (and other Entitlements) President? I wonder if they comprehend what it takes to play by the rules and enter this country legally?

When the Obama Entitlements free ride collapses… and it will because common sense tells the practical and conscious among us that the “Free Ride” is unsustainable… Where will the Freeloading “Zombies” go?  

In an effort to obtain “Free Stuff” and rights they are not entitled to… such as destroying the “God Given” Sanctity Of Marriage Between a Man and a Woman… the freeloaders and special rights crowd has selfishly compromised the future and Moral Conscience of an entire Nation!

Many of us are feeling insecure and unsure of our futures under this Administration. Perhaps the 47% who voted this President back to complete his Evil Moronic Mission Of Destruction will be disillusioned when his Unconscious, Socialist, Entitlement, Utopian Pipe Dream is snuffed out and fails.

When promises made in exchange for votes fail, perhaps some may feel the sting of being a traitor of sorts to the rest of us who had to needlessly endure four more years under an Evil Corrupt Socialist Dictator! 

My Dear Friends, Perhaps this is a very good opportunity to remind ourselves that he who is more powerful than Mr. Obama and his “Zombie” followers is in charge. I am confident we will have our day in the Sun at Gods appointed time. Let us be sober and patient, keep our eyes upon him and obey the law… allow our Lord to protect and vindicate us from the Evil in high office and their Unconscious “Zombie” followers.  

A Nation who’s people is living under a cloud of never knowing when the next thunderstorm will come or the next shoe will drop is a pitiful existence my friends. Pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will protect and show us the way until his return.

I am in hopes that “Hollywood – Media – Obama Hypocrites Promote Violence” has made a contribution in the effort to “Set The Record Straight” and set the stage for Saving our Country from Evil and Tyranny.

Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                   


Liberal Wolf Wearing GOP Clothing

Are there imposters among us? You know those who profess to be Republican and / or Conservatives yet vote for the Liberal agenda a majority of the time. You would swear they were a Liberal impland within our party strategically placed there to undermine the party. We sometimes call them moderates… Hey what do we get when we crossbreed a liberal with a conservative human being? Why we get a moderate!

Re Calculating

For those of you who have ever used a GPS device you know first hand what a cool ingenious invention it is. It is important to program a GPS for your home base so it can instruct and guide you home from virtually any place on earth obtaining its signal from a satellite up in space.

You can also enter pertinent information to help guide you to places you may wish to travel to. What is really cool is that should you get off course by taking a wrong turn a patient and polite woman's voice will say… Recalculating… Recalculating and provide clear directions to help get you back on track to your destination.  

I have pondered and  brainstormed on how similar Gods Navigation system is as compared to the earthly counterpart. No matter where I go in this world I know I can count on this clever little device to take me home. What about our spiritual navigation system?

Is our home destination set for heaven… or does the heaven bound home destination change on a whim due to our selfish, secular, worldly, carnal, temporal desires? Re-calculating… Re-calculating… Ooooh what a patient, tolerant God we serve… or NOT!

How many times in our lives have we programed our paths leading to nowhere… paths with no meaningful purpose… paths that go against Gods will for our life's journey? How often on life's path has the Holy Spirit lovingly whispered… "Re-Calculating… Re-Calculating… Don't Go Down This Road?                                         

What can possibly happen to us if we set a destination on our earthly GPS device but refuse to follow its direction? Surely we are liable to end up somewhere we do not desire to be. And worst yet, we may even end up in a downright dangerous place. (Hell is an eternal dangerous place which is our destination for not yielding to sound instruction).   

Help me Jesus to write this post as a parable for even the most simple minded among us to understand… inspire me Lord…                                             

Why do we persist on a path… a road that could literally take us down to destruction? We often persist down the road though the direction is often clear… and the correction even clearer…Re-calculating… Re-calculating… get back on course!

"Jesus Is "The Way (direction), The Truth, And The Life…" And We Cannot Get To The Father But Through Him…" Narrow is the path (road) that leeds to life, and Wide is that path (road) that leads to destruction. 

I recently set my GPS device to get us back home from a recent long weekend trip. As I was driving following the directions indicated by the nice lady voice I recall telling my wife how I could not fathom how we would get home following these directions. However something inside of me instructed me to trust and not lean on my own understanding.

As I let go of my control over the issue it all soon became clear that we were not only being led safely but also far more quickly and economically than the original directions provided to get us to our destination in the first place. 

Learning to trust God is alot like that isn't it? Thank You Father!   

Yours Sincerely,


Obama Smooth Mouth

Any deceptive comment / verbal remark, or statement can be made to appear credible if it is stated with an air of non che-lance, normalcy, and false conviction. I recall driving my vehicle (headed somewhere I don't recall) many years ago when a van pulled beside me in another lane. 

I had my window rolled down and overheard a male voice state the following… "I don't know ask him… As I turned to see where the voice was coming from I identified two males in their twenties apparently having this discussion intentionally loud enough for anyone within earshot to hear.

I of course made eye contact with them since it became apparent that the conversation they were engaging in was being directed at me. One of them said something along this line… Hey, we got brand new stereo speakers at rock bottom prices, you interested?

I was in my twenties / early thirties and probably fit the profile of someone who possibly liked to listen to music. I responded that I was interested in taking a look at what they had for sale. We pulled our vehicles over and they showed me the goods, I recall my first thought being that this merchandise could be stolen and I raised the question over my concern. 

They somehow assured me that the stereo speakers were not stolen showing me documentation that appeared legit at the time. They were well boxed and packaged same as you would find in any big box electronics store. Anyways, I purchased two stereo speakers, brought them home and connected them to my stereo receiver. They sounded ok, not off the charts "high fidelity" but just Ok.

I probably did pay too much though for merchandise that was deceitfully packaged and looked better on the outside masking the inferior inner components of the product purchased. 

I also realize that these shysters had their game down pack… from the bait, to the hook and catch. They were masters at appealing to the human desire for obtaining something for nothing… or as near to nothing as possible.

These two men were skilled (though deceiptfully so) at reading their invironment, quickly assessing and identifying a need… or even creating a need that does not currently exist and filling that need. They understood the concept of greed that resides somewhere in each one of us and capitalized upon this.

I contemplated this past experience in my life recently to the enlightenment of the similarities between this learning experience and our American experience of living under the leadership of Barrack Hussein Obama. Thus was born the title of this post, Obama And His "Drive By Mouth.

It should be clear by now that we are not dealing with a President who is inept at selling the American people a bill of goods that have no substance. 

We are dealing with a President who on many levels may be perceived as being "In Over His Head" as President of our great nation. He is certainly incompetent for the job on many levels. However, one thing Barrack Hussein Obama is not… is completely stupid, for he is "Sly As A Fox" and "Cunning As A Weasel." 

Barrack Hussein Obama has been well taught that when you are caught off guard and backed into a corner… you do and say whatever is necessary to skirt the truth and cover your tracks by demonizing your opponent cleaverly deflecting the focus from himself. 

Barrack Hussein Obama has perfected the art of… projecting a comment or statement with an air of non-che-lance, normalcy, and false conviction creating the illusion of a credibility that Does Not even exist. It should be clear to you my fellow Americans that Barrack Hussein Obama's "Yes We Can" is truly a "No We Didn't!

Barrack Hussein Obama is also a Master… a weaver of deception, and a divisive, narcissistic personality. He possesses the uncanny ability to read the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our American culture and structure and has proven on numerous occasions that he will exploit any crack in the armor of America if it is to further his agenda.

Dear Fellow Americans, Just as I was duped into purchasing a product lacking substance so many years ago… we also have been duped by Barrack Hussein Obama! By some awesome happenstance, these same shysters attempted the same ploy many years after they sold me those virtually useless stereo speakers. Do you think I learned nothing from the first purchase? 

Barrack Hussein Obama is attempting to sell us another empty box of goods, lets be wise and not be fooled again! Join me and your fellow "Patriots and Saints (In November 2012) by sending Barack Hussein Obama Packing! Lets send him a clear message that we are not buying his deceitful and divisive tactics, we are not buying what he and his crones are selling!

Lets take our country back from the Democrat, Liberal, Progress, Socialist Left and remind ourselves of what our Nation stands for. Lets show the world that America remains a land of the Free! Lets show the world that our God is the foundation of our Democracy and let us rebuild our Holy and Sacred alliance and Relationship with Israel. God Bless and Protect You, Your Families and Loved ones… And may he Bless, Enlighten, and protect The United States Of America!

Yours Sincerely,                                                                                            MasterBlogger

Barrack Hussein Obama – Letter


Letter To Barrack Hussein Obama was born out of the frustration of squeeking by day to day under the leadership of a dismal failure of a president This letter was born out of the anguish of observing my Followers, Patriots, and Saints lose hope in a country that was founded on hope and principles that illude this unconscious, Progressive, Democrat, Liberal, Socialist and his diluded followers.

It is the desire of this writer to remind you my dear fellow Americans that we must turn to God and that together we are strong and will prevail at God's appointed time. There is no tyrant more powerful than the living God! Pray that he and his band of deceivers will be promptly removed from the highest office in the land come November 2012. I present to you; "Letter To Barrack Hussein Obama.

Mr. Obama

I am afraid I would be terribly disingenuous if I addressed you as Mr. President since you are the furthest thing from Presidential that I have witnessed in my lifetime. I certainly don't want to call you Barrack since I certainly do not want to provide anyone with the impression that you are a close aquaintence or buddy of mine.

I cannot refer to you as "Mr. Hussein since that conjures up some scary images of just who is occupying "The Peoples House?" Addressing you as Mr. Obama is also just a tad too respectful since I certainly don't respect you in the least but I will be generous and just go with it.

Just to be clear, I love God and my country… and while I have absolutely no respect  or admiration for Barrack Hussein Obama as our President I do have respect for the "Office of the Presidency" and the rule of law… as long as it Does Not mandate that I break Gods Laws.

Besides I must remind myself that I am a Christian and though quite imperfect I do strive daily to please my God each day better than the day before. Oh and by way while we are on the subject of Christianity… I hear tell that you, Mr. Obama, professed to be a Christian on numerous occasions kneeling before the alter of "Main Stream Media? 

I also heard that you uttered the Sacred name of Christ, stating that you too are a follower of the Risen One, The Overcomer, Name Above All Names. Well… I guess that makes us a part of the same "Club Of Christ… right? Oh wait a minute… News Flash… sorry I wrote out of turn, shame on me! This just in… breaking news… Gosh… Golly Gee… I Love those media earpieces that provide real time news don't you?

The news is coming in right now as I am typing this letter to you. Oh My… distressing news… I hear tell that you are a different brand of Christian. Oh No, Please say it isn't so Mr. Obama…

I hear tell that your brand of Christianity clearly states that in order to save America from those terrible Conservatives you must unequivically announce that you are all out for destroying the sanctity of marriage and placing your "NoBama" stamp of approval on same sex marriage.

After all, this country needs you and the other brand of Christianity…(You know the one who receives its direction from the Holy Bible) may not get you re-lected since it is based on Truth and doesn't line up with your agenda… of Lies, Deceipt And Manipulation… Gotta keep that Agenda Intact… Barrack! Opps, called you by your first name… Now don't go thinking we are bosom buddies n'such.  

Pacifying the Homosexual crowd now… Not to mention the illegals could be useful on election day… after all its all about the usefulness of others is it not? Your Motto: "The Means Justifies The End Result"… People are certainly "Pawns in your" game of "Dirty" politics".

If people do not have a utilitarian purpose advantageous to you and your Democrat, Far Left, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist Agenda…they are Dismissed… and out with the trash!

Besides desperate times require desperate measures… as they say… and in the end its all about usefullness and strategy, is it not? But what about just doing the right thing Mr. Obama?

Oops, I forgot… sorry I should have known… that would throw a "Monkey Wrench" in your "Evil" plans to destroy America and expose our Jugular Vain to every enemy on the planet! Principles and ethics are out of fashion anyways… Let the Tea Party and Conservative "Right" operate that way, not your style… nah!

And what about that document we refer to as "The Constitution"? Say what… You want a match and a little gasoline… what do you need that for? Oh… I get it… stupid me… stupid Americans… we are so beneath your exaulted, "Walk On Water" all knowing status… Right?

You want to burn the Constitution and replace it with "Big Government, Socialist Control over every living, breathing American. How silly of me… I and most Americans just don't get it do we? We can't wrap our brain around the concept of a sitting President out to destroy the America we love, and the freedoms which we enjoy because of brave men and women of all generations.

Men and Women of our Military which you only pretend to admire and respect since the U.S. Military stands for and represents an America that is foreign to you and your agenda for our country! 

You Mr. Obama love America so much that you want to transform it into an America we no longer recognize since it currently simply Does Not align with your "Evil, Utopian world view… I get it now.

Your Heart for America is simply so big, you just gotta save us from ourselves and the influence of those pesky forefathers! What America needs is a Savior, its a tough job… but someone's got to do it… it may as well be you… right?

Heck, under your leadership we will even have a brand new God… Oh… This just in… it is not a brand new God after all but the God of this world who goes by the name of Satan!  how special is that?

Its Got to be the "Spirit Of Anti Christ… a counterfeit, since the God your peddling does not alter his word to accomodate anyone to include a sitting president of any Nation… Busted! 

This in itself exposes you Barrack Hussein Obama for the counterfeit fraud that you really are! What is so blasphemous about this is that you have attached Christ and Christianity to your deception for personal and political gain! What you have done here is the work of the devil himself… so lets call it what it is shall we?

So… Bottom line is that you and your Evil cohorts will rebuild America from the ground up!

Dear Fellow Americans,

It is absolutely vital that we expose this "Evil" presence residing and governing from the peoples house and every State in our land in one form or fashion. Our message must be clear, steady, and relentless! This Unconscious, Far Left, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist infestation has spread over our country like a plague! This Movement is not eminating from a place of God, and it is certainly Not American!    

Lets not forget that we are the silent majority. Being the majority on the side of God, (first and foremost) Country, Truth, what is right, and what is required to snatch our country back from the Liberal Elite is a great thing. What is no longer an option is to remain silent… there is much, too much at stake.

Let us not forget that the progressives will shout their Evil, Utopian, Socialist message from the mountaintops until their agenda for our America is achieved. If we remain silent it will likely be perceived as a form of weakness by those who seek to rob us of Liberty! 

The truth is that though silent we are not weak, we are merely a people who Love God and Country. We toil to get ahead, to place food on our tables, maintain our households in relative safety, play by the rules for the most part, and pay our fair share of taxes. We believe that a small less intrusive government is a good government, and we simply want to be left alone to live our lives in relative peace.

I ask that you help me and my fellow patriots take our country back in November 2012! Help us send a clear message as we did the previous November that America is not for the Liberals to plunder!

Now back to "Our Story… A Letter To Barrack Hussein Obama"

And what about God… What do we do with him, major roadblock wouldn't you say? Say what? Oh you have a plan for that too! You are just a walking, talking wealth of information on the subject of dismantling the Greatest Country On Earth Aren't Ya?

I get it, I forgot that the God you deceiptfully claim to be your God is different than the God most Americans grew up knowing And besides…. Pssst… its just a little "Chicago Obama Style" Biblical twist on the "Very Word Of God…. he won't mind… he's got a sense of humor doesn't he?

And besides… God knows America needs you… after all "You are "The Narsisistic Chosen One!" And Conservative Tea Party Americans are stupid anyways aren't they… clinging to their God, Country, and Guns… Who do they think they are anyways strutting around living out their contsitutional rights for all to see…? We simply got to put a stop to that huh…? Way too much God Given freedom goin on around here!

Mr. Obama… If you would do me just a little favor…. Oh no… I don't want to have a beer with you in the Rose Garden, Thanks Anyways. Its just that I have never had the honor of having a president who had such close connections with the Almighty God that he could alter the word of God with the nod and a wink to the "Main Stream Media" (they are such special people aren't they, real snuggle bunnies)… 

Its just a little favor that is truly just a "Piece of Cake… A Walk In The Park… "A Slip Of The Lip"……" for someone of your Saintly Stature. When your time has come to meet with your buddy "God" face to face… (Mean no disrespect to you my father for this is not you that I write of here but the God of this world, who seeks to devour, steal, and destroy, what I BOLDLY refer to here is the "Spirit of Anti-Christ", and the "Father of Lies").

Father we are clearly dealing with a spirit of Anti-Christ here and I hereby pray for protection of your Saints and all those who seek to do your will. I pray father for this post and that it will go viral and be read throughout the United States and the world as you see fit. I also pray that this post may be deeply understood and absorbed on a "Spiritual Level" by those who posess a discerning heart.

I Thank the Lord My God for taking me from the threashold of destruction and planting me firmly upon the path of truth. I earnestly pray Father God that I write in the spirit of truth and not of my flesh. In Jesus's precious name I Pray, AMEN! 

Mr. Obama, Can you politely ask your tag along "Main Stream Media" buddies if I could tag along in their place just this once… pretty please…? I just want to see for myself how God really feels about the Angelic connection between your Christ our Savior the founder of Christianity and the Destruction of the Sanctity of Marriage of which you and your administation played a major role in.

Since you are such a smoooth operator, a real "Cool Cat" I am sure you have just the right "Spin to Win" over the likes of God…. After all when one can alter the word of God to suit his personal and political agenda… that is one powerful Dude… or do you prefer Ombre?

I certainly don't want to offend you or anything… Its not as though you had an "Evil" Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Leftist agenda to take The United States Of America down the wrong path, or anything of the sort….

It cannot possibly be true that you would like nothing better than to take "Our Nation; shake it upside down until all the Conservatives, Tea Party Loyalists, God fearing gun toteing, Constitution Loving Americans fall out the bottom on their heads, right?  

You absolutely love and bask in the delusion of the America only "You" the Great Narsisistic Barrack Obama can create… But loath the nation handed down from our forefathers… So sad to inform you Mr. Obama that our Nation Is Not for sale or barter… She is not your whore… your  prostitute to do with as you wish!

America is also not the nation you represented when you bowed down to and apologized for before dignitaries of other nations. When you groveled before world leaders on behalf of America you groveled for yourself and displayed before the world what a pitifully weak little president you are…. and you embarassed the office of the presidency, the citizens of America, and most powerful nation on earth in the process! 

Oh you are so creative, wise, and insightful…. I get a chill up my leg whenever your lips move… NOT! You dictate to us how America will be better off because you and your Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist Wingnuts care so much about the middle class.

Your ultimate goal is to completely dominate our lives through an overeaching, all powerful, all consuming Government while simultaneously rendering the Greatest Country On Earth Impotent before the world stage!    

Mr. Obama, Did you know that while you and your family are shutting down Manatten so your wife can see a $12.00 movie at thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars at taxpayer expense that many Americans are jobless, living on the streets, or in their cars if they have been lucky enough to keep their personal vehicle? 

Did you know that while you and your wife are being lavishly wined, dined and entertained by the Hollywood Elite in "The Peoples House…" and elsewhere that many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck not knowing whether or not they will lose their homes or be able to feed their families with nourishing food? 

Do you know that when you and your wife take separate flights to lavish vacation destinations, (all at taxpayer expense) that it is demoralizing and downright insulting to most of us who are scraping by? Do you really believe we are that stupid?  

Here is just a snibit of Our Story Barrack Hussein Obama!    

My wife and I are in our mid fifties, self employed over 28 years, working harder, making and keeping less of our hard earned money than 20 years ago, (something wrong with that picture).

We have fully invested into our business and have little to show for it, and certainly no retirement nestegg. Our work is often very physical and demanding, not to mention often long irregular hours in all extremes of unfriendly weather conditions that you wouldn't even think of exposing your dog to!

We moved into our daylight basement so we could rent out the best sections in our home in order to pay our mortgage on time and salvage our home.

We installed a wood burning furnace in our basement since heating oil is cost prohibitive. We harvest, cut, and split our own wood and sometimes scavenge wood left on the sides of the road to include wooden pallets.

We scavenge metals where and if we can find it and sell it off every 2-3 years when we have a large enough pile to supplement our income.

We also grow a vegetable garden every Summer and perform as much of our own general repairs as we are able. God has been wonderful at teaching us many things we did not (in our flesh) think we could do.

I ride a scooter into town to do errands and light grocery when weather permits. I also used this same scooter for two years in a row to advertise our business door to door before we were able to purchase an economical vehicle. I often times rode this scooter door to door in fridged and inclement weather until I could barely feel my fingers… just so we could save our business in this economy you deceiptfully say is on the move!

We are also now ninety five percent self advertised since newspaper and yellow pages advertising has proven to be virtually impotent and a waste of money. 

Due to our necessary choice of advertising I often return home following a long day of door to door advertising to harrassing and even life threatening calls since competitors are often insecure (obviously due to poor economic conditions) about losing their customer base to us.

I have had a passion for the written word longer than I can remember and God has led me to Blogging. It is my sincere prayer that God will bless me and my household through the gift of writing one day. I am in hopes that my followers will one day see the merit in my work and deam it worthy of support.

Barrack Hussein Obama, I don't write this ranting post to elicit sympathy or a handout… For we worship a God that eclipses and dwarfs you into non-existence, and he alone will provide! It simply would have been nice though if you simply did the job the American people elected you to do.

And don't even think of blaming George W. Bush for your pitiful performance as President of the Greatest Country of the free world! Man up… and hold yourself accountable for your blatant incompetence!

You are an impotent, spineless little man posing as a President… and don't flatter and dilude yourself into thinking for a moment that any American with a Thimble's worth of common sense cannot see right through your little Con Game! Am I angry? You bet I am and so are millions of my fellow God Loving, Patriotic Americans! 

Mr. Obama, When you are voted out of office… and you will be… You must be for the sake of our nation and our relationship with Isreal… Our "Holy and Sacred" Ally.

When you are ousted out of the peoples house… like a delinquent tenant… there should be a nationwide celabration and a National holiday established sending a clear message to the world that America has awakened from its slumber, its Obama Hiptnotic trance and is on the mend… on the move again! 

We will have removed an Evil, Narsisistic, Divisive Dictator from our highest office in favor of a brighter future for our people. We will have removed a major blunder, a "Black Eye" (No Pun Intended) from the highest office in the land.

To my fellow Americans who have suffered at the hands of this dismal failure of a president… my heart goes out to you… and this post is dedicated to you!!

My story may even appear to be an American Success story as compared to yours. I am deeply sorry if you have lost much of what you worked hard to achieve. I am deeply sorry if your days are spent in worry and anxiety over simply providing the basics of survival.

Pray and draw neigh to our Lord Jesus Christ and he will give you peace in the midst of your pain. Pray that our Lord will have mercy on us and our country in November 2012. Pray that his perfect will be done in all things… all circumstances great and small.

It is my hope and prayer that this post has given you hope and that this brief snapshot of our story under this failed administration has given you courage to seek the face of Jesus!

God Bless You Fellow Americans, and God Bless The United States Of America!  

Yours Sincerly,                                                                                                 


Entitlement Society Cannot Stand

Entitlement Society Cannot Stand was written based on a real life experience and is a practical, common sense comparison to the direction that Progressive, Liberal, Democrats seek to take our beloved country.

I remember walking through a wild animal park with a friend some years ago. Of course the most dangerous animals were either caged or heavily fenced in, but presumably more docile animals like deer were allowed to roam freely within the park perimeters.

There were children walking around with their families taking in the sights patronizing various vendors. One of the vendors happened to be a sketch artist working for a few dollars per sketch.

I observed people placing money into what looked like bubble gum machines that dispensed a measured amount of food for each coin placed into the slot. As it turns out the machines were put in place by the park as an income stream derived from those wishing to pay the money to hand feed the deer that were walking about the park.

I recall thinking… these deer have it made, just walking around leisurely being hand fed all day not to mention that the patrons were paying the park through purchase of measured food for the privilege of feeding the parks own animals.

What my friend and I witnessed after a little while was something I will never forget. It appeared to me as though one of the deer pulled a fit of rage because it was receiving a set portion of food or being cut off from its food source.

This animal ran up to one of the kids holding a sketch provided by the sketch artist, grabbed it out our the child's hands with its mouth and ran through the park like a demon possessed animal. I began to reflect recently about that day and the animals behavior when it didn't get what it demanded or believed in its mind that it was entitled to.

Entitlement Society Cannot Stand is a fitting title to this post especially as compared to recent events in presidential politics. Presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney was being factual when he stated on camera that there are too many of us in America who are on the dole… the gravy train that leads to nowhere.

The gravy train leads to nowhere both for the recipient of the benefit and the society at large who is (for the most part) footing the bill. This policy cannot be sustained indefinitely in any society as proven time and time again in other countries. 

In an act of desperation, President Barrack "Hussein" Obama and his Biased Liberal Media Slander Machine immediately went to work taking the words of Mitt Romney attempting to turn them against him in hopes of obtaining an edge in this election. Always remember that with this crowd.. "The End Certainly Justifies The Means"… this defines them.

The Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Wing nuts have no record to stand on, thus they lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce on any morcel they can find in order to retain power that is destined to destroy a nation. 

Not only were Mitt Romney's words correct and a hard fact for those able bodied seeking a hand out at the expense of society at large, but the truth poses a threat to the disruption of the Entire Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist Model and Agenda for our Nation.

Entitlement Society Cannot Stand is a post written for this defining moment both in this election cycle and the future of our nation. A Mitt Romney Presidency could literally set the Liberal Democrat, Progressive, Socialist agenda back for years, (if not decades) to come if allowed to succeed… the Liberals know it… thus the desperate attempts to discredit a viable candidate for Presidency.   

My thoughts then went to how segments of our American as well as other societies around the world have behaved when their entitlement, (free ride) was in danger of being reduced or removed entirely due to the threat of bankrupting and possibly even collapsing entire government monetary systems.

Those who are on the dole will fight tooth and nail to preserve their influx of benefits by protesting in great numbers demonizing the very government handing out the free bee.

That is not to say that there is no justification for helping those who are downtrodden and needing a leg up… many of us have been there and the safety net is a Godsend during genuine difficult and challenging periods in our life.

What I write about here is the abuse of a system that was put into place to help those of us who really need the assistance. I write of the opportunist segment of our society who prefers to be a slave to government handouts than to get off their couch and get a job!

These folks are always on the lookout for a free bee on the backs of the working class. These are the folks that Mitt Romney is referring to in comments cleaverly twisted into a gaff by Obama and his cohorts. 

Many of these folks are like the deer in the park who go absolutely mad when their free bee is threatened. This is one of the many agendas of the Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Left which is to render us dependant on Government handouts and totally reliant upon them in order to control us.

The question is… Are you the deer dependant on the free handout or the one who foots the bill so that others may benefit? There is no such thing as a free ride, someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

Yours Sincerely,


Satan Exposed Through Child

Satan Exposed Through Child was written upon watching an episode of 20/20. I found it astonishing that not one adult uttered words of spiritual insight.

I watched an airing of 20/20 on March 31, 2012 displaying children "Medically Diagnosed" with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Every chemical concoction under the sun was being prescribed to these kids to no avail. In fact the side effects alone due to the feeding of this mini pharmacy prescribed to the innocent should have been enough to put these drug pushers in jail.

However, these are the powers that be and Thou shalt not question the wisdom and authority of the men and women in the white coats! And don't even think of questioning the faulty one sided "Liberal Main Stream Media" reporting displayed on this airing of 20/20.

Twisted contorted faces, unusual movements and gestures, demonic, dark piercing and menacing eyes were not enough for these "unconscious" secular educated adult Medical Professionals and Journalists to even entertain the possibility that the issue may not be medically related at all but evil sinister forces at work.

These devilish symptoms were quite clearly not for the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession to throw drugs at and line their pockets simultaneously gaining fame and notoriety. Nor should this have been just one more story for the "Main Stream Media" to boost their ratings at the expense of children in real need of spiritual intervention!

There was no question in my mind whether or not these mere babes were under the influence of something sinister rather than the likelihood of an ailment that only a chemical concoction can address.

I could not believe the lack of insight and wisdom displayed by these adults as these kids made comments like… "It is like a spirit that takes over me… and I want to be put away where I cannot harm my family. Or what about the age old disclosure by children claiming they have friends no one else can see.

The age old remark by adults and (So defined) educated elite refer to this as "A Child Having an Imaginary Friend." These are just a few examples of what the kids were clearly expressing in truth before the camera… why would they make it up!

Not one adult (whether it be media or the medical profession) were willing or consciously able to even entertain that there quite possibly may be an evil presence hijacking the heart, body, mind and soul of these kids.

Not an ounce of spiritual discernment or wisdom was displayed throughout the entire broadcast. Don't these adults even have a clue that these (so called) "Imaginary Friends" may not be so imaginary after all?

The times in which we live call for adults to wake up and grow a little consciousness! There was a time when these unseen playmates were probably quite harmless, but these are different times these are "Crucial Times" in which time is indeed short and our collective enemy, (Satan) seeks those whom he can devour….





In these latter days… it is imperative that we step up to the plate and take the bible seriously! When the bible exclaims that the "Evil One" will be working overtime to claim all the souls he possibly can because his time is short… that is exactly what it means!

The little (so called) imaginary playmate of years gone by is not always a "cuddly little fuzzball but at times a full fledged evil and sinister entity entrapping the innocent among us and claiming them for his own twisted purposes.

You think I have lost it in making such a statement…? All you need to do is possess a "Mustard Seed" size worth of Spiritual discernment to understand that the high jacking of these little peoples hearts, minds, bodies, and souls was not an angelic and heavenly induced event!

Observe and look into the eyes of a Demon Possessed child and you will know something resides in that little person… and they are not paying rent! For a grown adult to sit there to exploit and profit at the spiritual expense of a child is unconscionable!

How can you expect anything less when we live in the land of "Hollywood and Madison Avenue illusion and smoke screens?" How can you expect anything less when you live in a country that exploits its children by heavily promoting a holiday (the devils holiday) that we refer to as "Halloween?"

This holiday is nothing less than "The Devils Night Out!" And who do you think profits from this Holiday…? adults, that's who! Adults who claim to have the best intent on children's behalf are exploiting and indoctrinating our youth for financial gain and furtherance of the world system of which Satan is "Commander in Chief!"

And where does it say in the word of God that he ever dawned a red and white suit jumped onto a sleigh pulled by reindeer, flying through the sky, landing on rooftops, and taking his Fat Self and sliding down a sooty chimney delivering a bag of toys (material things) to all "good girls and boys… Never did see any soot on that suit… must be magic…

Isn't that a realistic and intelligent visual? Who profits from this lie…? Adults do that's who! Lets attempt to take away the adult candy store and I promise you that you will see the Devil rear its ugly head in opposition!

And by the way… oops, almost forgot… where does "Christ" fit into this scenario? Yea, remember him… he's the one who was born at the same approximate time that we are deceiving our kids of the true meaning of Christmas, opening presents stuffing ourselves, and drinking enough moonshine to drown a horse! Yea him, the one who was later ridiculed, tortured, and nailed to a tree for you and I… the great undeserving lot that we are!

We as a society throw drugs and (so called) Professional Therapy at our problems when in fact the problem often times is "Spiritual Bankruptcy!" Throwing drugs and therapy at the problem is their solution… it is the "Worldly" solution… and it is the bandage that hides the ugly wound that no one wants to see! As the human race have we not evolved to the point of embracing the reality that there are unseen forces among us… and that they are evil and seek to destroy our very souls?

Allow me to give you food for thought if I may… If you have any degree of enlightenment you know that not much in the way of truth will be found whenever the "Liberal Main Stream Media" is involved in most anything that serves their agenda and that of the Unconscious, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left Wing, Socialist Wing Nuts.

Anyone who benefits financially by prescribing drugs to mere children in an effort to numb them from the likely effect of demon possession should be ashamed of themselves! In fact modern day main stream chemical concoctions we refer to as drugs are in themselves tools of the devil right out of the laboratory… the pit of hell!

Think I am writing this out of turn…. just pay the slightest bit of attention to the drug commercial propaganda. You don't have to posses a degree to have an inkling… a clue that drugs are poison to the human race and those who push them on us all in the interest of padding their bank account have no conscience!

Until you have a loved who sleeps all day and night day after day with the acception of the occasional drug cocktail and addictive unhealthful food (manifactured in a lab) drooling on himself, you know not what I write of here!

To be so well (worldly) educated and not possess the consciousness of truth, common sense, spiritual discernment and wisdom is a crime perpetuated on the human race, and it is a tool of the evil one! If you are a discerning Christian and were able to look into the eyes of some of the kids on this airing of 20/20 you would know that I write in truth.

Yours Sincerely,



Obama Throws Christ Under Bus

Obama Throws Christ Under Bus was written based on the observance of President Barrack Hussein Obama's lack of principle and double minded thought process. 

A sitting President of The United States Of America who sits before Liberal media stating that he is a Christian and in the same breath can be so cavalier making a statement that he is for same sex marriage during an election cycle is desperate, lacking in values, unprincipled, and has got to go! Am I missing something here? Is there a new Satanic cult disguised as a new Christian denomination pastored by Saddam Husein.. oops Freudian slip… I should have said Barack "Hussein" Obama. Last I observed… they are both dictators of sorts.

Perhaps they could have had "a beer" together in the rose garden and sing coumbia in their drunken stupor. There has been more blame to go around directed at former President George W. Bush than you can shake a texas switch at.

But if truth be told George W. Bush could have had a few too many drinks, hands tied behind his back, blind folded, having his bare feet tickled with the feather of a texas turkey while being water boarded and forced to listen to ear piercing heavy metal music day and night and still would have done a better job having the Back of America than this Narcissist, Know Nothing, Do Nothing, Left Wing, Progressive Socialist Wing Nut!

And I can tell you this with absolute certainty, George W. Bush could have never ever even entertained the evil thought of professing to be a Christian, mentioning our Lord Jesus by name, and in the same sentence stating that he supported "Same Sex Marriage!

I'm sorry if this offends some of you… but I want my country back! I want my God… Your God to take center stage again, in a land that was set on the hill and built on the cornerstone… the foundation of Christ who bore our sins on a tree in the most undignified manner we can conceive!

I want the Holy Spirit to once again guide this great country into the promise God has for all of those who yield to his word. If I were to have a flashback to a time where I explored "New Age" Satanic nonsense in search for truth and meaning, I may have been inclined to entertain the thought that Saddam Husein's Spirit incarnated and morphed into the person-hood of Barack "Husein" Obama.

No Obama is not an exact replica of Saddam Husein, but the direction he is attempting to bring this country will absolutely shock you if you could peek into the future of the "New" America he is trying to create.

Perhaps we can call this counterfeit Christianity Obama-ianity… or perhaps Obama-insanity… Church of the Progressive Self Centered Narcissist Satanic Saints. This may sound harsh to some of you, it may even seem un-Christian-like to others, or over the top, but time may be shorter than we think folks, Someone has got to say it like it is and be unapologetic about it!

Bottom line is that the end justifies the means for this President and his Democrat, Liberal, Leftist, Progressive, Socialist, crowd. Is Barrack Obama deserving of the title of "Commander In Chief or do many of us see him as a "TaskMaster and Thief", (no typo), out to pull the rug right out from under our feet in an effort to steal our country from us to fulfill his evil Progressive, Socialist, Agenda?

Is it a mere coincidence that Barack Obama revealed to an entire nation that he supports same sex marriage during an election cycle? I think not!

When you throw a human being under the bus for personal gain it is bad enough… it is deplorable. When you sit before the throne of "Liberal Media" (which doesn't align with the word of God on a good day), and make a statement that you are a Christian… mentioning the name of Christ and in the same breath stating that you "evolved" to the decision to support "Gay Marriage," that is Blasphemy!

Hate to break it to you Mr. Obama… but our God does not evolve to accommodate your Narcissistic, Self Centered Evil, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Agenda. In Fact it is guaranteed that our God whom you "Threw Under The Bus For Political Gain" will be sending you a clear message at his appointed time.

We pulled our soldiers on the carpet for burning Korans that apparently were being miss used to convey messages between enemy combatant prisoners. (If the Koran is so Sacred why were they writing in it… Hello… anybody home?) Yet our President Barrack Obama trashed the Christian faith (a faith he professes to be a follower of), and the author of that faith (Jesus Christ) before millions of fellow Americans and that's Ok? Who is this man really?

We should be concerned with eyes wide open since he clearly is not what he professes to be. And we may not have another shot in our lifetime to take our Country back if this Narcissist Dictator gets another four years to wreak further havoc!

Awake fellow Americans… Americans of any and all political parties and affiliations…AWAKE FROM YOUR SLUMBER!!! This Is Not A Game Of Monopoly! This is your life and mine, that of our families and future generations! If this Evil Presence (Lets call it what it is shall we?) secures another four years in the peoples house at the helm of our Nations highest office… God Help Us! Can your family survive another four years of Barack Obama?

Every war that was ever fought… every drop of blood that was ever shed… every family that ever received that knock on the door only to get the message that their Valiant Son, Daughter, Mother or Father will be returning home in a box. ALL FOR NOT… IN VAIN!

This is a difficult post for me to write… if you could see me now… I think we would cry together……… Our loved ones will have fought for the Freedom and Liberty of a Once Great Country that may no longer exist if The Liberal, Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Left are successful in dismantling our sweet Country piece by piece… legislation by legislation, bill by bill… Until the land we love slips away……..

The heart of a man that is not surrendered to God will sooner or later spill out the contents of that heart by means of his lips for all to hear. President Barack Obama has spilled what is in his heart, and mind on numerous occasions… were you and I paying attention? Or were we so distracted by our current life's trials and challenges that we missed the clues to our potential demise as a country?

These loose lip episodes have provided us with snapshots / glimpses of what lies within our Presidents thought process. What lies within a mans soul when he can throw Christianity and Christ Himself under the bus for personal and political gain?

If such a man has no reverence for God himself, one can only sadly conclude that he cannot possibly have America's best interest at heart. In fact this President loathes America and what it stands for, and it would please him greatly to shred our constitution and replace it with his own Evil, Utopian, Socialist Agenda.

What lies within the soul of Barack Obama is not pretty, it is not American, and it is certainly not Christian, despite what his moving lips may try to have us believe. Obama's rhetoric truly should be falling on deaf American ears by now since a majority of it is nothing but spin… smoke and mirrors.

President Barack Obama does very little, or says very little unless it is attached to personal and political gain. There is most always a "whats in it for me" if I give you this, say this, or do that… string attached… Chicago style politics!

Nothing is off the table and and he has certainly proven time and again that nothing is sacred, not even the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Christianity he proclaims to be a follower of. When it relates to his Agenda, it is a "Take No Prisoners" approach.

President Barrack Obama has taken Christianity and the Sacred name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thrown them under the bus in order to fulfill his own personal and political agenda, and that makes him a modern day Judas… period!

There is a cost attached to any strategy that places politics and personal gain ahead of our Lord and savior, and that cost will be revealed at the appropriate time as our Lord sees fit… since vengeance is indeed his to dole out, when and where he sees fit. We can only hope and pray that our Lord will show grace and mercy to the innocent among us, those who follow him to the best of their ability.

We will all have to answer for something on the day of judgement… but can you imagine standing before our Lord Jesus Christ attempting to explain away how you were able to justify informing millions of people in a land that was founded on Christian principles that you are for same sex marriage…? Talk about being in "The Hot Seat! This is one instant where "The Spin Stops Here…" as Bill O'Reilly would say.

Say what you want about George W. Bush Mr. President, your leftist friends and main stream media tag alongs. George W. Bush is a gentle man and a kind soul. George W. Bush has a heart for God and Country and if you had taken the time to observe him during 911 you would have known that to be true!

And furthermore George W. Bush would have never taken this country and the "Sacred" name of Jesus Christ and Christianity and exploited it for personal and political gain. Its called principled thinking and behavior… a concept that eludes you… it is foreign to you!

If anyone had ever revealed to me that I would one day write such things involving my president, I probably would not have believed them. Though this is God Inspired, excellent, truthful, timely, and relevant writing material, it saddens me that I and other God Loving, America Hugging Christians are in such a position. To God Be The Glory, And May God Bless And Protect The United States Of America from enemies within and without.

Yours Sincerely,


Satans Whispers

If I were Satan I would make every attempt to abolish God from society and even the mere mention of him would have repercussions and evoke wrath. If I were Satan I would harden the heart of man and remove the guidance of the holy spirit from the consciousness of mankind. If I were Satan I would convince man that what is and has always been right (In Gods Eyes) is now wrong… and what is and has always been wrong (In Gods Eyes) is now right.

If I were Satan I would erase any and all common sense from the consciousness of man, I would confound and confuse their minds by making even the most simple decisions difficult, if not impossible.

If I were Satan I would destroy the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman and I would encourage and promote deviant lifestyles and behavior. If I were Satan I would Demonize (in the eyes of Unconscious, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Leftist, Secular society) those attempting to preserve the sacred union ordained by God to be between a man and a woman.

If I were Satan I would convince the masses that homosexuality is a normal human condition and should be accepted as such. If I were Satan I would see to it that those practicing homosexuality are given the same privileges previously afforded in a sacred union between a man and a woman.

If I were Satan I would aggressively promote any and all legal and economic rights previously afforded to a man and a woman and would effectively overtax an already overburdened legal and economic system, (creating additional entitlements for thousands, if not millions of homosexuals) and create havoc and confusion within those societal systems.

If I were Satan I would see to it that anyone who opposes the Democrat, Liberal, Leftist, Progressive, Socialist agenda in its effort to "Mainstream" and "Normalize" homosexuality be labeled as out of touch, bigoted and discriminatory. If I were Satan I would make it my mission  to destroy America's  moral fabric… its very soul, and bring Gods judgement and condemnation upon the land.

If I were Satan I would promote and create laws and an environment that allowed those practicing deviant and ungodly lifestyles to adopt the innocent among us thus indoctrinating an entire generation into believing that this is perfectly normal and acceptable to God. I would convince the lost and unconscious that God also lovingly created the homosexual while conveniently and simultaneously omitting the fact that God not only did not create the deviant lifestyle choice but clearly and unequivocally condemns it.

If I were Satan I would create a public, "secular" school system that would teach the young and most impressionable about the ways of the world, (my world), I would eliminate any discussion of God as I (the ruler of this world) see fit. If I were Satan I would ensure that those voices exposing the truth (according to Gods word) about deviant lifestyle choices and its impact on society are shunned, demonized, and often times penalized and silenced.

If I were Satan I would disrupt the family unit, create confusion involving the roles of a husband and wife. I would cause division between husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son. If I were Satan I would spread the spirit of "Jezebel" throughout the land creating a feminine quality to the unconscious man and a masculine quality to that of the unconscious woman.

If I were Satan I would bolster my troops representing my cause, they would be known as "The Feminist and Gay Pride Movement".  If I were Satan the kitchen table would become just another piece of furniture devoid of family gathering for prayer and family unity.

If I were Satan I would effectively create a tantalizing soup with ingredients such as Madison Avenue and Hollywood media in the form of music art and film. If I were Satan I would encourage the use of electronic devices with the potential and capacity to distract an entire (unconscious) generation and world from the word of God shaking the very foundations of what was once right and true.

If I were Satan I would encourage the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs in order to numb, render unconscious, and imprison mankind and furthermore deter the human race from seeking  Almighty God for Forgiveness, Grace, Guidance and Healing. If I were Satan I would confound the minds of the secularly learned. I would effectively create an environment of confusion and chaos involving currency thus setting the stage for a world currency paving the way to a new world order that I may set the stage for my rule over mankind.  

FOOTNOTE: The references to deviant and homosexual lifestyles in this post and elsewhere on this blog in no way, shape or form condones violence perpetuated against this segment of the population nor any other person, persons, or groups. Homosexuals remain our brothers and sisters, and we are directed to pray for them, (hate the sin / love the sinner) as we pray for our own weaknesses, shortfalls, and sinful nature. God instructs us not to judge, and in our flesh we may sometimes fall short of refraining from this command. With that said I reserve my right to publish the concerns that evil life choices have on our society.

If I were Satan I would create an empty space in the heart of man by distracting him from communing with the one and only source of truth and wisdom, I would create a disconnect, a void that can only be filled by God. I will convince man to seek counterfeit temporary fleeting remedies such as "New Age" distractions, carnal pleasures, the pursuit of wealth and worldly ambition all at the expense of an experiential relationship with his creator.

If I were Satan I would render man unconscious to the guidance and clear direction from the "Holy Spirit"… I will in affect harden the hearts of man. If I were Satan I would fully utilize the "Secular Main Stream Media" to overtly and covertly blaspheme God The Father, create a mockery of his Son Jesus Christ, and ridicule and taunt the Holy Spirit.

If I were Satan I would create lightning fast, fun, stimulating and interesting technology that would initially be portrayed and appear to the casual observer as benefiting mankind. However, in the end, (for the uninitiated, unconscious, secular, carnal, and ungrounded in God), these seemingly innocent technological toys would become an "Out Of Control" obsessive addiction and a distraction to spending quality time getting to know God and nurturing family unity.

If I were Satan I would use these technological marvels to lull the weak in spirit into a trancelike state promoting my agenda to lure the masses away from anything that is good. If I were Satan I would stop at nothing to lure husbands into sin promoting my agenda to destroy the world one family at a time. If I were Satan one of my favored targets for destruction would be the "Christian Man" and pornography would be one of my tools of choice in order lure them into my world of darkness and destruction creating broken families through divorce.

If I were Satan I would appoint tyrants and those with ill intent at the helm of entire countries, (to include America) ruling and governing with intent to destroy Governmental foundations in favor of fulfilling their evil agenda ruling the masses with an iron fist of control under the guise of a caring, progressive, governmental socialist rule. These rulers will often times pose as saviors and will be smooth in speech, yet evil in thought and action.

If I were Satan I would create an entire generation poised to dismantle everything that is right with America and the world.

Yours Sincerely,


Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity

Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity was written to effectively expose the fallacy that one can be both an effective authentic Bible believing Christian and a Progressive Liberal. Progressive Liberalism Verses Christianity is realistic, conscious, and is a truthful "oil and water comparison.

"You will know them by their fruit"… Just what is the fruit of the Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left? What is it they a growing for harvest? Is their very presence and power in our society a sign of the times, and more serious still is this "Evil" presence in our land allowed by God in order to fulfill "End Times" Prophesy?

It is difficult for me to comprehend why a loving God would allow such unconsciousness to prevail on such a large scale as that of the "Democrat, Liberal, Left, Progressive movement. Father God help me with this post for I do believe this is a serious matter that needs to be conveyed for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I pray Father that you will inspire me through the guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit and that my flesh and human limitations will not obstruct the work you have lovingly created me to do… I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, Amen.

Look around you and take stock, this is not a time to be unfocused, distracted and asleep! I can assure you that as I write this post the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Left is focused and vigilant! As a Christian you don't need to be the most discerning, Holy Spirit filled individual to know that this segment of our society is up to no good!

You don't need to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, or the brightest light bulb in the room to know that the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Left" is out to destroy our country and remove Gods favor from our land.

This evil twisted segment of our society is working overtime to see to it that America is stripped of its very essence… its life blood. Their number one mission (bar none) is to eradicate God and reverence for God from our society. The very fact that eliminating God from our land and consciousness is their primary focus and mission clearly provides the answer to the title of this post. However, any discerning Christian instinctively knows that the Democrat, Progressive Left will not stop there.

Don't doubt me on this… Satan is at the helm and he is alive and well in these "Crucial Times," because he knows his time is short indeed. If there ever was a time to get our affairs in order and get right with our God… this is it!

It is vital that we no longer tiptoe around this issue in fear of offending the "Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Left. We need to call them out for what they are, what they represent, and their agenda for our country… their agenda for our very souls! We need to expose their agenda at every turn and say it like it is… to unapologetically and unabashedly speak in truth!

The Liberal, Progressives are playing a key role in end times prophesy, of this there is no doubt. It is not by accident that this collective unconsciousness resides among so many people, at such a "Crucial Time" as this. It is also not merely coincidental that this party (like a plague) is gaining a foothold in our society at a time when we are most distracted. How does Liberalism even begin to line up with True Christianity and Gods word?

George W. Bush once referred to several nations bent on evil intent as the "Axis Of Evil". What if I were to go so far as to tell you that there is an "Axis Of Evil" right here in America? What if I were to tell you that they are being paid handsomely to do the peoples work?

What if I were to tell you that this "Axis Of Evil" works and resides in the peoples house? America's "Axis Of Evil" is right here on our own soil, within the walls of our fort rules a divisive trio such as this country has never seen. America's "Axis of Evil" is President Barack Obama, Nancy Pilosi, and Harry Reid!

Do you think this is a strong, over the top statement? Review their agenda and voting record… it speaks for itself. No they do not murder the innocent and physically order and perform some of the dastardly deeds that people in power in other nations have perpetuated and threatened to inflict on mankind.

This "Axis Of Evil" is perhaps more subtle and in many ways perhaps more cunning than those who make no bones about their desire to overthrow and destroy those who do not fall in line with their beliefs.

Make no mistake… the axis of evil right here in America is at war with God and America as we know it. If allowed unchallenged they will mold our Nation like a ball of silly putty into a Socialist Government Operated Bureaucracy! Let us not take our freedom for granted… it is that serious!

They have already blazed some major inroads to socialism to include Socialized Medicine. This is a major gateway to fulfilling their ultimate agenda which is to turn America 180 degrees into a country you and I will no longer recognise. If allowed to continue on their path of destruction we will surely incur the wrath of God on our land!

This Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Left Victory is one that must be completely reversed and eliminated, this is a major hit on our right to choose. The Democrat, Leftist, Liberal, Progressive "Axis Of Evil" is fully aware that with God out of the way the battlefield is softened for victory.

They do not love this Country as we do, in fact they loath our constitution because it too stands in the way of their evil agenda… and they certainly have no reverence and respect for God's Sovereignty! What they do Love (and are infatuated with) is their evil utopian vision of what they can turn our Country into, and they will stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda!

Your vote in November is likely to be the most crucial vote of your lifetime and mine. Help us send a clear message in November 2012 that our country does not belong to Democrat, Liberal, Progressive, Leftist, Socialist, unconscious dreamers. Don't allow them to commandeer our nation and render the mere mention of God a crime.

Yours Sincerely,